America is betting on the wrong horse

By Saeed Qureshi 

On the face of it, the visit of American president Barrack Obama to India appears a rarity. But intrinsically it is going to be counterproductive in the longer run. In the aftermath of the era of the so-called cold war between former Soviet Union and the United State, America has virtually snatched India from the Soviet orbit. The American overweening bid to forge an alliance with India cannot be dismissed as wooing. It is a monumental strategy that primarily aims at the containment of People’s Republic China and to hinder her spreading influence around the world.

America wants to re-play on China, the same containment strategy that it applied to the Soviet Union during the cold war era with epoch-making success. Despite the fact that China is a powerful economic partner of the United State, this anti- China containment policy’s fundamental thrust is to debilitate China as a well-entrenched communist state. As such, the ideological war is still being carried on by the United States as the leader of the free world.

But as the episode of the Soviet Communist Empire’s disintegration bears out, the successor Russian Federation, emerged economically more powerful than before. It is, more geographically and nationally cohesive with less backlog of communism, although it is still embracing a diluted version of socialism. Russian politico-economic system is in a melting pot and would crystallize in several decades to come. This at best can be characterized as a mix of the features of both the free world and of socialism.

The story of China is different. Way back between 1978 and 1992, the wise, and wizard Deng Xiaoping, known as paramount leader, fundamentally transformed the essence and character of the Chinese economic system. It was a metamotphosis of the stagnant and closed Chinese socialism based economic paradigm. As a result, China leapt into an aura of economic miracle that converted its economy into a dynamic, vibrant, and progressive form.

China’ economy and industrial sectors have been moving ahead with terrific speed with no let up during the last three decades. Under Deng Xiaoping, China opened its doors to the foreign investors in earmarked regions with unprecedented safeguards, facilities, and tax exemption that brought interminable heavy rainfall of foreign investments into China. Chinese’s labor is one of the cheapest in the world.

The heaviest investment came from the arch capitalist America’s entrepreneurs and investors who produced goods in China in pennies and sold in America in dollars. The socialist market economy that ingenious Deng propelled in China has no cotemporary parallel and is a novel economic theme that integrates the best hallmarks of both the capitalism and socialism.

Chinese has currently, $2.5 trillion in her foreign exchange reserves making this figure as the highest in the world. It lends money to the Unites States. Chinese poltical system leaves no room for dissent and as such, the decisions taken are not stalled or consigned to red tape. Its accountability system has no mercy or tolerance for defaulters, felons, crooks, adulterators, and sideline manipulators. Chinese government does not compromise on quality. The latest instance is the prompt sentence to the people trading in tainted milk. There are no marked interest groups like feudalism and economic robber barons in China thriving on loot and kickbacks. There are billionaires in China but their wealth is all accounted for and the sources of earnings are transparent.

Chinese army is one of the strongest and numerically largest in the world. The Peoples’ Liberation Army ( PLA)  is the world’s largest military force, with approximately 3 million members. China also has the world’s largest standing army, with approximately 2.25 million members. China does not import the military hardware. On the contrary, she manufactures all the military equipment from a rifle to submarines to aircraft carrier ships. It is self sufficient in the military assortment of weaponry, including missiles, nuclear weapons, destroyers, warships, and combat vessels.

To expect that India can prove to be an effective bulwark against the Chinese prodigious military capability and can shape up as a befitting counterpoise nuclear power is simply fanciful and unequivocally far removed from reality. If history is any guide then let us see in the hindsight the 1962 war fought between China and India. The then prime minister of India Pundit jawahar Lal Nehru ordered the India army to throw Chinese out of the Indian soil. What happened in that brief skirmish? Instead, that Indian army could accomplish that mission impossible; it fell like leaves from a tree in a strong wind. It fled from the battlefield and mercifully, the Chinese retreated from the Indian territory voluntary. So much for the prowess and valor of Indian army to fight!

As far equipping India with nuclear arsenal, it is drastically doubtful that a nuclear war can ever take place on earth because such a war can never remain confined to the two belligerents. If India and China start trading nuclear warheads then neither China nor India would survive extinction of both biology and human race for centuries together. The Indian and Chinese leadership is aware of the horrendous outcome of nuclear clash and would never take that ruinous course because the loss would be colossally collateral.

Indian leadership might get all the perks and privileges from the mighty United States but would never act as a proxy or mercenary of the United State, a role that Pakistan has been willfully playing for several decades now. If India wants to destroy mother India it would resort to that irreparable blunder that would neutralize whatever India has gained so far. 

It would, therefore, be in the best interests of United States to come out of the mindset of cold war and discard the erroneous fantasies that by creating protégés and proxies it can annihilate the global rivals. It should also be borne in mind that China is not the Soviet Union and the 21st century is not the 20th century. The attrition and guerrilla war can be an effective strategy to wear down the enemy. But such a war of attrition can be successful only is fought on foreign lands between the adversaries as was done in Afghanistan.

If India or United States intend to start an insurgency against China a la Afghanistan, then it would be not only unattainable but would be a sheer mad man’s dream. China has rather an effective and foolproof domestic mechanism to curb or to foil any attempt for internal disintegration either by the domestic elements or by the foreign agents.

The containment of China and raising a matching Sphinx in the form of India is an extremely flawed proposition and would not be beneficial for either the United States or India. A policy of appeasement between China, Pakistan, and India should constitute the best option that the United States can sponsor and promote in the Far East and South Asian regions. But for goodness sake why at all does United States want China to go the way the former Soviet Union went? Cannot these two power work in tandem for the global peace and jointly undertake and advance such projects as space research, eradication of poverty, hunger, diseases epidemics from the planet earth?

The baits of providing civilian nuclear technology and paving way for India to become the permanent member of the United Nations Security Council are not going to work if these are meant to burden India for posing as anti-China contender in the region at the behest of the United States. If the goal is to make India as an economic partner, spur the bilateral trade, and promote world peace, then those are laudable motives and should be pursued with all the vigor and speed.

(The writer is a Dallas-based freelance journalist and a former diplomat writing mostly on International Affairs with specific focus on Pakistan and the United States).

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  • Paul Wolf  On November 13, 2010 at 3:35 am

    Very detailed and thoughtful article. But living in Texas, this author must know that Americans are extremely paranoid about China. For Americans, rivals and blood enemies are nearly indistinguishable. One may also consider that America uses India mainly for leverage against Pakistan, not China. If Pakistan starts acting too independently, all it takes is a visit to Delhi – is this a photo of Delhi above, by the way?

    Another way to look at this is that Pakistan is betting on the wrong horse. Why is Pakistan always begging for American approval? My advice: get over your fear of India, and remember that China has never threatened to bomb Pakistan into the stone age. The Chinese economy is also expected to lead the world out of its depression over the next ten years. The US can be expected to continue self-destructing.

    • pakpotpourri2  On November 13, 2010 at 5:39 am

      Excellent input Paul,
      Yes,the picture is from over.
      India is not the glamorous India so projected by the silver screen & the media.Anyone who has been there can tell you that.Poverty & problems infesting any other third world country, are phenomenal in India too.
      Corruption is a major issue.
      Every government, has had pro Hindu policies,in spite of her claim to be secular.
      Thank you for the positive views.

      • siddiquimy  On November 13, 2010 at 10:55 am

        Ref pakpot……
        I suspect YAA is being unduly polite to Paul otherwise I agree with the remarks. Paul has said nothing earth shaking. He does not seem to know the course of US_Pakistan relationship ever since its creation; by now we are in no position to defy USA; may be way ahead in future we may !
        As regards Hindu centric policies in India. it is after all basically a Hindu country and society. Most of us mis understand meaning of Secularism and mis use this term; it is time our self styled intellectuals stop using the term SECULAR…some one please look up the dictionary and history of secularism ? So we should not fault Indians on this score; Indians and courts respect the Muslim Law for the muslims.
        Poverty and corruption is endemic in the subcontinent….has always been…..and is a way of life. It is a different issue altogether and cannot be resolved in a jiffy
        Problem is ever since world has become a global village we tend to see things in that context and disregard our historical experiences. Civilisations and cultures do not evaporate; they move like an elephant; majestically and slowly and fade BUT leave their foot prints.

  • Saeed Qureshi  On November 13, 2010 at 7:45 am

    Thank you Paul for you brief yet insightful comment. I am glad to note that you give some modicum of doubt or benefit to China by expressing that China will not bomb Pakistan into the stone age, as is being attributed to United States(Richard Armitage) for pressing Pakistan to join the anti terror coalition.
    As for a trip to India, countless such visits have already taken place between the two countries. Result is simply zero, as Pakistan’s big brother is never prepared to find a solution to the lingering fundamental dispute between the two neighbors. You understand I mean by Kashmir whose future is yet to be decided.
    If visits would matter all the interstate disputes under the sun would have melted away. But the real problem is those of intentions, which India has seldom demonstrated were ever pious or sincere towards Pakistan. The East Pakistan cessation was engineered and then concluded by India by sending her forces into the then Pakistan’s territory: a gross violation of international law yet condoned by the international community.
    Like you, I wish that Pakistani leaders could act independently. But as you are aware, they are not only self-serving but spineless also. However, you point that the United States uses India against Pakistan is certainly a new dimension that till this moment I was not aware of.
    With best wishes
    Saeed Qureshi

  • siddiquimy  On November 13, 2010 at 8:40 am

    Reg Saeed Qureshi sb article
    Obama’s visit is not a rarity; visit by US Presidents is becoming a routine matter.
    There are many holes in the article; it would have been much better and useful if Mr Qureshi had analysed the reasons for Pakistan’s inability to “act independently” …it is easier said than done……the roots for this “spineless” goes back to the assassination of Mr Liaquat Ali ??????
    China has been a good friend to Pakistan for good reasons; few remember (a) Pakistan was one of the first countries to recognise Communist China (b) Pakistan refused to send troops to Korea and (c) Sinkiang, a muslim majority area, is the under belly of China…..a china rouge Pakistan can turn Sinkiang as Afghanistan for China !!
    Regretfully, I disagree that India created Bangla Desh; it was our own doing…….deliberate and mischievous to the core by a handful of people with gross selfish motives; the less we say the better now
    I fully agree with Qureshi sb that a friendly subcontinent is in the best interest of USA and (China as well) BUT if USA has any aggressive designs against China then India is a good battle field……keep the wars away from the US mainland….
    For the fault lines and miseries of Pakistan we have to look into other factors which, frankly by now are well known even to the common man but then if all the good men and cream of the nation is enticed and lured away; if all our established institutions and traditions destroyed under a scheme (eg Education, family,economics and political systems…etc ) then the outcome is obvious and we dont need any genius to fault us
    We are also too India – centric; we are no longer Great Moghals and must realise our status and capabilities; Pakistan has great potential in every sphere, with or without Kashmir, and we dont need to be toe to toe with the Indians. India has much and many more fault lines and if Pakistan has 5 years of good and stable govt, the shining India will disintegrate ?? Insurgencies in India are in double digit; does any journalist highlight these ? We, the Pakistanis , must get our act togather.
    If all our bright boys and girls migrate to USA and become modern day slaves; then only the third raters and frustrated people are left behind….you put in garbage and you get out garbage !!!!!
    THINK?? Please THINK what our beloved Prophet was doing in Ghar e Hira ?????????? OfferingNamaz? Reciting the Quran ??
    Criticism is the easiest in life; Solutions require effort!!

  • Bajwa  On November 13, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    If Pakistan could adopt democratic polity and an open economy it would be a good horse to bet on for running on central Asian turf.


    • Javed Chaudhry  On November 14, 2010 at 4:27 am

      The Pakistani people at large do not control Pakistan or its political direction. Those who pretend to be in power through democratic vote, actually control the country. In reality, these people are not brought in through authentic vote, they are brought in through NRO. Since NRO has been declared null and void, so should the elections held allowing certain candidates to be qualified under NRO.


  • Saeed Qureshi  On November 13, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    In response to Jinab siddiquimy’s comment

    To the extent that most of the faultines are within us in Pakistan, I agree with the thoughtful analysis of our dear friend Siddiqui But let us accept that not all faults or shortcomings exist in Pakistan. The never-ending crisis of sincere, selfless, and sagacious leadership has been the underlying cause for the chaos and crises that Pakistan has been caught in ever since its inception. The state too suffered as it remained without a constitution for pretty 9 years.
    I agree that this rot and woeful state of affairs is continuing from the day of the demise of Liaquat Ali Khan, the first prime minister of Pakistan. But what I strongly feel is that individuals hardly matter. Primarily these are the institutions that keep the edifice of a state and society intact and stable. The politicians as well as the army generals have alternately neglected the vital task of institution building all along. Hence the mess that we witness all around us!
    As for India, India’s progress and visible economic galore or glare is farcical. This shine will wear off with the first jolt as Pakistan received in the case of separation of East Pakistan, irrespective of the debate as to who was responsible for that cataclysm.
    If a country keeps more than a half million troops in Kashmir for decades, one can imagine how much paranoid it is and how fragile the Indian federation appears to be. When Pakistan settles down with its litany of problems, it would be then India’s turn to face the same upheavals. And mark my words India cannot stand united thereafter.
    If India today realizes that peace with Pakistan is central to peace in both the countries and in the region then that would be the first step towards an environment of amicability and mutual understanding and coexistence in the sub-continent and beyond.
    Finally, I agree that brain drain is ruinous to Pakistan’s progress and advancement. But if there is no job at home, one has to seek elsewhere
    Best regards,
    Saeed Qureshi

  • Shamim  On November 14, 2010 at 4:26 am

    Please send this advice to Zardari -MQM and their crroks


  • Siddiquimy  On November 14, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    Dear Qureshi sb
    I am encouraged by your endorsement of some of my submissions.
    You are dead right about lack of constitutional governance in Pakistan.But then Pakistan came into being in a constitutional vacuum; indeed there were no institutions in Pakistan on 14 Aug ! Muslim League had no blue print and we simply adopted govt of India act as Ty measure.Quaide Azam was certainly a constitutional expert par excellenece and he had expressed views about it in one of his notes………in own hand written notes ( available in Archives and displayed by me in the Maritime Museum’s Quaide Azam gallery at Karachi ) he rejected the West Minister model and preferred Presidential system instead. he stated (rightly) west minister system is no where else followed in Europe.
    we have to devise a system which suits our genius, sub continent has no traditions of democratic governance; democracy is just not casing votes in a ballot box; it is an attitude of life. Even today we do not allow any freedom to our grown up children………..for thousand years we ( Indians/pakistanis) had feudal society and it cannot be changed in 50 or 60 years….Even India is not really democratic except orderly balloting…..have we not always welcomed military rules which in essence is autocratic? If tomorrow gen kiani takes we all will applaud…..
    In my humble opinion a society’s attitude cannot be changed over night…..60 years or so is small period in life of nations……you and I have not changed and so our grown up children have not changed and one sees no sign of efforts to change…autocracy suits all………
    but it does not mean we should not strive for a change.It is said charity begins at home so we must start from our homes and families and I assure you THIS IS THE REAL CHALLANGE. discipline our children; inculcate good manners and teach them universal moral values; create an urge for selfless service to the needy and burning desire for knowledge and service to the nation…………we abuse our leaders and elders in front of children, before you know they will abuse us as well.
    needless to say EDUCATION plays very important role, it must drastically revised.” O” & “A”. To be abolished within a year. If need be defence budget be cut by 30 percent. we are nation of over 15 crores hence no easy prey for any enemy
    Thank youd

  • Siddiquimy  On November 14, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Dear Qureshi sb,
    I feel like talking to you some more; hope I am not unduly intruding upon your time.
    Firstly, it is about India. India has certainly done many wrongs to Pakistan and is always looking for slightest pretext to harm Pakistan. At the same time we too are too much obsessed with India and blame India for all our ills.Both are caught in vicious and dangerous circle of enmity.
    Kashmir is the sore issue between us; Kashmiris as well as Pakistan have been wronged and had by the Indians but who is really suffering and bleeding? Kashmiris and pakistanis…………
    now for a moment look at the problem objectively and dispassionately… much time has passed and both sides are deeply entrenched in their stands and who is suffering?People…yes, poor and simple people of Kashmir and pakistan……..
    Today, even if the Indian leadership wants to give up Kashmir in any form or shape, it CANNOT because of the huge Indian opinion…..Indian people, rightly or wrongly, will not accept and allow it……..So ? Is this not a real delimma for the Indian leadership ?
    Do Pakistani people keep on suffering? The entire country keep differing ? Our development and progress keep suffering ….how long Kashmir albatross will hang in peoples necks ??
    Does some one realize. The day Indian Kashmir becomes independent, Pakistani Kashmir too will demand merger with liberated Kashmir…And are we sure liberated Kashmir will merge with Pakistan ?
    Have we seriously and honestly considered this aspect or are we living in fools paradise!!
    (a) have we considered the Suleh Hudaibya (b) do we remember Chinese President’s advice at Lahore some years back” to put Kashmir on back burner and develop our economy”. (c)did we learnt something from peaceful integration of Hong Kong and lastly China Taiwan relationship? ? ?
    I may be considered talking treason……we have become so unduly sensitive…..but we have to look forward to strong and prosperous Pakistan and the loose pieces will fall into place by themselves. I am not pleading for status quo or giving up our claim or abandoning the kashmirs. My plea is to make Pakistan economically strong,politically stable and respected in the comity of nations………look at present day Turkey, our best friend and learn something from them as well.
    have I talked nonsense or make any sense?

    Kashmir albatross will hang in peoples nevus??

  • Paul Wolf  On November 14, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    There’s no doubt that India supported the mukti bahini rebels that divided Pakistan in 1971. See

    For example, on May 25, 1971, the US embassy in Karachi reported to Henry Kissenger that “In addition to its concern about the refugee problem, the [Government of India] has been taking steps to support the Bengali struggle for independence in the face of the military successes of the Pakistan Army. The BSF has established camps at which 10,000 Bengalis are reportedly receiving training in guerrilla and sabotage tactics. Limited quantities of arms and ammunition continue to be provided to the Bengali separatists and some Indian forces have infiltrated into East Bengal to provide assistance and training to the separatists. … [W]e have learned from intelligence sources that China may have given a conditional promise to assist Pakistan in the event hostilities break out with India.”

    As for the assassination of Liaquat, I’ve researched that also and concluded that it has to remain in the same category as JFK – an interesting but unsolved murder mystery. The Benazir Bhutto murder is pretty simple by comparison.

  • Siddiquimy  On November 15, 2010 at 4:32 am

    dear Paul,
    I am sorry to say you either not researched enough or misunderstood the bigger picture
    Yes, Indian involvement was there;they have never denied it. We all always knew and it was no secret, that India ever since first day of Partition wanted to UNDO Pakistan.So why did we expose our flank? We offrred E Pakistan on a plate.. it was well known from day one that E Pakistan was most vulnerable as no defence was provided or plannedThe fake and self styled Field Marshal Ayub is on record stating defence of Pakistan lies in plains of Punjab !!!!!!!!
    As regards China : a high powered delegation headed by Bhutto and including Gen Gul
    Hasan, Air Marshal Rahim, CinC,PAF and R Adm Rashid, Vice of Navsl Staff was sent to China by Yahya. They were CLEARLY advised by China (a) find a political solution QUICKLY (b) China cannot and will not intervene militarily. Upon return, it is said the delegation( minus the naval V Chief ) briefed Yahya otherwise…….I assure you this is 100 percent authentic.
    frankly it was not only India but all major powers ie USA & USSR were interested in separating E Pakistan in view of the new emerging geo strategic situation ie

    growth of China………have you thought and considered this aspect? pl do !!!!
    Yes, atrocities were committed on both sides…..but Pakistan was victim of the Great Game and we were inexperienced and inapt to understand the Big Game.We were had!!! Simple as that Bhitto came into power and since then Pakistan has been going down hill all the way………..QED…………it was our own fault all the way; you reap what you sow.

  • Saeed Qureshi  On November 16, 2010 at 1:59 am

    In reponse to Siddiquimy

    Dear Siddiqui Sahib,

    Quoting from your comment,
    “Discipline our children; inculcate good manners and teach them universal moral values; create an urge for selfless service to the needy and burning desire for knowledge and service to the nation.”
    This is very important but these values and virtues are abundantly available on the internet. So the task of inculcating such pristine and noble virtues is slipping out of the parents’ hands. But with the advancement of the civil society and march of civilization towards more individual freedom and disintegration of family systems, the orthodox concepts of morality are shedding their shine.
    Old siblings and offspring used to listen to their elders but not anymore. So the fundamental question is how we can hammer such dogmatic values and habits in the minds of the present day youth who sits early in the morning on internet, is busy on cell phone during the daytime, and comes back to either watch TV or revert to the internet or IPod etc.
    You exhortation about bringing our progeny to Islamic or moral values rings hollow as this is not practically achievable. A new moral code is coming on the world stage that overwhelms the values that you stress to be goaded in our kids. Now the world is a village and we are moving toward becoming its citizens with the passage of time. As such, the blending of cultures all the times is taking place and that has stronger appeal and pull than what you and I would say to the children.
    The world has changed or undergoing change that would not care for what was followed in the primitive societies. But do you think the olden societies or cultures were really moral. Give me one era or part of history when there was complete peace and no bloodshed and it was totally moral. We have to accept the realities of the modern societies. And please mind that the societies keep changing.
    Saeed Qureshi

  • Bajwa  On November 16, 2010 at 2:09 am

    A government should first be committed to economic and social development
    All other policies should be subjected to this “categorical imperative”.

    Polity as well as economy should be opened up to let fresh ideas take over.

    A small government and professional bureaucracy.

    A balanced budget by reducing expenditures, including subsidies.

    Imaginative management policies.

    Big projects like Kalabagh and navigation of Indus.

    Development of the farm sector, particularly cattle and sheep breeding and related agriculture industries.

    Off-shore facilities for foreign firms.

    Trading with the neighbors.

    An education system to provide manpower for high tech industries.


  • Siddiquimy  On November 16, 2010 at 4:31 am

    Dear qureshi sb,
    Than you for your response. I cannot fault your arguments.
    There is a beast in all of us; civilization started with brother murdering a brother !
    But I submit to you nothing changes in substance, only the form changes. This earth has always been a village; it is nothing new to shout about; centuries ago 50 miles was a long distance but with the taming of the horse ” global village” emerged( bullock cart was the Boeing of it’s era……so it goes on and each generation feels they are the chosen one. Day is not far off when our children will be holidaying on some nearby planet and so on and on.
    I regret I cannot agree that due to the modern technologies
    children cannot be controlled;this is a lame excuse for neglect and lapse of parental responsibilities. There are from times immemorial tried and tested universal MORAL values to govern human behaviour in order to have civil and peaceful society. In your heart of heart you will acknowledge this but for the sake of argument we will contest………..
    I did not preach Islam except when i talk as a Muslim to another muslim. But these values have been established since before the days of Ibrahim and Moses and even today despite Internet and Facebook etc these fundamental values are advocated and observed. they are essential for orderly functioning of ANY society…be ot Muslim or non Muslim…murder,cheating,adultry and fraud are still crimes even in USA !!!!!!!!!
    Bottom line we shed our parental responsibilities and blame Internet……..
    It is a pity we devise some pet words (especially in your adopted country ) eg collateral damage…sound very elegant…bit kills hundreds of innocent people or global village…….
    I submit you deviated from the thrust of my submissions; bottom line is all
    Living things live according to some inherent rules according to their requirements, even among the lower creatures
    It matters not to me what religion, creed or faith one follows as long as one follows society’s established rules. as I said in my earlier write ” escape ” is the easiest solution
    Regards and best wishes

  • Saeed Qureshi  On November 16, 2010 at 6:51 am

    Dear Sir,
    Old parents subsisting on the income of a young boy or girl who moves in the society has many friends comes late at night, even drinks and is free like air cannot force him or her to behave. He will turn them out if at all they pick up the courage to advise or counsel him.
    Moreover, it should not devolve on the children alone to behave. What about if the father is drunkard and beats his wife. What should we do in such circumstances? Or families selling their honor just to live. Empty belly cannot be filled with pious platitudes. Morality is driven by hard economic facts. If a father can manage his household and is dominant in the house, his may forcibly prevail on his kids.
    Otherwise, morality becomes a far cry. Morality is relative. The western societies indulge in sins like drinking etc but provide safety nuts and high living standards and social security to their citizens. We in poor countries created in the names of inane ideologies talk loud about the morality but throw it to the winds on the first instance even if it is picking a coin from the ground. We change our names and religions in foreign countries for a stay.


    Saeed Qureshi

  • Siddiquimy  On November 16, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    Dear zQureshi sb,
    All I can say I am sorry at your understanding. I was not preaching Islam. I am disappointed by your response………why the Americans wanted to impeach Nixon and Clinton? it is obvious you do not understand MORALITY.
    So let us part as friends, I wish you good luck.

  • Saeed Qureshi  On November 16, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    Dear Siddiqui Sahib,
    Do not lament my understanding or level of comprehension; I am not a Socrates after all. Nixon was tried for breaking the law of the land or infringing the constitution. If someone is to be punished for immorality these should be Saudi rulers who have billions of dollars stashed in foreign banks while their own people still remain impoverished and backward socially and culturally. A common person in Saudi Arabia can never meet the king. The kingship is a sin in Islam. This is the biggest travesty of sublime Islamic teachings.
    Banu Ummyad ravaged Mecca. Under Yazid, killed 700 pious sahabas, and raped the pious women of Banu Hashim for three days. Then ransacked Khana Kaaba, slaughtered the most esteemed custodian Abdullah bin Zubair and his colleague. And still we talk of morality. Hjjaj the cruelest person put in prison his opponents including the illustrious scholars of Islam (80000) and killed 120000 Muslims in his Durbar. Still we talk of morality. Morality does not depend upon a religion or Maulvis it can be of even secular nature. Do you know who killed the third great caliph of Islam: the son of the second caliph? Absolute morality makes a man unproductive in a society.
    With most profound regards,
    Saeed Qureshi

  • Saeed Qureshi  On November 16, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    Reply to Mr Bajwa

    Your guidelines for good governance are practicable, far-reaching, and most thoughtful. My compliments for such brief set of reforms that can make lot of difference in making Pakistan a better place.
    God bless
    Saeed Qureshi

  • Qamar Iqbal  On November 17, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    Saeed Qureshi’s best; I like it.

    “The containment of China and raising a matching Sphinx in the form of India is an extremely flawed proposition and would not be beneficial for either the United States or India. A policy of appeasement between China, Pakistan, and India should constitute the best option that the United States can sponsor and promote in the Far East and South Asian regions. But for goodness sake why at all does United States want China to go the way the former Soviet Union went? Cannot these two power work in tandem for the global peace and jointly undertake and advance such projects as space research, eradication of poverty, hunger, diseases epidemics from the planet earth?”

    M. Qamar Iqbal

  • siddiquimy  On November 19, 2010 at 6:08 am

    Dear Qureshi Sb.,
    Against my better judgement I still feel compelled to respond to your brilliant responce
    Nixon violates the holiest of holy ie the US Constitution and he gets away scot free; and you forget one of the deadliest sin committer Clinton ! All your anger is directed at the Saudi royal family; what crime have they committed ? nobody is starving or is without housing and clothing; their young men and women are sent to best colleges all expenses paid and the citizens enjoy peaceful and happy life . They always generously give aid to any and all muslim countries whenever required; they have been more than generous to Pakistan from day one; thousands of poor people from around the world are enjoying benefit of their wealth. If it is crime to be rich then your adopted country
    should be Criminal No 1 !! What about Mr Chertoff head of the internal security who sold his equipment for body scan ?
    One does not have to be a Socrates. But you are certainly highly educated. Your tirade against the early Islam is understandable but arabia was tribal society which even today has its own rules all over the world. The Meccans acknowledged God but they opposed the Holy Prophet because he was breaking down the tribal system; young men and women from different tribal groups were rallying around the Prophet Why do you think the Prophet adopted a slave boy as his son ?? But old habits die hard and the rivalry and healthy enmity between Banu Ummaya and Banu Abbas turned ugly in pursuit of power. Why do you think the Prophet preferred Madina over Mecca his ancestral land ? to negate the tribal bonding per se. Quran emphasises brotherhood of Islam. What happened to Hazrat Usman, Hazrat Ali and Imam Hussain etc was struggle for power on tribal lines in which foreign elements too played a role eg the Persians and Iraqis etc…….I am sure you know even Hazrat Hasan and younger brother Hanifa tried to dissuade Imam Husain from his venture; it was simply a bid for power. None of them were prophets or above reproach. It has happened many times in history in many places. I am sure being an incisive journalist you see it happening even now…what was Bush’s war in Iraq? what is happening in Afghanistan ? Is it all just for democracy ? are you sure…….
    Great Historian Ibn Khuldoon blames arab tribalism for their down fall. indeed muslims lost Spain after 5 centuries due to Banu Abbas/Banu Ummaya rivalry; they were not defeated by the christian Europe. Pakistan’s present problem is tribal tradition, hence democracy does not work…we are Punjabis,Sindhis,Pakhtoons and Baluchis…not Pakistanis hence we keep on voting on ‘Beradri” lines even if the fellow
    is worst scoundrel.

    I went to USA as a young man in late 50’s and was impressed by their cosmopolitan attitude; nobody nowhere in States asked my nationality ! Everybody was an immigrant and hence everybody was american…but…today???????????????? all of you are typed; America is moving towards tribalism!!! 25 ears ago everybody was american to day it is “US”, “THEM” and “THEY”………Of course you will counter “things have changed since 1960…” true. That is what happened to Islam also in fast forward mode..this always happens in any developed society
    As regards your comment “morality is relative”…you cannot be more wrong and . Murder is a murder all over this earth; a Lie is a Lie anywhere even if spoken by ColinPowell in the august halls of UNO?????????????????? That is why you approve Clinton’s seduction/fornication of a young girl but disapprove of KinG Abdullah’s wedded wives!!!!!!!!!!!
    Incidentally where ever the white people went they carried out genocide: be it Americas,Australia,Asia ,Africa or Central Asia.Give me ONE example where the Muslims carried out genocide despite centuries of rule? As late as II World War your beloved country dropped two atom Bombs on Japan…but not on Germany which was more difficult nut to crack whereas Japan was almost ready for surrender,,,but not one but two were dropped!! And now we have Abu Gharaibs and Guntanamo bay and drones…all kosher and wonderful…we are all rascals and US of A is lilly white (No offense meant)
    Have a nice day and hope you enjoyed Eid ul Azha

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