Lessons to Raymond Davis Release

By:Lt Col Zaheerul Hassan (Retd)  

On March 16, 2011 Additional Session Judge set free CIA contractor Raymond Davis, who was arrested for killing of two Pakistanis on Jail Road, Lahore, after payment of blood money (Diyat) in accordance with Sharia law of Pakistan.

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah confirmed the release of Davis and said that the family members of the murdered men appeared in the court and pardoned the US citizen after concluding of the agreement with US government.

The arrest of Raymond put heavy pressure on the government; as a result already deteriorated US-Pak relations became further tense when Islamabad refused to accept US contention over Davis status of enjoying diplomatic immunity. US government postponed high officials’ talks which were scheduled to be held in February 2011.

John Kerry and newly appointed US ambassador for South Asia visited Pakistan and met top level civilian and military leadership but failed to convince them for the release of Davis on the pretext of diplomatic immunity. Davis remained in jail for over one and a half month.

Any how, Davis has been released and probably flown to Afghanistan for further transportation to America.   But unfortunately, the case of third killed boy Obaidur Rehman, who has been crushed by another vehicle, is still undecided.

In this regard, US embassy has not produced those three persons and vehicle which were involved in the incident.  According to the media, John Kerry paid thank to Pakistani government for assisting in release of Davis.

His statement seems to be a deliberate attempt to put Pakistani government in embarrassing situation, since the Pakistani political leadership always claimed here that Raymond Davis case will be decided by the court.

Thus, question arises whether the court has taken an independent decision or has given verdict under the influence of Punjab government. However, the local masses in various cities have started the protest against the release of Raymond Davis.

Pakistani intelligentsia got alert when on January 27, 2011 local police have recovered a Glock pistol, four loaded magazines, a GPS navigation system and a small telescope from Davis’ car. The further investigations totally unveiled the CIA malicious activities in Pakistan which reportedly become the cause of strain relation between the top most agencies of two countries.

The arrest of Davis have also uncovered that there is a proper spying network operating in Pakistan and on the mission of creating instability. Reportedly, in this connection numbers of foreigners have been arrested by the local security agencies.

The concerned authorities have also prepared the data base of foreigners visiting Pakistan. In future, there is need to have proper recording of foreigners’ entrance and their getting out of the country.

There is requirement to keep embassies and their employees under proper surveillance for avoidance of any mishap in future. Pakistani ambassador sitting in US should also take proper clearance from the concern security agencies before issuing of visa to any foreigner.

Reportedly, over 3000 visas have been issued such type of suspected Americans agents without the knowledge of Pakistani security agencies. Now, it is the time to evaluate the system and remove the flaws and bugs in the case of foreigners’ activities after entering in the country.

At the same time, US should also learn the lessons from Davis case. She has to control CIA’s malicious activities in other countries, failing which her agency will keep on putting her political leadership in embarrassing situation again.

It is mentionable here that Wikileaks have already exposed the US embassies’ illegal actions and involvement of their employees in spying of the host countries.  Thus instead of pressurizing other countries after occurrence of under discussion case, the congress members should take proactive actions against unlawful, immoral and unethical activities of CIA and its agents.

To revive the trust between frontline allies, Washington should investigate the case of Mr. Davis and punish the culprits who have already been flown to America. There is also a dire need to give fresh date of already postponed high official talks immediately for resolving Afghan issue.

The writer is a defence and international relations analyst.

NOTE:This is a cross post from MTT-KAC blog.





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  • BS Detector  On March 17, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    I have a solution in regards to the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. How about getting new US Think Tanks involved in solutions having something to do with peace, not something to do with corporate profit.

  • Faisal Malik  On March 17, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    its funny, how swift was “justice” done and the covert-op expert swept away to Afganistan and then to U.S.

    if an ordinary person was caught with even an illegal firearm, he’d still be waiting for a date in court, let alone a verdict…….(provided he didnt pay the bribe on the spot and avoid any legal proceedings)

    no espionage charges. (even with all the proofs in image and video form on him when he was arrested………call logs tracing back to waziristan…..possibly to the U.S funded jaali taliban.

    ISI and CL(ack)IA struck a deal just before this verdict…….a coincidence?? i don’t think so.

    it was a done deal.

    U.S got its spying terrorist back.

    victims’ families got diyat paid to them.

    government got curses and threats.

    U.S. funded jaali taliban got more reason to spread terrorism.


    more promises from the snake that has been biting us since Pak land’s establishment in ’47.

    • S U Turkman  On March 18, 2011 at 7:28 am

      MALIK: its funny, how swift was “justice” done and the covert-op expert swept away to Afganistan and then to U.S.
      TURKMAN: Thanks for letting us know ‘KhooN Bahaa’ Law of Islam is funny.
      no espionage charges. (even with all the proofs in image and video form on him when he was arrested………call logs tracing back to waziristan…..possibly to the U.S funded jaali taliban.
      Because Espionage Charges were fake. Taking Pictures or making videos is no Crime unless posted by authorities on sites prohibited. Call logs prove, he could have been trying to infiltrate in to Taliban Network. There are no US Funded Taliban in Waziristan because they are the ones, who have been killing US Soldiers. All Taliban are Pak Army funded.


      more promises from the snake that has been biting us since Pak land’s establishment in ’47.
      TURKMAN: Pakistan had become a friend of USA only in 1951, not in 1947 to get Charity of Arms and Weapons for her 16 Tank Army. This Snake built your Armed Forces and their Bases. Fed you since 1953 for free. Gave you loans since 1955. Saved your country from India 4 times, thankless Liar …!

  • Salman Abbasy  On March 18, 2011 at 1:05 am

    Pakistanis got a vicious US drone attack that killed 40 people. Pakistan government got egg on its face. Pakistan army and ISI got to reassert their lead role in defining the relationship with the US.

    • S U Turkman  On March 18, 2011 at 7:29 am

      That’s right. Lets go to war with USA and attack New York …!

  • Rafiq Mian  On March 18, 2011 at 11:41 am

    The writer of this article is a man in the street – displaying opinion vis-à-vis an individual. The occurrence though has been carried out at the national level and more or so global level. An individual thinks from the perspective of an individual’s passion. Governments of countries on the other hand are not human and do not believe in passion. They have national interests. They can be severely self serving and crooked too. Which perhaps is our fait? But then there they are – we chose them !

    I bet you – you will choose them again.

    So, help us God !!!!!

  • binäre optionen  On May 3, 2014 at 8:59 pm

    What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious experience about unpredicted emotions.

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