Karachi gang war reached London

Dr Shahid Qureshi     British Scotland Yard counter terrorism command called to lead murder investigations of Dr Imran Farooq after officials warned a bloody struggle between political factions in Karachi was on its way to Britain.

Security sources told the Daily Telegraph on 17th September 2010, the murder inquiry into the death of Imran Farooq, a founder member of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), had been taken over by Scotland Yard’s Counter-Terrorism Command which investigates political assassinations. MI5 is also likely to be called in to help with the hunt for the killers”.
According to a senior source, ‘Dr Imran Farooq was called or lured in to attend MQM special meeting which he probably attended. He was suspended from the party for a long time and probably the impression was given to him that he was going to be restored to lure him into the meeting.
There is a possibility of hot exchanges of words among the members which could have lead to multiple stabbings at the meeting. It is presumed that murder took place some where else and body was thrown some where else. The murder weapon could be kitchen knife or knives and attackers could me more than one.
The timing of the murder is also bizarre when leader of MQM Altaf Hussain celebrates his birthday according to Pakistan time. Some one said, ‘it was a birthday present’, which sounds very cruel as it is?
It also sounds mafia style punishment killing as a result of betrayal with the leader? He was thrown out of the party twice and suspended four times. He remained suspended until his death for over two years. He was under strict party surveillance and was not allowed to access media. One of his close relative claimed that he was humiliated by the leader in the party meetings and publically too. He was reportedly working at low wages in central London. His father claimed that he was not that rich enough to afford a guard in London.
It was also reported that being a Bihari, Dr Imran Farooq was gaining support of the newly formed splinter group called ‘Bihari Qumi Movement’ BQM, in Orangi Town Karachi which was MQM’s strong hold. He might be starting his own political party?
According to a report Dr Farooq met some one in London in past two weeks who might have asked him to become ‘witness’ against the boss i.e. self exiled British Citizen Altaf Hussain.
Dr Imran Farooq as the convener of the party was privy to inside information about the extortion money, money laundering, targeted killings and investments of the golden circle of the party members who are living lavishly and apparently without known sources of income.
There was a possibility that he could have joined currently jailed Amir Khan and Afaq Ahmad MQM groups and formed a bigger alliance against the remote control MQM party from London.
Those who challenged Altaf Hussain are either killed or in are prison. Due to the pressures current Zardari regime blocked the release of opposition leaders Amir Khan and Afaq Ahmad. Their lawyer was killed in cold blood recently on the road.
It is reported that money was/is allegedly being taken from the British business families who have close links and interests in Karachi. This incident is widely believed as an ‘inside job’.
It would further increase fears in the minds of people living abroad including London. Now it is the responsibility of the British police to fully investigate the murder as well as catch the master mind to restore the confidence of the people.
A confession would not be enough as it is possible that a ‘puppet’ could be planted for misdirection. It is time to keep the politics out and avoid making London a battle ground of Karachi’s ‘bloody mafia politics’.
The British Police could seek help from the South African Government to check on MQM assassins based in Johannesburg as reported in the Pakistani media. MQM assassins had been travelling to Pakistan for killings and sneaking out.
Surely it would be useful to have CCTV footage of the past 36 hours of MQM International Secretariat in Edgware to check any suspicious visitors.
MQM – Altaf is known to have eliminated its own party members when the leader feels insecure or threatened. They openly say, ‘who betray the qauid (Altaf Hussain) deserve to die’ (Jo Qaid ka ghadar haa who moot kaa haq dar haa).
Earlier MQM- A gangster Hajji Jalal was murdered on the road in broad day light while Altaf Hussain is in full control of Karachi? Hajji Jalal was in the inner circle of the Altaf Hussain. He was one of the criminals wanted in connection with the torture and kidnapping of Pakistan Army Major Kaleem and his companions. He was killed with his two sons in suspicious circumstances and we did not see much of Altaf Hussain usual enthusiasm and performance asking for the arrest of the killers. Why no one from MQM higher command in Karachi attended his funeral and his wife allegedly blaming Altaf Hussain for the killing? He was a man with many secrets? Who ordered and benefited from his elimination that is million dollar question?
According to news reports published on 9th July 2009, “Hajji Jalal senior member of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), two of his sons and a passer-by were shot dead on 8th July 2009, within the limits of Landhi police station. The deceased include MQM leader Hajji Jalal, 60s, his sons Usman Jalal, Abdullah Jalal and a passer-by Adnan Sohail, while the injured were Ahad and Raja who were admitted with critical injuries. Jalal was elected a counsellor of Landhi 4 in 1987, and was a renowned leader of the MQM. Jalal had been detained in Central Jail Karachi for several years in the case of Major Kaleem”.
He was close ally of the self exiled leader now British asset Altaf Hussain? Then who killed him? Why MQM did not protest as they normally do and no senior leader attended his funeral? He died with lots of secrets with him? Was it an inside job? A source said that when Azeem Ahmed Tariq Chairman of the MQM was killed in his house, it was allegedly ‘Syed Mustafa Kamal former ‘mayor’ Nazim of Karachi who opened the door for the killers’. Azeem Ahemd Tariq use to call him ‘nephew’. Well there are many mafia style skeletons in the MQM’s closet.

(The writer writes for the Londonpost.com).

NOTE:This is a cross post from the above site.

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  • Faisal Malik  On September 18, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    “Karachi gang war reached London”

    serves them right.

    keep on giving asylum to the politically/criminally insane from around the world. harbor them, treat them to feasts, use them against their own people, and then eat what u once sowed.

    as for the article……………………..just, tip of the ice-berg.

    • Anwer Kadri  On September 18, 2010 at 9:39 pm

      The version seems pretty one sided and it is not right to prompt Scotland Yard or MI5 as to how the investigation could be carried out however I think it is not the right time to bring about controversial issues unless one wants to mislead the course of action. It would be just in line if we could wait for the British Government to complete its investigations and come up with their findings. The Scotland Yard people are definitely not Rana Maqbool or his kind so commonly seen in the Pakistan police.

      • Anwer Kadri  On September 18, 2010 at 10:11 pm

        The sincerity of purpose behind Mr. Sehbai’s roadmap cannot be doubted but it seems pretty impractical to expect people like Dasti and the lot could bring about the required change. We are trying a cure on a permanent basis for a patient who is going into a Respiratory failure. The right thing to do would be to provide emergency treatment to stablise the patient and then go into a permanent cure. If any good is to be done immediate relief in terms of prices of food items be given to the people and some sort of a feeling of safety and security.It is pure and simple mockery that the common man cant afford to travel by bus because the tickets have increased four fold and the ministers travel in motorcade of Land Rovers and Land Cruisers. Are we so deaf that we cannot hear the humming of the wind, feel the tremor under our feet. Its about time to wake up else me may keep sleeping forever

      • Faisal Malik  On September 19, 2010 at 7:18 am

        🙂 yes. it is true there is no comparison of Rana sahab to the SccotlandYard.

        but then again, our whole system is based on favors, baradri system, politically motivated appointments etc.

        one day someone is facing the gallows, the next day, he is being saluted by the very same who took him to the gallows.

        when there is no professionalism, there can be no progress. positive.

  • S. Khalid Husain  On September 19, 2010 at 3:17 am

    Seems plausible. Also plausible is that the killing is message to Altaf to lay off talking of ‘patriotic’ generals, ‘revolution of the people’ , role of landlords and tribals, and the corrupt, in Pakistan’s travails. It is demo of the reach of those who are for the status quo against those who want to change the status quo, London is not safe for the status quo disturbers.

  • Admiral Iftikhar A. Sirohey  On September 19, 2010 at 6:44 am

    We seem to believe that all Brits are saints; so let us wait for their honest findings. There can be all truth, some truth and no lies. Depends what is in Brits interest. They are most patriotic people in the world.


    • Faisal Malik  On September 19, 2010 at 7:13 am

      well said sir.

  • Tariq Javed  On September 21, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    There are so much strong clues and the writer is so much informed that the Scotland Yard Police can take important tips from this report.

    All indicators are pointing to the Altaf Hussain as killer. This is a real terrorist organization whom West is giving protection.

    Muslim resistance is terrorism for them and the actual terrorist are working for them and deserve asylum instead.

  • Ali  On September 22, 2010 at 1:24 am

    Empirial habit die hard,UK still considers itself an empire so keeps assets like altaf Bhai,nawaz bhai,zardari bhai,Jam sadiq bhai,BB behen and many other third world kings/queens to be used at an appropraite time for national interest.the sons and daughters of our beloved leaders are trianed in oxford to rule remember rule not serve the people in poor countries like Pakistan,even Mr Gilani who was not so rich and once in jail aske dmy friend to lend him few lacs of ruppees sent his progeny to london for studying.His son was reportedly brought by friends while sleeping on pathways.so,altaf bhai is very vital assest by which england can destablise pakistan because karachi is nerve centre of Pakistan.Zardari may seeemd to be insane or below average leader but atleast visulaised a new city of zulfiqarabad away from karachi on aarbain sea.it might become alternate port for pakisatn to provide safe port facilities in case of gangester distrubances like 12 May by MQM and other gangsters in karachi.Hope from Uk must be based on realistic approach.

  • Syed Imam  On September 22, 2010 at 1:28 am

    forgotten Iskandar Mirza,Musharraf.Along with your list ,these security risks can leave Pakistan,but not the middling people in Government Service;why?
    The reason that Gwadar has been pushed as a second port is because of the need for having two legs to stand on.Unfortunately we had a myopic Karachi-ite in place when Gwadar became a reality.he connected it to Karachi instead of buiding a road to Quetta leading directly into the KPK and the Punjab.In 1988 i wrote a note and gave it to Shahbaz Sharif for the need of this port facility.It was brought on the anvil in the shape of the motorway linking Peshawar,through the Punjab and sindh and onto Gwadar.Because it is an economic necessity it should be put into place and will happen one day.it will facilitate goods and especially perishables to reach the middle east within fourty hours from the fields of Punjab and KPK.Until that happens Gwadar will always be a liability.It could also be an asset for Central Asia and the Chinese.
    The only problem is that we do not realise the cold war is over.Every nation is busy buiding itself .our warriors are still stuck in that mode and have become a headache for humanity.
    They are responsible for innumerable economic losses that 180 million people are suffering from.They are starving the nation;chasing away investment,backing the MQMs and Lashkars,causing thousands of deaths and destruction and destroying the fiber of this society.They are not builders;they are the antiforce of all positive things to uphold a society.if they turn positive,the entire region would be using our infrastructure and facilities and contributing towards humanity attain a better quality of life.
    Pakistan was a beautiful land where people used to come and enjoy its beauty,especially in the Northern areas.A trip to Landikotal and Parachinar were coveted in the olden days.Gilgit and Hunza were opened upto the World.we still have not been able to enjoy the hinterland of Baluchistan.Can an old European woman drive around the world alone and pass through Afghanistan,Iran and Pakistan today?they did at one time.
    Please look at the futility of this exercise and get civilised.The Chinese figured this out;the Indian people have figured it out;why not us.

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