Big Prize? “Raymond Davis” is CIA’s acting Chief in Pakistan

This was published on Rupee News
It seems that “Raymond Davis” is singing like a bird.
In a Mad Hatter’s world, all this would  makes sense. The Nation, one of the largest circulation newspapers with a colossal followin in Pakistan is reporting today that “Raymond Davis” is the Central Intelligence Agencies acting head in Pakistan. This may be the biggest spay scandal in the history of the world, bigger than Gary Powell’s U2-crash, and bigger than any other Cold War and WW2 scandal.
Jawad R Awan in a headline story in the Nation describes “Raymond Allen Davis” as the Second-in-Command to the previous station Chief Jonathan Banks. Jon Banks had to leave Pakistan when  he was outed because of  Karim Khan‘s  petition in the court against him. Karim was a resident of North Waziristan. He had  filed an submitted a FIR (First Incident Report)  against the CIA station chief for the killing of Karim’s brother and son in one of the drone attacks.
According to the Nation “Raymond Davis” took over the responsibilities of Jon carrying out all the tasks previously under the domain of his boss, including gathering information for and directing drone attacks. The Nation’s sources confirmed that  one of the main tasks of Davis was to keep CIA network intact in the tribal agencies as well as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). This would explain “Raymond Davis'” multiple trips to the Afghan-Pakistan border.
This story makes a fool out of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Ambassador Munter and even President Obama who called Mr. “Davis” “our diplomat”. It is very obvious that the CIA does not qualify for diplomatic immunity. A massive operation to rescue “Davis” cannot be ruled out. Now the petition to move him to Lahore Court begins to make a lot of sense.
If the story is true this is explosive stuff.
It is expected that the US will issue an immediate denial–but then leaks wil begin confirming the story.
Apparently “Davis” is addicted to chewing tobacco (‘Naswar’), a common trait in many Western “Cowboy States like Colorado, where Raymond is from, speaks fluent Pukhto and has complete information about the cultures being practiced in all the provinces. According to the report “Raymond Davis” was “monitoring and assisting other operatives gathering information about religious and right-wing organizations (read Jamat e Islami, JUI etc), especially those who take a sharp line against the US or India”. Apparently the US operative was establishing a local network for the CIA in Pakistan by recruiting the locals through various front organizations, of which some were launched in Pakistan and some from other friendly countries of the US in the western world. This seems like a book out of Bob Woodward’s book “Obama’s Wars“–or an article from Rupee News.
Awan’s sources said that Davis was trying to establish a local CIA network in Southern Punjab. In an apparent rebuttal to the criticism of the ISI, Awan clarified that the  security services were ready to thwart any conspiracy against the country hatched locally or internationally. IN some bombastic rhetoric the article said that “the security agencies always exposed the enemies of the state and averted several threats to the security and integrity of the country”. If the Security Agencies were so proactive, “Raymond” would have been identified a while back. On the other hand, maybe the ISI was giving them enough rope to hang himself with. It is now abundantly clear that Mr. “Davis” was being watched, and the CIAs Anti-Pakistan activities were being monitored closely.
The phone calls of Mr. “Davis”  were monitored which has revealed his true identity–already exposed by a local Colorado News station and then reconfirmed the Guardian and the Telegraph of the UK. US papers have ben admonised and have been told not otu out the true identity of Mr. “Raymond Davis”. According to a  local new channel Davis told his family not to worry about him but only pray for him. He said, “I have committed a mistake, and I have realized it.” According to press reports after talking to his family members on the phone, Davis became sad and didn’t even eat chocolates and drinks the US Consulate sent for him.
If the story in the The Nation is true, this arrest of Mr. Davis will fundamentally transform the US-Pakistani relationship. If true, Mr. Davis will not be released ’till the US stops the CIA activities that Mr. “Davis” was involved in. The US has made many blunders in the wrold. If the Nation’s story is true, this is one of the biggest. This wil make the Iranian Revolution look like a Sunday picnic. By Devine intervention, pure happenstance and orchestrated monitoring, the US and Pakistan have come to the inevitable crossroads. Perhaps Tariq Ali was right when he wrote “Pakistan–in the flightpath of American Power”.
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  • Ghayyur Ayub  On February 21, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    Thank you for forwarding such a fascinating news item. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, especially the way ISI trapped RAD in his devious activities in Punjab. Earlier, it trapped CIA chief Mr Banks. I believe ISI is far more superior in its working than its counterparts in the intelligence and counter intelligence world.


  • Inam Khan  On February 21, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    As said earlier TTP is a creation of CIA and it is orchestrating attacks by TTP in Pakistan.Raymond Davis was further spreading his fangs in Southern Punjab but got caught in the act.Americans are still carrying on with their Great Game Plan and they woudn’t stop till they are able to dispossess Pakistan of its nuclear weapons so desperately desired by Israelis.I hope and pray that Americans don’t succeed in their evil designs.
    ……………………………………..Inam Khan

  • Salman Abbasy  On February 21, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    The drone strikes are one American option. According to Bob Woodward’s new book, Obama’s Wars, the CIA manages a lethal band of 3,000 Afghan fighters to infiltrate into Pakistan and attack al-Qaeda’s bases located in safe havens where U.S. troops aren’t allowed to operate. The CIA directs and funds the Afghan kill teams which are the second option. Still another is to outsource “snatch and grab” operations to private security firms like Blackwater. Our guest ‘Raymond Davis’ could be the ‘fixer’ managing all three.

  • Riz  On February 21, 2011 at 5:42 pm

    i very much doubt that a station chief would be out and about this way, and besides he’s too young for that post and for such an important station as pakistan.

  • Cadri  On February 22, 2011 at 1:36 am

    Yet what is the point? Let the law take its course. But why do we not raise a hue and cry over the terrible law and order situation in our cities or highways or just any where. Where are you safe? Why is every body carrying a weapon Sir? Why? There will never be a genuine development if the law and order is as bad as this. Fix this problem Davis or no Davis. Hang him for all I care. But raise a voice against dacoity, loot, plunder and corruption. Lets have zero tolerance to corruption and lawlessness and 100 % tolerance for religious differences.

  • AM  On February 23, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    Hello the wiseguy of gotham code name turkman
    Yes they did not even know that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and yet they continued their activities unabated. Obama was sure that Davis is a diplomat and because of the diplomatic ammunity he should be let go. One Obama does not know that he is lying innocently and secondly he does not know that diplomatic ammunity is not absolute. Actually the americans always speak the truth as does the turkman. It is only us who do not uderstand the truth.
    I am sorry I do not feel the same way of turkman’s hero

    • Ahmed Shaheen  On February 23, 2011 at 5:26 pm

      See the anger and emotions of whole nation against Raymond DEVIL.
      See this video

  • Nasim  On February 23, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    Mumtaz Qadri should be judged on his actions. Any person who takes law in his own hands should face the consequences.

    However these are the legal standards of the West. In Pakistan, people do not obey even simple traffic laws.


  • Arif Khan  On February 23, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    For God’s sake dont Ruin the situation worse than what it already is…. The MMA party are not Educated in World Politics and are driving Pakistan to the Brink of Disaster…We need to act Maturely and with a keen Common sense& Throw emotions out the door….What Izzat ? when you beg for $$$$$ and help from the US and they come through, You say Thank You and be grateful.. Our Airforce academy would have Shut down as we lost all our trainers T37’s to Accidents and too old to fly…Bushgave Musharrf completely Refurbished T37 Dragion fly’s 22 of them in 2008 GRATIS and also 30 Brandnew BellHelicopters to replace the old Rickety French Allouettes which were crashing ..Plus 12 C130’s for free when we only had 2 left the Rest had bben Canniblized to keep the 2 Running….Plus a host of other equipment like the 40 Cobras we had only 20 in which only 6 were actually running, plus 6 free Frigates to the Navy along with 12 anti Submarine Warfare Planes at 230 Million each for FREE also… so we have alot of Ghairat when Obama asks for one Favor we give him as hard TIME???? and our Ghairat suddenly Wakes up from Slumber….. What about the Murderers of Thousands of innocent Pakistanis running FREE in South Punjab and Waziristan…Where is the Ghairat Now????? Arif

  • AM  On February 23, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    Mr Arif
    There are a very few ghairatmands like u who did not want to b baighairat like the rest of Pakistanis and that is why u have taken a refuge in a gharatmand country. And another thing u do not have to rock a cannyon in a dum dum manner when any one answers you – the dou – who are the most intelligent species in the world. U have tried to impress us with ur knowledge of the weapon systems that were given to us – as if these were the most kept secrets that only u know of. Naturally being ex fauji supposedly with the batch mates who are three stars ur IQ levels did not fit in with Pakistan’s. The divine has blessed u with a better brain that is why u ran away from ur country. I am not sure that if u were kicked out from ur service or u deserted.
    I only wish we were ghairat mand that we should have been. I always maintained the decency of an average American but the difference is the rogue Government and the CIA – both heavily influenced by the Zionist lobby. Name me any think tank institution in USA which is not being managed by the Zions. And ofcourse there are a many Pakistanis on their team and the pay roll.
    Both of u have a flair of picking up a subject or two from Islam which is controversial from ur point of view though not from the other muslims and u keep explaining to these poor souls but they do not understand because of the poor IQ levels?!
    The latest is the cousin marriages. As if the special children were born only to such parents and ofcourse there are none in Ur adopted country because they are – in their religion not allowed to get married with cousins(not because the state has banned the cousin marriages). By the same anology the jews who never marry outside their ilk – over a period of two thousand years, with fewer numbers then, should have been the most retarded race. Actually Hitler saw to their increase in population and that is why he decided to reduce them so that they continue to marry within and so continue to be dull with a low IQ??
    And should any one have a relationship with his cousin amounting to incesst – the shortest way is to run to a church and get a certificate of innocence after the confession from a priest. Or commit any sin but then run to the Padri for the divine forgiveness and that be the end all.

    • Arif  On February 24, 2011 at 3:38 pm

      Javed sahib, unless we get a Sincere Leadership and I dont mean the 2 Gunjas but someone like Gamal Abdul Nasser, all what you have said looks very good in theory only Arif

  • Javed Chaushry  On February 24, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    Pakistan is a very resource rich country and has plenty of highly educated people in all sorts of scientific and technological fields. The problem that has persisted for decades is the lack of proper governance, and poor management of resources, both material and human. Pakistan can no longer afford to live on the begging bowl. Quite persistently, many keep reminding us that Pakistan needs USAID to the tune of 1.5 billion dollars. But they always fail to consider how many billions of dollars worth of opportunity of new businesses and exports are lost to receive $1.5b from the US.

    The USAID does not come without strings and every penny of that aid does not get spent on Pakistani public, perhaps a very small portion comes to the public. A portion of that goes to the looters and gets siphoned off to their banks overseas. A portion of that is given to NGOs and we do not know how much of that is used on activities in which people like Davis are involved. Some of this money ends up in the hands of special interest groups to create terrorism, mayhem and instability in the country. Through accepting this aid, Pakistan is digging its own grave. Any one who advocates this aid, cannot be considered a Patriotic Pakistani.

    Unless people realize that it is not in favor of the US and its close allies to allow the third world countries to develop technologically, they will always resist to become independent of the foreign aid. The Americans are not giving aid to Pakistan because they are in love with Pakistanis. Pakistan has to pay back in so many ways, those who only look at the surface of things fail to see the need to become independent. The longer Pakistan stays in this predicament, harder it will be to get out of it, and one day, the result will be the Balkanization of the country.

    Those who profess for Pakistan to stay holding the begging bowl, cannot be friends of Pakistan. In case they sincerely believe that Pakistan cannot survive without the USAID, then, I suppose they need to become knowledgeable about the lack of the resource management and the losses that Pakistan is going through due to the terrorism in the country because of taking part in war on terror and accepting USAID. In order to take this aid, Pakistan has to allow thousands of CIA, Xe operatives who are responsible to fund activities against the interests of Pakistan. The on-going mayhem keeps the country from planning for its industry and the management of natural resources. Currently, there is only one business in Pakistan, that is, the security business. Wherever you go, there are security people, the security companies are mushrooming. The security companies do not generate money for the country, they use the money with no useful output whatsoever. You do not see new dams being constructed, no new power stations are being built. This is the kind of infrastructure Pakistan needs desperately, not the security companies or the war on terror.

    By distancing itself from the so called war on terror, Pakistan will have no problem with TTP and the CIA operatives would be thrown out so the terrorism will naturally disappear which is half the battle that Pakistan has to win today.

    The only reason Washington forced Musharraf to stop the court cases against BB and her husband and create NRO to let them come back was that Washington was no longer satisfied with Musharraf. The US wanted to destroy Pakistan at a rate that Musharraf did not allow and refused to go along with the US on many issues. Under the guise of democracy, the Americans brought in BB and company to serve Washington better than did Musharraf.

    Pakistan is loosing a lot more than what it is receiving in terms of the USAID. It is not a bargain for Pakistan, it will be certainly better off without this aid. Unfortunately, the people who are in position to make big decisions are not interested to think of national interests but only their own personal interests. They will be gone to their foreign hideouts, but Pakistan will be left holding an empty bag.

    The Americans are not going to leave Afghanistan next years, or year after, or even in 5 or 10 years. They are going to be there for good, just as they are going to be in Iraq. The US is the new player for the Great Game which has been tried in the past by Britain as well as the Soviets. America finds it difficult to win, but then, it is equally difficult for it to loose. It is going to stay put unless all the opposition slowly dies out and that would be the American triumph for its pipeline into the Central Asia – its dream for the Great Game.

    The US can stay in Afghanistan for a long time and keep the opposition engaged. America has no problem as it has an easy route established through Pakistan for its supplies to carry out the military activities in Afghanistan. It is now time for Pakistan to review its position and get out of the American war and declare itself neutral from the American war on Afghanistan. It may become a factor for the US to pull out of Afghanistan a bit early. With Pakistan on its disposal, the US may never pull out of Afghanistan.

    The people of Pakistan must ask themselves a question: do they think their rulers are honest, competent and patriotic? If the answer is a NO for any part of the question, they must force the government to get out of the war on terror and hence the USAID. This will of course not be acceptable to the puppets, so time for them to go. Once Pakistan learns to manage its economy properly, it will not need the American aid. Pakistan will do better without the American aid and its puppets running the country.


  • Amir Rana  On February 24, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    Javed Sb, I agree almost 99% with you. The first step we should take is to say a big NO to this so called war on terror. The problem of Pakistan, I know, is a lot more complex and will have no short term solution, but we have to develop some short term measures for survival besides keeping ourselves intact with our long term goals. Nothing of tis could happen unless we decide to stand tall and that too on our own feet. Yes, we are partially paralized, we have long forgotten the meanings of self-respect and self-reliance, we are being poisoned through several dividing factors BUT we still have potential to challenge the enemies, both internal and external and defeat them too.

    Groups like TTP, SSP or whatever are non-issues once we come out of this self-defeating and self-destructive war on terror and focus on solving the basic problems of NWFP, Southern Punjab and Karachi. Any attempts to crush such an uprising has never paid in history. We have had our own experience of 1971. We have to engage them in dialogue because it is not a small minority we are talking about, it is an idiology, and a very strong one too.

    We shall Insha-Allah discuss further on these topics on a serious note, unless someone again jumps in and drags the discussion to a wrong side.


    • Arif  On February 24, 2011 at 3:39 pm

      Amir Raana !!!Amir Raana!!!! Thank God you are NOT in Charge and PPP is… otherwise we would be in deep shit…. although I hate Zardari it seems he is far smarter than you are, sorry buddy but its true..We have a serious problen with Religious NUT jobs like the TTP, The Lashkar e Tiaba, and Lashkar e Jhangvi etc etc and you want to break off with Forces trying to destroy them and want to give these Fundos a LOOSE BERTH!! Are you a 1st cousin Marrage OUTCOME or What? as you are completely out of it??? Please Dont write to me anymore and go rack your brains with somebody else as I dont want to deal with any Relgious NUT JOBS or Fundo sympathiser Thank you and have a great Life with your 72 hoors Arif

      • Amir Rana  On February 24, 2011 at 3:40 pm

        And there he jumps in… as I feared…

        Now I think everyone can understand who is playing who’s game. Who does not want Pakistan to come out of its problems. Who favors a one dimensional crushing of any uprising while his own beloved country never does this their own fanatic groups like Ku Kus Klan, Patriots and Satanists etc. On one side these people admit that what we did in East Pakistan was wrong and on the other propose (even impose) the same medicine which produced deadly results 40 years back. They don’t realize that it is a matter concering two full fledged provinces and is not about a bunch of people. They declare everything a conspiracy theory which tries to unveil US involvement in creating unrest and getting Muslims fight with each other and if a rational mind tries to develop some sort of long term solution, they write off all such efforts just calling it BS or craziness of some FUNDOS. They can’t even give it a try to understand what the other person is trying to say. A typical US mindset, which demands a YES everytime no matter how stupid their ideas might be. (A typical comment on this sentence from those would be “OH YES, THAT’S WHY US IS SO POWERFUL AND RULING THIS WORLD AND YOU LOW-LIFES ARE CRAWLING). Just look at the problems world is facing since last 70 years or so and judge whether US is part (or cause) of problem or solution? They won’t admit mistakes which even US heads of state have admitted. One of those (I don’t remember who) in his previous emails even went to the extent to justify Heroshima and Nagasaki fiasco for which US, as a state has apologized. Worst sort of tunnel vision and rigid approach could not have been defined any better.

        NOW IT IS MY SUGGESTION TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS OF THIS BLOG EITHER TO ASK THESE TWO TO COME TO THEIR SENSES OR REFRAIN FROM JUMPING INTO EVERY DISCUSSION. I shall try me best also not to respond to any of their posts and shall also consider to block their addresses to at least avoid any direct BS from their brillient brains. If none of this works, I shall withdraw myself from all the forum discussions and shall only communicate individually with those who talk some sense.


  • Javed Chaudhry  On February 25, 2011 at 1:17 am

    Amir Rana Sahib,

    The situation in Pakistan may be bad and difficult to fix for ordinary citizens, but it is neither complex nor hard to understand as to what is exactly going on and who is doing what to harm the country.

    Pakistan is engaged in a covert war – the war on terror is, in fact, the war against Pakistan. It is not war on terror, it is war of terror, designed to destabilize Pakistan under the guise of fighting against Al-Qaida. Al Qaida does not exist as an entity, but it is created by CIA by burning the candle on both ends. On the one hand the US tells Pakistan to take military action on FATA; on the other, CIA funds bad elements exploiting their religious or political ideology to fight against Pakistan. (Davis is only one that got caught doing it, there are many more in Pakistan serving CIA). The result is the creation of extremist groups to start a civil war like environment. The groups like TTP and other extremists have been created with American funds by CIA to create mayhem and destabilize the country.

    In order to fight a war, you must identify the enemy, its capabilities and strategies. Also, one must know ones own weaknesses. Pakistan’s weaknesses are plenty, the important and pertinent ones are:

    Pakistan does not have a patriotic government. It is being ruled by puppets, who do not care for Pakistan’s well being. Their interest lie elsewhere; personal gains at the cost of national security. Look at the fact how they had allowed CIA/Xe agents into the country to create trouble as they did in Iraq.
    The poverty and the illiteracy is another major problem in Pakistan. It is quite easy for the foreign agents to bribe a few local leaders to exploit on sectarian and ethnic grounds and start violence at large scale. The low level sectarian and ethnic problems have always existed in Pakistan and in some ways, similar disparities exist throughout the world in every society. But poverty, coupled with illiteracy is a strong catalyst to be exploited by the foreign agents to fund terrorism. Once it gets going, there is no end to it it acquires a life of its own. That is what you see happening in Pakistan. It’s the carbon copy of what was done in Iraq.

    People should read up on the tactics of CIA how they created similar mayhem in South America, years ago. There are many books available on CIA and their tactics.

    As I have said above, the problem is known as well its solution, but it may not be easy to implement any solution. What they did in Tunisia and Egypt may be one of those ways to bring the necessary changes. The army will not enter this arena at this time because of several reasons. This gives additional protections to the compradors ruling the country.

    The sham democracy and American puppets need to be removed as the first step of the solution. The next step would be to remove all the CIA/Xe agents from the country.

    A partyless election would be the next step to be implemented. I have discussed it elsewhere.


  • Javed Chaudhry  On February 25, 2011 at 1:17 am

    Arif Sahib,
    I agree with you, Pakistan needs sincere leadership. Not only sincere but also competent, well read and intelligent and aware of other nations, their histories. A group of people who come across trust worthy and upright not only within Pakistan but also worthy of international respect when they go out to meet their counterparts in other countries. Pakistan’s current politicians and self proclaiming leaders are the product of the feudal system that got itself entrenched into Pakistani life right from the partition in 1947.

    The fallacious Pakistani democratic system in place today is so weird that it allows the president to be not only a partisan but also the owner of a political party in a parliamentary system. This means, the party that holds both PM office and the presidency can rule autocratically. Same goes for the provincial governors’ positions.

    Furthermore, the way the political horse trading (elections) takes place, no one can run and win independently, chances for that are extremely slim, if not totally impossible. Every one has to be a member of one of the political stable (party). The current system is only suitable for those who have billions of rupees to invest into the election campaign and then recover the expenses through corruption. When a senior official engages in corruption, he needs dozens more around him to be complicit – it’s an unbroken chain of corruption that goes from top to the bottom. The present political system in itself a huge source of corruption.

    The political system and the method of election currently used in Pakistan cannot bring a result better than already existed during the last six decades. Pakistan needs to think outside the box. All the present political parties need to be sent home and a new system of bringing good people to serve and develop the country has got to be engaged.


    • AM  On February 25, 2011 at 12:55 pm

      Mr Javed
      What u said in ur write up regarding the creation of TTP by colones of R Davis is what had been said by the public all along – only that the Govt who should have known of it never was inclined to understand the gravity of the situation – advertantly or inadvertantly.
      The latest news is that CIA has been told to wind up all its activities, re-xport all CIA fellows whose visas was got stamped by stooges like Haqqani. Who ever will be found thereafter will be dealt in accordance with the Law of the land ( meaning will be treated as spies and done with).

      • Javed Chaudhry  On February 25, 2011 at 12:55 pm

        Thank you for your concurrence on this matter, Malik Sahib.
        I have been screaming on this issue for a long time. A couple of years ago, I wrote couple of letters to Dawn, they did print my letters but much of them was edited out. At any rate, I know the American psyche very well and I know what direction the world has taken after the demise of the Soviet Union.
        The Pakistani government is not really much of the government, they are only the “rulers”. They want to rule for personal jollies and the opportunity for additional loot. I keep talking about the sensitive matters because I feel for the country like a father feels for his children.


  • Nasim  On February 26, 2011 at 3:11 am

    America also had vast resources five hundred years ago. At that time oil, coal and gold all were there. However native Americans or Red Indians never exploited anything and the country remained as it was for thousands of years.

    Compare that with Japan, Korea, Singhapore, Netherland and Switzerland that do not have resources that Pakistan enjoys. However these countries have leaders. These people transformed their countries.

    So it is always the people who make the difference and not resources.

    Pakistan does not have any future under the current crop of leaders. These people simply do not have the vision. If Pakistani people again vote the same people then they will get the same results.

    Let there be no illusion about Prosperous Pakistan unless the people reject all of these corrupt leaders.


  • Pervez Amin  On February 26, 2011 at 3:53 am

    A sparrow is not an eagle. Don’t expect our sparrows to do better. They have tried and failed enough times to convince anyone with ability to judge a person’s worth. Are we all lacking that ability?

    Parvez Amin

  • Javed Chaudhry  On February 26, 2011 at 3:54 am

    I think we are lacking that ability. If not, then, why do we see the same jokers in the parliament season after season? They are preoccupied in their own fights, bickering and arguments that they totally forget why are they there. How about if they hold the next election but no one shows up at the polling station to vote. Wouldn’t that be some thing?


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  • By World Spinner on February 21, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    Big Prize? “Raymond Davis” is CIA's acting Chief in Pakistan ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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