Behind the walls of the Laal Masjid

Naeem Tahir

The massive campaign in 2007-8 against former President Pervez Musharraf landed everyone else’s ‘evil’ doings at his door. The good that he did to the country was mutilated, forgotten, and set aside. The supporters of a Taliban mindset in media and politics spear headed the campaign and all those who could take advantage in power sharing jumped on to the band wagon against Musharraf.

This ‘campaign’ of misinformation did one of the greatest historic injustices. It was a classical repeat of Antony’s statement in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Quote “….the evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones, so let it be with Caesar….” Then Antony goes on to expose the ‘honorable men’ namely Brutus, Cassius and others who conspired, and then reminds the Romans of the great contribution made by Julius Caesar to the Roman Empire. It is also important in this case that the historical facts are placed in the correct perspective and the name of a sincere and devoted leader is understood appropriately because this is in the interest of the nation.

In the case of Laal Masjid operation many people conveniently forget the circumstances and the ground realities in Islamabad leading to the necessity of action. Gross exaggerations about the numbers killed and of ‘brutality’ keep circulating. These are farthest from truth and are in fact intended to motivate the Taliban supporters to continue their terror activities as ‘revenge’.

It is said that 4000 men and women were killed, it is also said that the negotiations were sabotaged. An impression is given that all the inhabitants of the Lal Masjid were totally innocent and were killed in cold blood.

On the other hand it is stated that only 94 militants were killed and these were those who had decided to fight till the end with lethal weapons in their possession and refused to vacate ,and in fact drew the first blood by attacking army personnel. Every effort at a negotiated settlement was rebuffed by the occupants who held innocent students, women and children, as hostages, and as a ‘human shield’. The total number was estimated between 2000 to 2500.

To have a clear perception it is important that we look at the history of the Laal Masjid occupation and its links with the terrorist as well as the conditions preceding the operation and then also look at the operation, the damages and the aftermath.

The Laal Masjid was built in 1965. Maulana Muhammad Abdullah was appointed its first imam. Abdullah was critical of all governments except Zia’s with whom he was very close. During the Soviet war in Afghanistan (1979–1989), the Red Mosque played a major role in recruiting and training mujahedeen to fight along with the Afghan mujahedeen. Throughout its existence, it had enjoyed patronage from influential members of the government, prime ministers, army chiefs, and presidents. Several thousand male and female students lived in adjacent seminaries.[1]

After Abdullah was assassinated in 1998, his sons Abdul Aziz Ghazi and Abdul Rashid Ghazi took over the mosque, making it a centre for hard-line teaching and open opposition to the government. Abdul Aziz remained the official khatib of the masjid until he was removed in 2005 for issuing a controversial fatwa stating no Pakistani Army officer could be given an Islamic burial if died fighting the Taliban.

The plot on which Lal Masjid was built was allotted by CDA. With the passage of time, the mosque administration encroached upon the surrounding area and a big complex like a fort was constructed. CDA remained unable to get the encroached land vacated till end 2006. In early 2007, CDA strongly persuaded and issued a vacation notice. Aziz and Rasheed, initiated move by taking possession of the Children Library, located on the adjacent plot, by using the female student force. These students were motivated in the name of religion and thus the visible conflict started.

The students (both male and female) took to the streets to persuade video shops not to sell “vulgar” movies. Thus the students took matters into their own hands, much as the Taliban did as they emerged as a power in the 1990s in Afghanistan and in the Waziristan tribal areas. They also arrested a woman on the suspicion of running a brothel. The police tried to broker the release of the suspected brothel owner and, when they failed, they arrested two female teachers from the seminary. In a matter of minutes, students and followers of the Taliban blocked all important arteries in Aabpara, and also took two police officers with their official vehicle as hostage.

Obviously the Laal Masjid Taliban were challenging the government machinery and asserting their will. Abdul Rasheed and his brother Abdul Aziz commanded widespread support and were vocal in their backing of the Taliban.

Following the kidnapping of the alleged ‘brothel’ by the women students of Jamia Hafsa – who still held a children’s library hostage – the leaders declared the establishment of a ‘Shariat Court’ of their own and, according to Dawn, “vowed to enforce Islamic laws in the federal capital and threatened to unleash a wave of suicide bombers if the government took any action to counter it.” The report in Dawn goes on to say:
“Our youth will commit suicide attacks, if the government impedes the enforcement of the Sharia and attacks Lal Masjid and its sister seminaries,” Maulana Abdul Aziz, the head of the mosque said in his Friday sermon. The fresh suicide bombing threat intensified fear among Islamabad residents.

It was also said that the suicide bomber who had attacked Islamabad’s Marriott Hotel in January 2007, had been seen near the mosque the same day. Religious activists, some of whom were wearing masks, also staged a demonstration before the Friday prayers. Burqa-clad girl students of Madressah Hafsa kept a vigil atop the seminary’s roof. The activists were chanting “Al Jihad, Al Jihad”. Armed with sticks, a group of religious activists set on fire thousands of video and audio cassettes and computer compact discs. Women drivers on Margalla road were being told by the Taliban/students to stop driving or be prepared to suffer by a throw of acid on their face.

This is how the situation in Islamabad was developing. Many people now seem to have lapses of memory and have forgotten the reality. There was an atmosphere of fear. In fact it was a parallel of what was developing in Swat. Laal masjid inhabitants were in fact the first experiment of the terrorists in controlling by fear in the name of Shariat. It was the forerunner of the strategy to be later used in Swat and Waziristan.

It is very likely that the latest strategy of controlling by ‘War Within’ was being experimented in other areas as well but keenly watched by the terrorist planners for the outcome of Islamabad. If the Laal Masjid experiment in Islamabad would succeed then the terrorists would have controlled Swat, part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Waziristan. They would have brought under control a large area including Islamabad. Pakistan’s existence could have been fatally endangered.

The situation had indeed developed because of covert support of sections of beaurocracy, some elements in the agencies, and some politicians. It is well known that some supplies of rockets and weapons when caught were released due to the efforts of Zia ul Haq’s son Ijaz ul Haq, who offered a personal guarantee. There were indeed supporting funds of foreigners and those who take political advantage by the support of Taliban elements.

During this period Islamabad was being attacked by terrorists and elsewhere-foreign engineers and technicians helping Pakistan were abducted and killed. Pakistan’s tested friend China was being targeted to isolate Pakistan.

The situation was turning so serious that general public wondered why the government was not taking any decisive action. Then happened the Lal Masjid terrorist’s raid on a Chinese beauty parlor. The raiders man- handled the Chinese men and women and abducted them.

The situation had grown to international proportions. Civil society and Media were pressing for some action. The Chinese President directly approached the President of Pakistan, Gen Pervez Musharaf and requested for the safety of the Chinese people.

Now action had to be taken. The Laal Masjid occupants had taken an open war attitude.
It is important that all these factors are recalled and the backdrop of the Lal Masjid action is understood.
On this background, Government machinery moved with determination, however every effort was to be made to reach a peaceful settlement, and if army action was to be inevitable then minimum damage to life and property was to be ensured.

As the first step, the Laal Masjid was cordoned off and the movement of the occupants was restricted.
Appeals were made to the occupants to vacate the mosque. All possible steps were taken. Politicians including Chaudhry Shujaat, and Ejazul Haq tried. Imam e Kaba arrived to make the Masjid occupants to desist from militancy but was shunned. Eidhis came and made appeals to no effect. The Wafaqul Madaras tried their best, Council for Islamic Ideology tried to make them understand, but all failed. The Laal Masjid occupants and Mr. Abdul Rasheed stuck to their agenda.

Before army action an opportunity was provided to those who did not ascribe to militancy to leave the mosque. Many left.

On July 3, 2007, the stand-off between the students barricaded inside the mosque and the government resulted in bloody gun battle. The violent students attacked. In the encounter over twenty people, including students of the mosque, and paramilitary personnel were killed and over one hundred others were injured.
To avoid collateral loss, on July 4, 2007, the government offered amnesty to juvenile students if they surrendered and over 1000 of the students who supported the cleric accepted, and were allowed to leave. Abdul Aziz Ghazi tried to escape in a ‘burqa’ to avoid notice of his colleagues, and he was arrested after being detected by a senior army official.

Government and Security officials had repeatedly asked Maulana Abdul Rashid to surrender but he refused. He proposed that if government would give him and his militant students a safe passage without surrendering arms, and  to allow him to live  in his home village, he would hand over Lal Masjid , Jamia Hafsa and Jamia Faridia to Wafaqul Madaris (a federation of Madaris). This proposal was made to Ulmai Karam and Government of Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and Chaudhdry Shujaat.

This proposal was a trick and fraught with very dangerous consequences. A considerable number of trained militants would have gone scot free and brought havoc to the city of Islamabad. It was a trick to get out of the ‘hole’ and spread around for extreme terror. This proposal could not be acceptable for security considerations. The safe passage was intended to be ‘unchecked’. If accepted this would tantamount to allowing a large number of armed militants go free and carry out their activities and join other terrorists.

In retaliation the Laal Masjid terrorists attacked the Army personnel around the mosque. They went further to burn the building of the interior ministry adjacent to the Mosque. A senior army officer was killed and huge damage to property occurred.

Now a final army action had become unavoidable. Ch. Shujaat wanted to make one more effort before the army operation. He did make a final attempt but failed. The scheduled action at very early morning was delayed by an hour due to Ch. Shujaat’s presence, and some morning light revealed the commandos taking positions, they were fired at and killed, others successfully took positions. Col, Haroon Islam, made a bid to free those who were locked up in a room as hostages and wanted to get out. He risked his life and went to blow a hole in the wall of their cell. The wall breached and all hostages escaped but Col.Haroon Islam lost his life in cross fire.

By this time a total of 97 militants were left in the Mosque. They fought and 94 got killed, three escaped. There were 94 dead bodies including four killed by the militants and found locked in a basement. These have been buried in a graveyard in Islamabad. There were no women among the dead. Five or six male foreigners were there.These are all the verifiable facts.

The huge number of the killed are rumors and have no substance. If any more than 94 were dead then why didn’t any relative or friend register an FIR? Why hasn’t any one even supported the ‘dead’ by any kind of complaint? Why have the families of the hypothetic ‘dead’ not even taken out a protest march? Why hasn’t even a ‘ghaibana’ nimaz e janaza held. This is because the fact is that number of dead was only those whose graves exist.

The operation was conducted entirely by the Government headed by the Prime minister and the Army. The instructions of the President Musharraf specifically were to save as many lives as possible and reduce collateral damage. If his instruction were not carried out the loss of life and property would have been huge. It is absolutely wrong that any phosphorus bombs were used. These are not in the army arsenal. The smoke grenades used do not have any phosphorus. Army acted with utmost restraint, and saved Islamabad from becoming occupied like Swat. The ramifications of Islamabad, the nation’s capital being controlled by terrorists are beyond imagination.

Later on it became abundantly clear that the Laal Masjid was the advance camp of the terror net work supported by enemies of the state and would have been the shortest cut to lose the nation’s sovereignty if allowed to succeed. After being pushed away from the Capitol the terrorists from the mosque joined their companions in Swat and Waziristan and proceeded with the rest of the nefarious plan.

Any Pakistani who confuses the issue of the Laal Masjid and nurses sympathy with Laal Masjid terror group is doing so in naivety without comprehending the facts. It is hoped that this ‘fact sheet’ will help understand the real facts and the importance and inevitability of the action in the interest of the freedom of the nation. It may also be remembered that judicial enquiry has already been held. 

(The author is a free lance writer).

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  • Salman Abbasy  On January 19, 2011 at 3:56 am

    Like a slick lawyer, the author has cherry-picked the facts to defend his guilty and remorseless client.

  • Ali  On January 19, 2011 at 6:42 am

    It was on eof the tactics of Mushrraf’s Terror on sale.He sold this also after amking them to do all they did under the nose of agencies.These are all lame excuses that they on their own did it all.But fact is they were equipped by agencies controlled by Parvez musharraf an dthen were slaughtered at the altar of greed.It h spolarised our societybut got Musharraf some millions.

  • Dr Mehdi  On January 19, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    Naeem Tahir’s excellent commentary on the Lal Masjid debacle needs to be translated into urdu and published in all urdu language papers and sent to the madrassahs and seminaries all over the country.

  • Ishrat  On January 19, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    a statement of fact as described by Mr Naeem Tahir
    i remember distinctly
    pervez musharraf had no other option

  • am malik  On January 19, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    Yes Mr Naeem we have read ur fact sheet. Apparently ur attempt has been to bail out ur great friend Musharraf
    I saw the gory drama all the way through. Tell me first of all that why would Lal Masjid be having such a sympathy from the masses? were they all fools to have done it? Now let me start from the beginning. U mentioned of the beauty parlour girls. And then the Chineses women. During the discouurse I had visited Islamabad- F10 to be exact. I saw a number of massage parlours termed liesure homes. While visiting one of my friends- a very senior army officer- at his house I saw aa corner house with a questionable pinkcolour. I asked my friend what was going on? You have a pleassure house next to you. He mentioned that he had rung up both the DIG and the SP. But to no avail. Both showed their helpless ness. And now I intend to ask Mr Ghazi of the Lal Masjid!
    So that goes the law that u were talking about. Now the chinese stuff. I wonder if u r aware that all bidoutfit as tht of Mr Ghazi?g Chinese companies have some beautiful girlss kept to promote their business in what ever way that can be possible. These were the same girls.
    Last but not the least If there is vulgarity all over and being promoted and encouraged then what do u think ? will the peeople not look towards such out fits? And again thee most effective way to make the people come out of the hole- is to drop tear gas. Did u see a single tear gas projetire being fired? And as an end note we have time and again heard Mr Shujaat stating that the deal had been finalised and Musharraf inforrmed of the saame . But he refused and let the attack proceed.

    The remaining episode is fresh in the minds of the people
    So pl ddo not become a tout of Musharraf making a hero out of him where he was not.

    • Amir Rana  On January 19, 2011 at 1:33 pm

      I would simply want to second Malik Sb’s comments regarding Laal Masjid fiasco. There is no doubt that it was one of the darkest pages in our history. I still cannot control my emotions when the memories of innocent people burnt with phosphorus bombs come into my mind. I am afraid we all might have to answer and justify our silence as a whole on the Judgement Day.

      Hypocrites of the highest degree, we as a nation are…. If someone wants to go out to remind us about the main cause for what this country came into being, we call it as a state within state and when some bast— takes over the country overthrowing whatever constitution we have, we call him our hero, despite the fact that constitution very clearly imposes death penalty for that crime. I really get surprised when some ROSHAN KHAYALS talk about the supremacy of law and law enforcing agencies. As per these parameters, all revolutionists including our religious heroes were outlaws. As per this rule Tipu Sultan, Bakht Khan and many others were very rightly declared rebellions by British Raaj since they went against the law. What people of Laal Masjid were doing was simply a reminder to us all of our responsibilities as a whole. We have to stand against suppressing laws which are only being used to protect the criminals and to find a way to crush all those who dare to stand up against the ruling elite (whether it is army, politicians, bureaucracy or molvis in government).


      • Shakeel Cheema  On January 20, 2011 at 7:19 am

        Mr Amir and Mr. Malik,

        I agree with your comments, but I also request you “Please read history correctly as ordered by Col. Raiz Jafri.

        Mostly I do not reply these kind of things, I just read, but Col. Sb forced me to reply. Col. Sb what is Pakistan Resolution. What is two nation theory?

        Col. Sb, Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam, how many references from Quid’s speech do you need? I can give you.

        We are so unfortunate that after 63 years of independence we are still searching why Pakistan came into being.

        Actually when you dig out any problem of Pakistan you will always see a “KHAKI” behind it. Now he is telling us read history correctly. Khakis were behind the Lal Masjid incident. Mullas are trapped by army officers ladies. Where were those ladies gone when this incident happened. Actually “Mullas” were thinking that these ladies will help them, but that was just a trap.

        “Yeh Khaki aapni fitrat main noori hi na nari hi”

        We all are blaming “Mullas”. Who used “Mullas”? Who powered “Mullas”. Always army used mullas, and mullas always acted as agents of army. Mard-e-Momin used them in Afghanistan, Musharraf created MMA with the help of Mulana Diesel and used MMA in his favor. Jamiat-e-Islami is always agent of Army. Just see the case of Imran Khan when he was held in Punjab University, Jammiat was giving minute to minute report to Gov. of Punjab Gen. Khalid Maqbool.

        “Mullas” are always used as tool.

        Please read this column by Ayaz Amir “Kasur Kis ka”. This column gives many answers.

        Shakeel Ashraf Cheema

  • Riaz Jafri  On January 19, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    Dear All:

    I will not comment upon anything else as opinions differ and everyone has his/her right to hold an opinion. I would only CORRECT the facts of history. Mr Amir Rana says, ” If someone wants to go out to remind us about the main cause for what this country came into being, we call it as a state within state”. This is incorrect and needs to be corrected.


    Please read history correctly and unbiasedly with an open mind.

    (I am fully aware of the commotion that this will throw up, but as I said PLEASE read history unbiasedly. If it were up to the Mullahs – the so called and self styled custodians of Islam – Pakistan would never have come into being. I can’t say anything more than that)

    Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

    • Bajwa  On January 19, 2011 at 4:06 pm

      I was present at the creation. Col. Sahib is right.

      There was no problem about practicing Islam. There was the discrimination from Hindus which came on top of discrimination from the British.

      The development of the British Indian economy led to the rise of Hindus who were mostly in business.They always were, even during the Muslim rule.Both the Buddhist and Hindu temples acted as money lenders and centers of commerce.Muslims were the warrior class and looked down upon the “Bunya”.

      The Muslims feared Hindu Raj. The aristocracy in UP and the feudal class in the Indus Valley feared them for different reasons…one for being a minority, and the other for being reduced to a minority.

      These fears continued because of failures (both political and military) in Kashmir.

      The influx of Mohajir and Mullah upset the social balance in Indus Valley.The middle class looked to military and Mullah for support and got them selves in to a rabbit hole.

      Having a nuclear deterrence should have helped us to relax and develop Indus Valley region but by now we had got into the Afghan war due to our alliance with the Americans and hatred for communism which had been cultivated over decades.Mullah thought it a chance for him to take over, while Military saw in it an opportunity to replenish their Pakistan’s security.

      Till the Pashtoon tribes make up their mind Pakistan will remain in turmoil,mentally, politically, and security wise.

      We should see in Pakistan an opportunity for people of Indus Valley as a God given chance to pull ourselves to the level of advanced nations.

      For that we need our middle class come totally in support of a progressive Pakistan.

      We should take a more relaxed view of our security. No one can conquer a nation of 200 million people. But you can get such a nation through internal strife, on religious or political basis.


    • Meena  On January 19, 2011 at 4:07 pm

      U r right. The mullas have made Pakistan a senseless state

      • Siddiqi  On January 20, 2011 at 2:15 am

        Do you all know: Who is Mullah?

        “A Mullah is one who is ignorant, obstinate, rhetoric, adamant in his views and uncivilized in his expression/utterances.”

        You will find in abundance such characters on both the sides of the aisle.

        Now just survey how many are Mullah around you who are of this nature and have coined this accusative language and using it simply as a “Gali” to express their hate and disgusted nature against Islam? Can “its” users deny it?

        Please share your statistic with all of us. Shukrun


    • shah jee  On December 11, 2012 at 11:00 pm

      Mr. Jafri I think you had lost your upper part due to sever prade in army and you start history from wrong corner. it means Altaf right to say that creation of pakistan was greatest blunder of history and further it was fraud and deceit with innocent muslim who were chantting islam islam and real it was not for islam but for like you bloody munafiqs?

  • Muhammad Shahbaz  On January 19, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    Jafari sb, pl correct yourself Pakistan come into existance only for muslim to praticing on Islam easily, as far as Qaid e Azam is concerned he was so clear for that.

  • Muhammad Shahbaz  On January 19, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    I think one of the best job done by PM was taking out that rebel, who was eating annually 140 millions
    from the government of Pakistan. Not a single rupee was spent on his people, it went straight to his
    account. On top of that his workers were paid by Sui Gas they were travelling by sui planes.
    Guess who is more hurt, NS who else as this will give him an excuse to rile PM. If any thing happens in
    Pakistan, it is the fault of PM.
    Have you noticed he forgot to mention his name in his so called charter of demands.


  • Rizwan  On January 19, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Those who live by the sword shall die by it, regardless if they choose to do so in the sanctuary of holy sites.

  • Dr.Muhammad Mukhtar Alam  On January 20, 2011 at 2:12 am

    It is indeed a difficult proposition that Pakistan movement was for ensuring practice of Islam easily. Even during the colonial times, practice of Islam was not difficult and millions of Muslims who were part of the independance movment, they were for this independance of the nation only. I had an opportunity to discuss with Maulana Siddique in March 2007 who spoke on the role of Jamaat-e-Ulama-e-Hind in organising Indians through Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi. He told me clearly that Jamaat thought that it would be difficult to unite Hindus unless, there is a person who looks like a saint. Gandhi supported the Khilafat movement .We know the role of Ali Brothers. I feel that Muslims lost heavily as a result of the creation of Pakistan specially in India.

    Muhammad Mukhtar Alam,Ph.D

  • Aziz Shahid  On January 20, 2011 at 2:13 am

    Dear Naeem sahib.
    You have done a great job to show the mirror to this nation who will inshallah remember President Musharraf as a great leader of this nation very soon. Believe me he is the only leader after Quaid-e-Azam and Zulifqar Ali Bhutto who did not plunder the wealth of this nation otherwise you name anyone who spared the wealth of this nation?
    When Musharraf’s ancesters migrated from India they had such a big house ( havalli) in Delhi where now more than 100 families reside
    You can compare the wealth of their siblings and will find who looted this country.
    The same may be applied on Chaudaries.
    President Musharraf made one mistake only and that is to rely on these corrupt politicians including chaudaries of Gujrat other than this he ruled this nation quite positively.
    We are waiting for him to return and take these corrupt politicians to task.
    Nawaz Sharif is still afraid of President Musharraf and will remain inshallah.
    We wish President Mussaraf come back and start the accountability across the board.
    God bless him with long life and mature wisdom.
    Aziz Shahid

  • Portugheis Alberto  On January 20, 2011 at 2:14 am

    I’ll just comment on the last 3 sentences.

    “We should see in Pakistan an opportunity for people of Indus Valley as a God given chance to pull ourselves to the level of advanced nations.” THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD. IN FACT IT IS “BECAUSE OF GOD” (THAT IS RELIGIONS) THAT THE SITUATION IS SO DIRE.




    “But you can get such a nation through internal strife, on religious or political basis.” I’D SUGGEST, NEITHER ON A RELIGIOUS NOR POLITICAL BASIS, BUT ON A SOCIAL, HUMANISTIC BASIS.


  • Riaz Jafri  On January 20, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    Cheema Sahib:

    You say, “Please read history correctly as ordered by Col. Raiz Jafri.”

    I am amazed that my sincere requests and pleadings for the ‘unbiased reading of history’ have been misconstrued to be an “order” from a “Khaki” who is neither Noori nor Nari in its make up and what not. To say the least such uncalled for remarks are certainly in a poor taste especially coming from a gentleman living among the English speaking people !!

    Please read my mail again and I am sure a man of your intelligence will be able to comprehend the correct wording after a few readings. If still not, please consult a good lexicon – oooops, a dictionary.

    I will wait for someone to respond to your comments as I do not wish to turn a healthy discussion into a dialogue or a debate between the two of us. However, if no one comes up then I shall do the needful myself.

    Best Regards
    Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

  • Adeel  On January 20, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    Agree with both, the action at Lal Masjid and also Bugti.
    Shahzain Bugti is a clear example of what the elder Bugti was all about, in a word, just himself. He never did anything for his people.
    PM refrained from action against till it was confirmed that Bugti had started making links with Indians across the border in Afghanistan. This was crossing the line.
    In both incidents, it was poor PR which was unable to clarify the whole story to the public, as well as bums like Chaudary’s who minced their words in order to back-track later on and ensure their political survival


  • Siddiqi  On January 20, 2011 at 1:29 pm


    You people are fighting for nothing. Br Naeem Tahir is just trying to absolve the bloody General [Ghulam] Pervaiz from all the crimes that he committed in destroying the edifice of Lal Masjid. Posterity will never forgive him and his accomplishes.

    Please don’t forget that “Islam was the father of Pakistan and Democracy its mother” and the military in collaboration with Civil bureaucrats massacred both treacherously.

    You people are blaming “Mullah” and Islamic Parties for nothing but for your own faults and misdeeds. Blame yourselves as the criminals and the culprits # One. If there comes any Public Trial, you all will be hanged to death before Mazar-e-Qaid-e-Azam. If not, you cannot save your skin from the wrath of Allah who gave this treasure of Pakistan to you all but you “idiots” destroyed it for your personal game-plan and ignorance/prejudices against His Deen Al – Islam

    History and your own progenies will curse you. Better, Keep quite

    Shamim Siddiqi

    • S U Turkman  On January 20, 2011 at 7:18 pm

      Yes Mr. Siddiqi, it was a Crime and a Sin that Government of Pakistan under rule of Pres. Musharraf had as owner of Lal Mosque tried to evict crazy Mollaas of Lal Mosque, …
      * … who had no authority, who were not elected by anybody but had ordered, Shriyah Law implementation on all Pakistanis because your Islam says, Owner of Property has no rights if it has been illegally taken over by some JehaaDi Nuts and they think, they have taken over the whole country.
      * … for taking law in to their own hands. Pakistan should not have freed Chinese Massage Parlor Workers from them and should have never questioned, why they let one of Religious Party Assemblyman go free that they had found there getting entertained by those Chinese Women.
      * … and some of them, who were armed and had started shooting at Security Forces should not have been shot back and killed. Pak Army should have just surrendered to them because they were Allah’s own Fighters.
      * … because the dozens of Girls there had attacked Security Forces with Bamboo Sticks and Clubs besides snatching away Machine Guns from Security Forces to overwhelm and kill them. Pakistan should have let those Girls kill Security Forces also to become famous as the one defeated just by MuDrisaa Girls of that Mosque.
      You are right. Since Musharraf caused this un-Godly act, he is a Sinner and all you crazy Nuts would go straight to JunnaT.

  • Mubashir  On January 20, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    The issue is taking the law in your own hands or not.

    When people do, it creates more chaos, so reason says it best left to the authorities and in this day and age, an offensive matter (that the law authorities are ignoring) should be exposed in the media (all over newspapers and TV), people should sign petitions, meet their members of parliament and organise peaceful protests and the authorities would be forced to pay attention! In a democratic government, their MP’s in the parliament will be thrown out in the next election, if they ended up on record not listening to those who elected them!!

    Just exposing offenders (houses of prostitution) with secret TV footage would have done it.

    There is a civilised way of changing things and there is the “other way”.



  • S U Turkman  On January 20, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    Let me tell you why Pakistan was formed …!
    Allah had wanted to free Hindus from thousand year long Moslim Domination. If Pakistan was not formed, All India Moslim League would be still in power as Coalition Party of Congress or BJP and Hindus would not have been completely free of Moslim Domination. India would still not be advancing as finally she is. Eat your hearts out Bigots …!

  • S U Turkman  On January 20, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    And Bajwa is so right.
    Oh yeah, it was Hindus and British Conspiracy against Moslims that they had told our Mollaas to issue FuTwah that learning English was against Islam to keep Moslims un-educated. That’s why Moslims were not in to good jobs and Businesses. British should not have discriminated against us just because we did not know, how to read and write. They should have given us all those jobs anyway.
    It was discrimination of British that Moslims did not have enough Businesses. British should have nationalized Businesses of Hindus and donated to Moslims just like Z A Bhutto did and donated to Pak Establishment. Indian Moslim Immigrants, who had caused birth of Pakistan had no rights to emigrate to Pakistan because Punjabis had never wanted to be a part of Pakistan. They had upset Social Balance of Sindh by rising against Sindhi Waderas. Sindh did not need any Habib Bank, Adamjee Industries, Valika Mills, etc. Sindh did not need Karachi a city of 100,000 become the largest city of Pakistan because of industrious Mohajirs and leave our great city of Lahore back in Dust. To keep the 1947 quarter million population of Urban Sindh pure, no Mohajirs should have been allowed to emigrate there and advance Urban Sindh though they were Sindhis, who had sold their properties in Urban Sindh for triple the price to Mohajirs.
    Can’t we see, no rich advanced country of the world in the West permits us Immigrants to move to its cities so, we would not upset the ‘Social Balance’ of their cities?
    Can’t we see, there are none of us Pakistanis allowed in London, Manchester, Liverpool, New York, Chicago, Los Angles, Houston?

    Pakistan was not built for Moslims of the Sub Continent. It was built for Punjabis only. Yeah the same Punjabis, who had always fought against Moslim League, never let it win more than a couple of seats in Punjab Assembly before Partition, had always opposed formation of Pakistan and had tried to slaughter the whole Moslim League a day before Pakistan Resolution was passed in Lahore.
    We had built Atomic Bomb so, India would not interfere, when we Punjabis would start slaughtering other Minorities of Pakistan just like we had Bengalis to keep getting rich on Sindh. We have to keep getting rich over Natural Resources of Baluchistan, Sindh and FATA because we own Pakistan, not Non Punjabis, especially Sindhis and Mohajirs, who caused birth of Pakistan.
    Punjabistan ZinDabaaD …!
    Enemies of Pakistan running Pakistan, what do you expect?
    Pakistan is going to advance?
    No. It would remain one of the poorest country of the world.
    Pakistan ZinDabaaD …!
    Pakistan sai zinDaa BHaag …!

  • S U Turkman  On January 20, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    I agree with Mr. Cheema but it was CIA that had started making Army back Mollaas in 1950’s because it had thought Religion was the best deterrent to Communism. It had put all people of Religions on its Pay Roll throughout the world (including Jan Sangh in India).
    US Aid Charity was not given to any country that did not persecute Socialists and Communists and ban their Political Parties and organizations. India had refused so, she never had gotten any US Charity, when Pakistan has received $ 40 billion worth of US Aid Charity since 1953.
    Gen. Ayub had resisted but USA had made him let MouDooDi and his people go free just before they were supposed to be hung to death for Treason.
    Later, Gen Zia had come with a Plan to use Mollaas to recruit Sneak Attack Terrorists for infiltration in to India Held Kashmir and Afghanistan. Army then started Taliban to conquer Afghanistan and is still backing them.
    It clearly looks like Pak Army wants Pakistan turned in to a JehaaDi Talibani Afghanistan-like state but this is not what Army tells Pakistanis, USA and rest of the world.

  • S U Turkman  On January 20, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    portugheis alberto wrote:

    “arms have no religion, no nationality. Arms are made (unfirtunately for the US) in many countries. USA is better at paying bribes to obtain contracts. That’s all”.


    1. USA does not own any Arms Manufacturing Factories. She buys Arms from Private American Companies herself.
    2. USA does not sell Arms to any countries.
    3. Countries buy Arms from US Manufacturers.
    4. USA only approves or rejects such sales.
    5. Its against US Law that any American Company pay a bribe to sell its Weapons or Military Hardware to any Foreign Country.

    If you have any documentary proof or witnesses, who can come forward against any US Company or US Government to prove what you are claiming please provide me so, I can sue US Government or the Arms Manufacturers to make millions, Paki Liar hiding behind a Christian ID …!
    Its Pak Army that never buys any Weapons unless a huge Bribe is paid to it, not American Arms Manufacturers. I had learnt, how many hundreds of millions of dollars had gone to secret Swiss Account of GHQ in F-16 deal in Zia Days but the Agent, through whom the money was indirectly deposited by General Dynamics (manufacturer of f-16) had refused to testify in any US Court so, I could not proceed further. I was also told by some Pakistanis in USA, not to proceed because they had thought ISI would get me assassinated if I had, not the American Company.

  • Kaukab  On January 21, 2011 at 2:36 am

    asalamu alaikum
    Very well put!Mr Shamim Siddiqi
    May Allah reward you!

    Pakistan’s made-in-USA Army is the worst enemy of Pakistan.
    They surrendered to India and can’t liberate Kashmir but are busy killing Islamic Pakistanis.

    Kaukab Siddique, PhD

  • Riaz Jafri  On January 21, 2011 at 2:38 am

    And here jumps in a fake —- sitting in the far off land of the USA on the crumbs of the Americans and paid by the CIA to demonise the only stable, disciplined, organised and effective institution of the country -Pak Army – and is doing his loathsomely dirty work in the name of Islam. May Allah (swt) be the final judge between him, his likes and the Pakistan Army to burn for ever those in the most horrible of the hells who have either harmed the country or shall bring harm to Pakistan by sowing the seeds of sectarianism, extremism, obscurantism, division among the ranks of the civil and military or any such other thing bringing harm to Pakistan.

    Please ALL say, Ameen Summa Ameen.

    Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

  • portugheis alberto  On January 21, 2011 at 2:39 am

    Pakistanis killed, whether Islamic or not, Hindus killed, Christianss killed (Catholic or Protestant), Jews killed, Atheists killed, etc, etc is neither here nor there. Bullets and bombs, landmines and mortars, etc, are made for killing, period. All you do, you your Allah, Allah, Allah, God, God, God, is make the weapon manufacturers and traders laugh all the way to the Bank.

    And what does it matter if the Pakistani Army is “made-in-USA”????????? it would be exactly the same if it was “made-in-UK, France, Belgium, Switzerland, China, Poland or Israel”.

  • Akhtar Khan  On January 21, 2011 at 2:40 am

    Walaikum Assalam!

    Entirely agree, but they are no different to the politicians. They are all munafiq and have their qibla in the far west.

    Pal Masjid incident is a black mark in our history. The people in the Masjid took the law in their own hand after the law enforcers failed, because they were sold to the elite. No supporter of Musharraf can deny the vulgarity that they opposed. Why did the police act against the people who were trying to stop evil, which is their obligation?

    The use of the word Mulla in a derogatory manner describes the person using it in a very clear manner. Less said the better.

    The claim that there were armed militants is a farce. The Masjid was closed for two days, and then the media was taken to see a pile of arms and ammunition supposedly belonging to the militants. The use of phosphorous cannot be denied. There were hardly any burials, considering the number of women, children and men that were inside to compound. The media gave us an idea. Dr. Shahid Mas’ood was one person who went in and met people, so he would know the headcount, roughly. If these people were burnt by the phosphorous, how did the arms and ammunition remain intact for display? Some ROSHAN KHAYAL may say that these were from the storage. Before he/she says that I would like him/her to think. Would people be inside unarmed and the ammunition in the store? Please do not question our mental faculty.

    Allah Hafiz

  • Mubashir  On January 21, 2011 at 2:41 am

    Guess who is defending the borders of Pakistan right now? Kaukab’s halwa bardar army?

    Guess what his relatives and friends will look upto to face an invading army?

    As for defeat in Bangladesh? A house divided cannot stand. But, we have moved on.

    Such traitors of Pakistan should be remembered dealt with the laws of Pakistan upon their return.

    They get their guts sitting in the lap of the devil who permits them to bark!!


    • Kaukab  On January 21, 2011 at 2:42 am

      asalamu alaikum
      Dear Muslims

      Col. Jafri [retd] seems to be totally crazy.
      No one who is sane can make such stupid remarks as Jafri does. I have a track record of Islamic work and independence which would make Jafri look like a fool.

      As he is from the military, his blind support for the army is understandable but he would have to be insane not to know that:

      1. The na-pak army is MADE in AMERICA, head to foot. It has nothing which can be called Islamic or Pakistani.
      2. It surrendered to Hindus. That is the only “muslim” army which has ever surrendered to Hindus.
      3. It cannot liberate Kashmir.
      4. It is sucking the nation’s blood and living in grand style while the masses of Pakistanis are deprived.
      5. At America’s orders, General Kayani is killing Muslims every day, destroying mosques and medressas.
      6. The army generals will be brought to trial in a Shar’ia court one day for attacking Red Mosque and killing hundreds of you BA-HIJAB Muslim women in Jamia Hafsa.

      These are bloody cowards and it has insane people like Jafri who are shameless enough to defend idiotic generals who get their orders from the CIA.

      Inshallah, the mujahideen will whip these dogs.

      Kaukab Siddique, PhD
      servant of Allah

  • Mubashir  On January 21, 2011 at 2:44 am

    The issue is taking the law in your own hands or not.

    When people do, it creates more chaos, so reason says it best left to the authorities and in this day and age, an offensive matter (that the law authorities are ignoring) should be exposed in the media (all over newspapers and TV), people should sign petitions, meet their members of parliament and organise peaceful protests and the authorities would be forced to pay attention! In a democratic government, their MP’s in the parliament will be thrown out in the next election, if they ended up on record not listening to those who elected them!!

    Just exposing offenders (houses of prostitution) with secret TV footage would have done it.

    There is a civilised way of changing things and there is the “other (Talibaan} way”.



  • portugheis alberto  On January 21, 2011 at 2:45 am

    arms have no religion, no nationality. Arms are made (unfirtunately for the US) in many countries. USA is better at paying bribes to obtain contracts. That’s all.

  • Riaz Jafri  On January 21, 2011 at 2:46 am

    Allah (swt) may burn in eternal hell all those munafiqeen and the so called custodians of Islam who have divided the nation and Muslims amongst themselves by preaching their own brands of Islam. Allah may also destroy all those and their followers and supporters who use Masajid and innocent naive students to grab adjoining government buildings and plots in the prime most locations of the capital and other major cities to expand their personal property allotted to them for building mosques.

    And, L’anat ullahe alal kazibeen.

    Please all say ameen.

    • Shakeel Cheema  On January 21, 2011 at 2:47 am

      Dear Col. Sb,

      I hope you are the reader of columns of Dr. Saffdar Mahmood (Jang columnist), where he explained the ideology behind the creation of Pakistan. If no, just please let me know I will send you the links.

      I am really ashamed that after the Independence of 63 years we are still discussing that why Pakistan came into being. And this discussion is started by a responsible person. I am really disturbed by your statement that “Pakistan was not created for Islam”. ( I don’t like the brand Islam which our religious parties trying to spread). Amelioration and economic uplift was the secondary point. Primary point was Islam.

      Why I referred here “Gen. Zia” because using the name of Islam he powered these “Mullas”. Now we are suffering.

      Why I used word “Khaki” because army is not taking responsibility ( Nori na Nari) of any thing even there ruled this country almost 34 years. After ruling this much years army at least take responsibility of something, and now even want to change the ideology of Pakistan.

  • Amir Rana  On January 21, 2011 at 2:48 am

    Dear fellows, lets not get personal here. I think there are no two views on how army has put this country in various troubles (especially playing as the front force to protect US interests in the region). But on neutral grounds, we should not put all the blame on army. The whole bunch of our ruling elite is directly or indirectly part of this system of exploitation. Army takes the largest load due to its more than desired involvement in all the strategic affairs of the country and of course their role as factual ruling party of the country for last six decades.

    On the other side, in my opinion, what Col. Sb. means by reading the history correctly is to see the other side of this picture, which is itself not a point of view without weight. The point of view that creation of Pakistan was in fact a conspiracy to divide the concentration of 50 % of overall Muslim population on this planet. It was highly unlikely that a country consisting of two distant parts, divided by thousands of kilometers of an enemy country, could stay together in foreseeable future. The creation of Pakistan minly benefitted the ruling class who had enormous powers and a land of opportunities to be used for their economic and financial well being. As per this point of view, there was no independence but simply a shift of MASTER from Britain to US. Yes they ruled us with remote controls instead of planting viceroys. Majority of our decision makers have acted upon their MASTER’s VOICE with great faithfulness (which was also highlighted by US papers in recent past by showing Pakistan as a dog being directed by G. Bush to attack the next target after taking the bone as reward for previous performance). All these facts cannot be denied vehemently. Some more weight is put through the fact that after a few years of its coming into being, Pakistan got trapped through agencies like IMF. And now our Masters have decided to take direct charge of the affairs by getting themselves involved in our decision making at micro level (e.g, Kerry Loogar bill and Hillary’s recent comments on reversal of increae in oil prices). Above all, just imagine that Zardari is our president….. and that too an elected one….. through so called democratic process. I can quote hundreds of examples in this regard to show how powerless the people of Pakistan are, but I think a majority of us knows all this (some may however close their eyes to avoid the cat).

    So what we have got through independence? Could we be better if division of sub-continent did not take place? I think these questions are irrelevant now. Despite the fact that the aforesaid point of view carries a lot of weight, it is also a fact that we cannot move the wheel of history backwards. We do have a country which is full of natural resources and talented people. The million dollar question here is how to break the shackles? We cannot move forward unless we as a nation decide to come out of foreign influence. We have to become Masters of our own destiny. We have to STOP playing as a DOG (or bitch to be more exact in these days)….. How we can do it? There is no other way but to take a firm stance and say NO to US and even to China (the prospective MASTR of us in future). Come what may….. Let them declare the country insolvent. Let them impose the so called sanctions. These things will effect very little to the common man of this country. The ruling elite would however be at the losing end which they don’t want to. In longer run, we’ll have to see the things in broader perspective by looking for the renaissance of Muslims as an Ummah. Keeping this longer perspective aside, even in short run, we must realise that THIS WORLD NEEDS US (PAKISTAN) MORE THAN HOW MUCH WE NEED THIS WORLD. The decision is ours as to how quick we realize this fact. The process would be easier if our army realizes this fact and as a first step stops this so called war on terror (which if continued, will definitely break this country down in more pieces). We blame army more because, from deep inside our heart, we EXPECT a lot from them.


  • Tanvir Ahmed Siddiqui  On January 21, 2011 at 7:04 am

    I wish things could be really that Simple and easy as so defnsibly advoacted and explained by my favorit Celebrity Dramatist, writer, director, actor and showman Mr. Naeem Tahir in his personal likeness and support of Mr Good PM. If our good Genl.Gallant Commando is really so neat, clean and innocent why he striked that NROised deal of safe exit from his impeachent? Why today He is on a Run Around from pillar to Post for his generalised Mercy? Why today not a single of his stalwart from that so long line of his Uniformed and Civil poodles who capitalized on his every single tactical step and stretagic move for over a decade is today anyone not seen standing beside or at his back? Why today in loss of his own influence he is unable to find even his own shadow around him? Time may answer all these questions sooner or later.

  • Habib  On January 21, 2011 at 8:45 am

    Bravo Naeem Tahir for reminding this ever forgetful and ‘oblivious to
    the truth’ nation as to what actually happened and how the Pakistanis
    were saved by Musharraf in his unprecedented, ground breaking action
    against enemies of the state.
    Many will still remain in denial in their blind love for CJ and
    misplaced hatred for Mush despite his extra-ordinary courage to take
    on the Talibans and the Mullas…..,even as this was indeed an act
    that they themselves have been supporting vociferously all the time in
    their writings and wishes. Do they not see the contradiction in their
    talk and attitude here? This is sheer trading of conscience .

  • Tariq  On January 21, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    Take off the tainted glasses then you will see PM with all his all
    pluses and minuses.
    He is human and he did made mistakes, not looted the Exchequer with abandon like
    the criminal mafia sitting in Islamabad, and its supporters in and out
    of government,
    forming a fr

  • ID  On January 21, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    PM is a lost cause, a waste of time and effort to dwell upon. This really shows the nation’s, and all of us more than others, the dearth of suitable leadership within thecountry (Qehat-e-Rajaal). How can such people aspire to develop even a reasonably stable statehood. In fact, the reason for lack of stablised, relevant, and progressive institutions becomes apparent. Mush was done in by his actions and lack of foresight. Bravado can only take one to a point and when exposed is just that – bravado. The requirement to deal with Bugti and Lal Masjid problems is not in question. The methodology he adopted is. And that was of poor quality. So let him be. Don’t beat a dead horse. Move forward. There are enough good people in Pakistan, we only must create the means to bring them in light and to let them play their due role. Imran is one in view. Kaisar Bengali is another. Talat of Aaj TV also. Shabbir A Khan of RMWO. These can assure you dynamically functional, progressive and corruption-free institutions.

  • Tanvir  On January 21, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    TH Bhaaee: I am sorry i cannot afford to be personal with PM..Kahan
    Gungoo tailee Kahaan Raja Bhoaj?..My glasses may require time to time
    cleanliness but still remain clear enough to look around ofcourse with
    my own mindset. Atleast you have acknowledged that he is Human with
    all minuses and pluses. As per your opinion He commited just Mistakes
    but for Most, He Commited inexcusable Blunders that took Thousands
    and Thousands of Lives and still making the livelyhood miserable. You
    also said that “He not looted the ExChequer with abondon like
    others”…But in my opinion He and His cronies did not lag much
    behind. I wish He comes back ASEAP to get the real adjudgement WHO
    ACTUALLY FROM THEM ALL WON THE COMPETITION of loot, plunder, nepotism,
    tyranny,fraud, theft, embazzlement, ?

  • Tanvir Ahmed Siddiqui  On January 22, 2011 at 5:18 am

    In my opinion This whole gory drama full of controversies of highest order is yet another glaring example of incompetence, miscalculations, under and over estimations mismanagement and ill command. The main problem remained with PM throughout his tenure of seat on levers of absolute power and prerogatives that He dealt with every single issue persistently and merely through his personal ego. He always claimed at every forum that “He does not believe in sharing of his power and command”. Therefore it is ironically illogical to tell that Behind Walls of Laal Masjid at any stage He remained off board from so many developments in His name that converted the whole issue into a mess.

  • Shamim Siddiqi  On January 22, 2011 at 5:38 am

    Dear Br Jafri, Assalamu Alaikum

    The controversy that you are raising about the ideology of Pakistan is baseless, illogical, and far from truth. Just Kindly think what I am putting below for all of you as the matter of facts:

    *I was born earlier than your birth in 1928 in Central UP and voted for Pakistan in March 1946. Just think what interest people like me could have from the minority provinces of India except that Pakistan will be an Islamic State, the life long dream and desire of a Muslim. Do you please understand it?

    *. The only slogan that Muslim League was chanting in India from Raskumari to Naipal and from Assam to NWFP was “Pakistan ke Ma’ni Kiya? – La Ilaha Ilallah”. Do you please understand what it connotes? Kindly think like a Muslim not like some secular idiot journalist. This is my humble request to you all.

    *Have you please studied about Allamah Iqbal and his Khutba of Ilahabad and his vision about Pakistan? Was he not much more educated, qualified, modern and visionary than all of you? He knew the West and its secular values better than all of you. If it is so, you better keep quite and don’t deny your own history. History and your progenies will laugh at you and say: What idiots these Pakistanis were, they fought for Pakistan, gave immense sacrifices in blood and wealth for its ideology and then gave it up for some material gains!!! They are the wisest fools of “Christendom”.

    We have given hell of sacrifices in acquiring Pakistan as “Laboratory for Islam” . We will NOT let you destroy it for your aimless, freelancing, red & brown & bottomless journalism.

    You are already 81, Better please modify yourself as a true Muslim and proceed to Allah, He will forgive you all if you regret sincerely and struggle now onward for the safety and integrity of Pakistan. This is the least that a Muslim can expect from a Muslim brother.

    *You must always be always watchful that India sitting at our boarders is waiting very impatiently to fulfil her everlasting dream of Akhand Bharat. Do you please understand: What it means? Please don’t play in the hands of our enemies.


    Shamim Siddiqi

  • Bajwa  On January 22, 2011 at 5:39 am

    Pakistan was inevitable because Hindus wanted to liberate themselves after years of bondage. They did,t like to have a partner, and that was quite natural. Gandhi’s ideology was pure Hindu, and that estranged Muslims.Nehru pretended but he was not like the great South African leader. He could’t conceive of a constitutional compromise on the American pattern. American Constitutional Law is not taught at the British Inns. He and Patel, according to Lord Ismay, quite happy to let the mischievous Muslims get lost with their Pakistan. In any case in a United India UP could not rule and if UP could not rule Nehrus could not govern.

    The bottom line is that creation of Pakistan was a just like the age old conflict between divergent communities. Look at Europe. How they got divided despite having the same religion and how the Arabs are.

    The fundamental problem for Pakistanis to ponder is that Pakistan through its creation got stuck in the great game in which all small countries surrounded by big ones are caught.That is the existential fact of our life. Visits to “History” or display of religiosity is not going to sort this dilemma out for us.

    This requires some strategic thinking.


  • Tanvir Ahmed Siddiqui  On January 22, 2011 at 5:44 am

    As like so many other bitter and sweet realities MMM i.e. Mullah Mosque and Mudrissah are also major realities of Pakistan. Therefore bashing them, abusing them slurring them, insulting them, humiliating them is no help at all. On the other side all those in freedom of their own life styles who believe in another set of MMM i.e. Mauj Maila Mustee must not behave like a red rag in provocation. These days Liberal extremists intentionally behaving like a red rag for Religious Extremists and getting stuck in the loop.

  • Shakeel Cheema  On January 22, 2011 at 11:16 am

    Dear Col. Sb,

    These are not the columns which was have sent. There are some good columns which are written on the base “What kind of Pakistan, Quaid looking for, Secular or Islamic. Those columns are written before thse columns. I am sure you have read those columns. If did not please let me know, I will send you th links.Why I am not send links now, I have to search for it.

    As far as your claim that Pakistan was never been slave country. Col. Sb. you know batter. We are slave, we bow down our head, even I should say we lay down upside down on a single phone call. If some body dare to sand up, salve of masters hang him up and made him example (you know whom I am referring to, Henry Kissinger said to Bhutto) What did with our hero Dr. Qadeer, who said to do this? Do you think that Dr. Qadeer was so powerful that he can take C-130 to ……..Even then we are saying that Pakistan was never been slave. Now style is different. Before partition masters were here but now masters are in their own country they he pets here in their slave county.

    But every body is the part of problem, no body is part of solution. Yes, solution is only one. See the history, things were good enough when General were in civilian control. Living example is Bangladesh. She got rid of their army power (how, you know), now they are on their way. Just see 1US dollar is 71 Takka where it is equal to 85 Rupees. Please don’t say that now we have democracy, do you think that this is our real leadership, all this leadership is planted by our agencies.
    Again, I will repeat that army ruled this country more than civilians, atleast they should take responsibility of bad doings.

    This is my last mail on this topic. I will not reply more because emotions are getting higher and higher. Yes,you can mail personally I will answer. One request to Mr. Kaukab, Please don’t use harsh language, whole world is listening.

    Shakeel Ashraf Cheema


  • By Set Armies Of Grown Men on January 19, 2011 at 1:35 am

    […] Behind the walls of the Laal Masjid « Pakpotpourri2's Blog Abdul Aziz remained the official khatib of the masjid until he was removed in 2005 for issuing a controversial fatwa stating no Pakistani Army officer could be given an Islamic burial if died fighting the Taliban. Then happened the Lal Masjid terrorist's raid on a Chinese beauty parlor. The raiders man- handled the Chinese men and women and abducted them. The situation had grown to international proportions. Civil society and Media were pressing for some action. […]

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