America’s ‘Roodle’

Humayun Gauhar

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is supposed to have said of Rafael Trujillo the odious Dominican dictator: “I know he’s a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.”

Many countries have dogs of pure breeds. France has the Poodle, Germany the Rottweiler. Poodles come in three sizes: the smallest is the Toy Poodle, the largest a sheepdog. The Toy Poodle is a lap dog, a favourite of fat-rich ladies. The Rottweiler is a very powerful dog used for cattle herding; in Holland it was used as a drover’s dog to pull carts. It is fearsome and can be unpredictable if badly bred, as it more often than not is in countries where it does not originate because of the limited gene pool. The demand from complexed, chippy men (as in ‘chip on the shoulder’) who are diminutive in all respects (if you get my drift) to create a macho image – they become extensions of their Rottweilers adds to the problem. For the record, a ‘pye’ is a dog with many fathers and is of indeterminate pedigree, a mixture of many breeds.

We are concerned here with are mongrels. A mongrel is a cross between two pure breeds. America crossed the Toy Poodle with the Rottweiler and produced a mongrel of its own. While its kennels are in the nurseries of Third World militaries, the pup often goes for specialist training to America. They considered calling it ‘Poo-Rott’ but thought it might be considered vulgar, what with ‘rot’ attached to ‘poo’. How about ‘Pottweiler’? No, that has ‘pot’ in it, too close to ‘poo’. So they settled on ‘Roodle’. This is not scientific breeding; it’s political breeding.

A Roodle’s special characteristics are that while it is America’s lapdog, it strikes terror in the hearts of its owners and even attacks them when commanded. America plants its Roodles in Third World countries it wishes to control. Roodles are unpopular rulers of whatever hue, ‘elected’ or otherwise. Their consideration is that they can plunder their national wealth (which they usually stash away in US banks) and also their people’s rights. It’s done for ‘control’ in the name of ‘peace and stability’ – the sort you find in a graveyard.

When a Roodle becomes old and ineffective and loses its dentures (it has no real teeth), it is of no use to America. Let old Henry tell you. Remember Kissinger who said: “There is no morality in relations between states, only self interest”? He also stated, remarkably truthfully, that, “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.” When the Roodle, bred to think that America is its friend, becomes too old to deliver, it is discarded (other Roodles please note). Then it is either put down or placed in a pound for abandoned dogs. Too late, understanding finally dawns: it is fatal to be America’s friend. It is a user. It gives ‘aid’ to enslave countries in chains of debt.

New Roodles are always ready and trained to replace the old ones. America peddles ‘democracy’ if it is sure that elections will deliver Roodles while knowing that show-window democracy almost always puts the country into greater retrogression. If elections misfire and Roodles are not elected – like Ahmedinejad and Hamas – it isn’t democracy at all. Then they foist military rule on the country led by Roodles. And if that is also not possible, they conquer and ‘liberate’ – the ‘White Man’s Burden’, what? Afghanistan and Iraq spring to mind.

So before you get excited about ‘revolutions’ led by its middle class youth with demands that mean nothing to the wretchedly poor, pray pause. They may be nothing more than bourgeois uprisings, to use Marxist terminology, unwittingly helping America to replace the old Roodle with the new one. This may have just happened in Egypt –bourgeois uprisings of educated, middle class youth, mostly professionals, joined by the media, labour (sometimes) but never by the lumpen proletariat from urban ghettos or the rural proletariat. The proletariat’s are the real issues: solving them requires upturning the status quo, which would be a real revolution. Come to think of it, the educated middle class has always led revolutions; the imperative is to co-opt the poor. Else they remain uprisings.

This is in no way meant to mock or belittle the protesters in Egypt: bourgeois or not, they are so highly motivated because they are genuine. It was authentic people power. But that does not necessarily mean that the protestors knew whose interests they might unwittingly be serving? How are they to know if they are led by people acting as some power’s pawns, foreign or domestic or both. Usually it is both, because America has also insinuated its lesser Roodles into organizations and institutions that matter – many people from the elite are their informers. Only one Roodle can be champion; that is the one that is placed at the top. The also-rans get into private and public sector institutions. Like America has the best junk food in the world, it also has the best junk rulers – the Roodles.

“The Egyptian people have found their voice after 5,000 years,” say the media-infesting wiseacres. Bullshit. The western media are America’s most potent weapon of mental colonization: while they are ‘free’ at home they slavishly follow their country’s foreign policy, unless it becomes too damaging to their own ‘credibility’, like America’s false war on Iraq. Didn’t they have a voice when Nasser was president? If his successors betrayed his legacy, that doesn’t mean that the Egyptians had lost their voice? For 18 days they said it with slogans, imprisonment and blood.

Egypt is one of the greatest countries of the world, one of the cradles of civilization with a history spanning seven millennia. It is the political and intellectual epicenter of the Arab world. The outcome of this uprising remains uncertain: too early to say whether it will lead only to regime change or a revolution that upturns the repressive and inequitable status quo. Either way, at least some of the Egyptian people will be better off. But even a half-baked Egyptian revolution will engulf the entire region. That’s terrible for America and Israel, to be surrounded by a ring of fire. What then? Another world war?

 (The writer is a weekly columnist for a national newspaper & a political commentator).

NOTE:This is a cross post.

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  • Archie Haase  On February 12, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    I think Obama much of the time a weak man with a deep voice. Many Americans might look at this Egyptian revolution and make a connection to their Christian new testament in the bible talking about the end of times. Lets hope American foreign policy takes a secular route.

  • Tanvir Ahmed Siddiqui  On February 12, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    Standing high hands ovation on such a Nice effort of Mr. Learned Writer of this article, who has in a way proved himself a real Roodle and a Poodle. Nice attempt Sir, not only to belittle but to insult and dilute the effect and make sarcastic fun and laughter out of a real indeginous home made, home grown movement and sacrifices of Eygyptians. Nice effort only to prove the acuman of your high intellect mainly about pedigree and reproduction science of Dogs.I am sorry Mr. great writer of this time that your effort is simply to spread a sheet and mist of confusion and uncertainity on glaring clarity.They have achieved first magnificiant mile stone of their success. They are totally out of that fear of loss and zone of their personal comforts. I affirmly believe that Now their is no looking back for them but to move ahead to make their all dreams come true…Why your Master Obama was compelled to admit to the world last night that Eygyptians have not only changed Eygypt but they have changed the world?

  • S U Turkman  On February 13, 2011 at 2:47 am

    HUMAYON wrote: “It (USA) gives ‘aid’ to enslave countries in chains of debt”
    TURKMAN: Question:
    * When was Charity of US Aid given as Debt and not free to any country? * Which Loan of USA, Pakistan has paid back since 1955 that its in ‘Chain of Debt’?
    * If its really Slavery of USA to have free Charity of Aid and Loans, why Pakistan has not stopped begging since 1953 and pay all Loans of rich countries of the world back and get out of this so called Slavery instead of keep begging USA and other countries of the world to write it off but keep begging for more?
    * Japan and all Non Communist countries of Europe had received free US Aid and Loans after WW II. Are all of them Slaves of USA?
    * China had received free Charity of US Aid and Loans for a couple of decades also after 1973. Is China a US Slave?
    Hate caused rhetoric and Lies can not change facts.

  • Salman Abbasy  On February 13, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    Humayun Gauhar makes a valid point. The US and Israel have welcomed the installation of Vice President Omar Suleiman who is a military man (like Hosny Mubarak) and intelligence chief with a record of brutality. The Egyptian uprising and change could very easily end up like the student-triggered popular uprising in Pakistan that caused General Ayub Khan to step down in favour of his army chief, General Yahya Khan. The US was Yahya’s great supporter throughout the East Pakistan debacle.

  • S U Turkman  On February 15, 2011 at 8:48 am

    Not according to people in Military under him and books of Gen. Ayub’s Private Secretary Altaf Gouhar and Gen Yahya’s of Private Secretary Aziz Ahmed. Gen. Yahya was so Anti USA that he had gotten Pakistan out of CENTO and SEATO. Soviet Literature was distributed amongst Military Officers in Yahya Days because Yahya had wanted good relations with USSR, not China.
    When, Kessinger was on his secret trip to China in Peshawar, he had told on 7th of July, 1971 to Aziz Ahmed because Yahya had refused to see him that …

    “India would attack East Pakistan. I am telling you this because Pakistan was our good friend for last 19 years and we still worry about Pakistan though you had suspended all diplomatic relations with us a few years ago. Now you are at a stage that you have no face left to even ask for our help in this. You should ask China for help”.
    Well, China was asked but she had refused to get involved.
    When Aziz told Yahya all this, he had said, “Americans are our Enemies. Why should we trust their words? Hindu ‘Buniya’ can never dare to do that”
    FACTS thereafter:
    1. In August India signed 25 years Defense Pact with USSR to make sure USA does not come to help Pakistan.
    2. Indian Army started gathering near East Pakistan Border after that.
    3. India started attack and USA announced, she was sending her 7th Fleet to evacuate Americans from East Pakistan but main headline that day in Pakistani Newspapers was sent by Yahya’s Ministry of Information that “USA sending 7th Fleet to help Pakistan”. Ignorant Pakistanis are still asking, “Where is your 7th Fleet America …!”
    4. 90,000 Pak Troops surrendered without firing a Bullet in December 1971 and went to Jails of ‘Buniya’.
    5. For release of her Troops, Pakistan kept begging India for more than 2 years.

  • katie  On February 19, 2011 at 4:49 am

    your good

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