Libyan Intervention: Human Rights War or Resource Grab?

By: Paul Wolf   

The recent attack on Libya by the US, UK and France surprised nearly everyone with the speed with which it was authorized and executed. Although hard data on what’s actually going on is scarce, what is clear is that after non-violent protests in Tripoli were met with the murder of a large number of protesters, an armed rebellion began which includes some members of the Libyan armed forces, who are primarily located in the eastern part of the country. The Libyan army and air force responded fiercely, and within the last week, began to rout the rebels in town after town, finally approaching the city of Benghazi, which as of this writing, is still in rebel hands.


Although the UN authorization is based on the premise that civilians are under attack, clearly, the rebels are armed and an armed conflict is underway.  The Libyan government has the right, as a sovereign nation, to put down the armed rebellion, even if it did not have the right to kill the innocent protesters.


It’s actions should be guided by the principle of proportionality. That is, efforts must be made to minimize the harm to innocent people, or collateral damage, as it is known in the West. The Libyan opposition are classified as rebels.  They cannot be not considered insurgents, due to short length of time they have been in conflict, their lack of control over significant territory, and other factors, such as a lack of military structure, uniforms, and so forth. As such – and whatever one may think of the justness of their cause – they have no special legal status and may be treated by the Libyan government as crimnals.


Unlike the invasion of Iraq, this military operation was approved by the UN Security Council, which may, under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, authorize the use of force when it finds, under Article 39 of the Charter, the existence of a threat to peace, a breach of the peace or an act of aggression that puts the lives of people at risk.  The UN’s enforcement powers, under either Chapter 7, or Articles 42 et seq, were meant only as “extrema ratio” – that is, as a last resort.  The so-called “ethic of responsibility,” in other words, is that the remedy should be no worse than the evil, as wars quite often are.


The new age we appear to be in, of liberal wars in pursuit of a humanitarian agenda, has created wars of choice rather than wars of necessity. The basis for such interventions has been, more often than not, sheer power rather than law, and the results are often not good.  They are a return to the medieval concept of a bellum justum (morally justified war), which was replaced by the concept of the bellum legale (legal war) long ago.  It is just the kind of thing the UN was designed to prevent.  As Vladimir Putin recently observed, the concept of a “just war” can easily take on the aspect of a crusade, and in the case of Iraq, a rather disingenuous one. It is almost beyond argument that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was an illegal war of aggression, in that legal grounds for the attack, such as self-defense or Security Council authorization, did not exist.  The “coalition,” then, can at least be given credit for playing by the rules this time in Libya.  The actions taken by the US and its coalition have been, at least up to this point, legal.


It’s important to note, though, how limited the mandate of the UN Security Council is.  It is to ensure peace, not to pass judgments on governments or to replace bad governments with better ones.  The UN’s mission is not to spread democracy.  According to the UN Charter, its role is “the maintenance of international peace and security, and to that end, to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of peace, and to bring about, by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of peace …” Article 39 of the Charter states that its purpose is not to maintain or restore law, but merely to maintain and restore peace.


So, when US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says that “the first and overwhelmingly urgent action is to end the violence,” but that “a final result of any negotiations would have to be the decision by Colonel Gaddafi to leave,” it should be clear this exceeds the UN’s authorization to end the conflict, and is in pursuit America’s own objective of eliminating an old adversary.


This is, of course, to take America’s motives at face value.  It must be said that most of the Libyan population lives in the western part of the country, and most of the oil is in the east.  Oil and gas account for 97 percent of Libya’s export earnings and 90 percent of government revenue, according to the International Monetary Fund.  American and British media are already referring to eastern Libya as “disputed territory.”  However, there is no legal dispute over this territory, and no legal argument for the partition of the Libyan people from their oil.  The UN’s mandate is to prevent “violations of the territorial integrity of states,” not to facilitate them. The partition of Libya would create yet another place in the world destined for permanent war.



Libya Population and Oil Production Map



What else is wrong with this picture?  Well, the coalition are backing a very weak side in a civil war.  How can this possibly be an act of pacifism?  The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that “Egypt’s military has begun shipping arms over the border to Libyan rebels with Washington’s knowledge.” Quoting U.S. and Libyan rebel officials, the newspaper said the shipments were mostly of small arms such as assault rifles and ammunition.


Under Article 53(1) of the Charter, the UN Security Council can utilize regional organizations for enforcement action under its authority or authorize them to take action.  Likewise, the Security Council may authorize individual Member States to resort to armed force.  However, Egypt has no such authorization. Under traditional principles of international law, while aid to an incumbent government does not fall under the scope of international legal norms prohibiting intervention, aid to rebels certainly does.


Military intervention of one state in the affairs of another state, even on humanitarian grounds, is directly opposed to the territorial integrity of states.  For example, in the case of Pakistan, Indian intervention resulted in the secession of East Pakistan/Bengal, and the permanent impairment of the territorial integrity of the Pakistani state.  In the cases of Cambodia and Uganda, interventions resulted in the violent overthrow of the governments of those countries. The idea that a government can be so bad that foreign intervention is justified, and forcible overthrow is legitimate, is extremely dangerous, and would make the existence of various governments around the world dependent on the judgement of their adversaries.


What is in doubt at this time in history is whether the world will over time assume a more humane character or will be characterized by militarism, neoliberal globalization, and imperial forms of coercive control. Such a view of foreign policy, based on ethical principles, depends upon the realist / Machiavellian consensus being discredited as a basis for the conduct of international relations. The crisis in Libya is just the latest test.

(Paul Wolf works with the CNN).



UN General Assembly Declaration on Friendly Relations 2625 (XXV) of 1970, adopted unanimously. (“No State or group of States has the right to intervene, directly or indirectly, for any reason whatever, in the internal or external affairs of any other State.”)


GA Res. 45/150 (1990) (on non intervention)


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  • Bashir A. Syed  On March 22, 2011 at 9:48 am

    Dear Yasmeen Ali:
    ASA! Being a Physical Scientist (Physicist) and not a Biologist, we always consider matter, energy, and motion in a Frame of Reference , and not the fiction like the Darwins Theory of Evolution (Man descended from Apes). A Physicist looks at the Universe (more so by actually working with an agency like NASA) and realizes that there is an Entity which we call God (and Allah in Arabic). HE manages the affairs of the entire Universe and before placing Adam, Eve and Satan on Earth, HE Admonished Adam and Eve to beware of the cunning Iblees (Satan), who was their avowed enemy from the Day of their Creation by Allah till the Day they die up to the end of this world. He provided Books of Guidance to all people through HIS Messengers or Prophets, and a book of Guidance (Quran through Last Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)in which not a single word has been changed by Man like previous Books (Torah and Injeeel) during the past ~ 1499 years. The first nineteen Ayats (2-20) in Surah Baqarah #2, describe Quran as a Book of Guidance (like driver’s manual in life) for those who Believe in one God (Allah) as His frame of Referencce for Life on this planet spent in a Peaceful manner. In those 19 Ayats, (1) 2-5 define Believers, (2) 6&7 define Non-Believers or Atheists, and (3) 8-20 define the Hypocrites.
    And later in Qura’n Surah At-Tariq #86 (the Night Star) Ayat # 13-17, Allah describes what we have been told in the Quran from the time Man was placed on earth, the way Evil people (guided by Iblees) make PLOTS of Schemes, (to create chaos, divide people, and kill each other through wars), whereas ALLAH the Creator of both Man and IBLEES works according to HIS PLAN, to ultimately defeat the “Evil folks” in their Plots and maintains HIS PLAN, which is only a matter of TIME only known to him, for which we are guided through Surah Al-Asr #103, the three Ayats describe the essence of His guidaing message: !. By TIME (since man was placed on Earth), (2) [historically and generally speaking] verily Man is in LOSS , (3) Except those people who have FAITH, and participate in teaching each other about the TRUTH (Existence of a Creator, to whom we shall return after Death to be accountable for our deeds during our life on the planet Earth. and practice being PATIENT (as every event in the world is timed according to Allah’s PLAN – which we also know through Astronomy and Physics ) and CONSTANCY (His Rememberance as prescribed for us in the form daily 5-times prayers) .
    Let us now relate Surah At-Tariq, the plotting of scemes by the Evil folks. After the IRAQ (invasion, and occupation) an article “AFTER IRAQ – what will the Middle East Look like.” by Jeffery Goldberg, on front cover of January 2008. It’s front-cover is posted on the web through following hyper-link: http://www.the
    And to read this 5-page article use the following hyperlink:
    It shows that the evil folks had already Plotted such a scheme two years ago. Just like we saw the Jubilant beginning of IRAQ invasion under the “illusionary title of “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” ( in reality freedom of their souls from their bodies by killing more than a million Iqraqi through “Shock and Awe,” we are now witnessing the Libyan invasion (and only Allah knows the ultimate outcome or its future). One thing is sure that like their previous “PLOTS” to plant the seeds of “New World Order” in the disguise of Democracy assisted by traitors like Ahmed Chalabi, and “Curve Ball,” the “newly induced traitors” using the Internet social groups (like FaceBook, etc). more death and destruction is in the PLOT before “virtual democracy” dawns on the Horizon. The ultimate shape of the new Middle East will be according to the PLAN of our Creator. We have recently seen the application of New World Order by Partition of Sudan in July 2011, into two separate States manufactured by the Masterminds of the New World Order evolution.
    In order to understand current events, the following refrences are essential to learn lessons from History, (the best History from Creation of Man to present and Future is described in the Quran, for Man-kind to learn lessons from it and follow the TRUE path of ISLAM to make it a PEACEFUL WORLD!
    1. Alfred E. Eckes, Jr. “The United States and the Global Struggle for Oil,” University of Texas Press, London, and Austin, TX 1979. [1st Paperback 1980] ISBN 0-292- 78511-9.
    2. Michael T. Klare , “RESOURCE WARS- The New Landscape of Global Conflict,” A Metropolitan Owl Book, Henry Holt and Co., New York NY 2001 & 2002. ISBN 0-8050-5576-2. (PBK).
    3. Rick Atkinson, “CRUSADE: The Untold Story of the Persian Gulf War,” Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston and New York, NY 1993. ISBN 0-395-71083-9. [A must Read Book, how the Western coalition troops burried still-alive several thousand Iraqi soldiers in trenches, by pushing sand on them]
    4. Ramsey Clark (fomer U.S. Attorney General) et al., “Depleted Uranium -Metal of Dishonor: How the Pentagon RADIATES Soldiers civilians with DU weapons,” 2nd Edition, International Action Center, New York NY 1999. ISBN 0-9656916-0-8. [A book that shows how the DU-weapons used to destroy Tanks and other armored vehicles during the Gulf War, hurt not only the local population but also American & Western soldiers who we contaminated with Depleted Uranium dust and debris. Google search will lead to the pictures of horrible looking (like monsters) of new born fetuses born after the war. The half life of Depleted Uraium is abot 4.2 Billion years, which will keep on killing people in that region with invisible radiation emitted by DU for billions of years to come. NATOP alsio used DU shells in Bosnia in 1995. A special section: Baghdad DU symposium – U.S. used DU in Bosnia – Internal sdangers of DU, and another report “Medical Consequences of Internal Contamination with Depleted Uranium authored by Dr. Asaf Durkovic, uncovers the facts that thr rate of all sorts of Cancers shot up many-fold in the two theatres of war, as most dangerous consequences of the use of depleted Uranium Tank Buster during these conflict.
    5. Michael Cranna, Editor, “The True Cost of CONFLICT: Seven Recent Wars and Their Effects on Society,” The New Press, New York NY 1994. ISBN 1-56584-268-5. [According to a News Article by Youseff Ebrahim in New York Times after the Gulf War, it cost $650 Billion Dollars to the Arab countries, due to infra-sructure desruction wrought by this war named “Operation Desert Storm.”]
    6. Caspar Weinberger & Peter Schweizer,” THE NEXT WAR,” [Korea-1998, Iran -1999, Mexico-2003, Russia-2006, and Japan-2007] (Foreword by Margaret Thatcher), Regnery Publishing, Inc., Washington, DC 1998. ISBN 0-89526-384-X.
    7. Thomas P. M. Barnett, “PENTAGON’S NEW MAP: War and Peace in the TwentyFirst Century,” Berkley Books, New York NY 2004. ISBN 0-425-20239-9 (PBK) [ A two-page perceived map of the future world is shown acording to thr Military planners. On pages 69 and 69, “The Mentorpe Curve” depicts Threats vs. Time (in years from 1990 to2010 and beyond, where this threat curve depicts sinusoidally decreasing from a peak in 1990 that drops to minima around 2003, and then starts increasing upward sinusoidally peaking after 2010. ] .
    8. Danny Schechter, “WHEN THE NEWS LIES: Media Complicity and the Iraq War,” (including the DVD and Scruipt of the Feature-length Documentary titled “WMD aka Weapons of Mass Deception,”) Select Books, Inc. New York 2006. ISBN 1-59079-073-1. [It’s highly recommended book to learn how Media Lies ]

    Bashir A. Syed
    Retired Aerospace Physicist

    • Dr Ghayue Ayub  On March 22, 2011 at 10:05 am

      Dear MR.Bashir Syed Sahib
      Very well explained write-up linking Quranic verses with global politics of today. I have one observation though. By making everything around us as part of a (Divine) PLOT (Pre-determinism) leaves us out of ‘FREE WILL the Quran mentions repeatedly.

      The way I understand, at the level of NAFS (SELF) Lord has given us choice to choose between good and evil. This I call FREE WILL.

      Your write-ups are always thorough with relevant references. Please keep up with the good work

      Kind regaards

      Dr Ghayur Ayub

      • Bashir A. Syed  On March 23, 2011 at 1:43 am

        There is a difference between a plot and a plan. Alah does not plot as a reaction to an event. ALLAH plans, which is systematic set of events to achieve a result. Whereas a PLOT is never systematic it’s haphazard to COUNTER another FORCE.
        We built International Space Station to place it in orbit around the earth sith a systematic PLAN (which is predetermined from concept to completion), but not a PLOT (which is aklways against something, and never pre-determined).
        After Creation of MAN (ADAM first), as best of all creations (e.g ANIMALS) the difference between ANIMALS and HUMANS was “BRAIN,” which could perform logical decisions (just like a digital computer) and go the right way or produce wromg results. As you might have heard the famous saying about computers, “Garbage IN , Garbage OUT.” But giving MAN the FREE -WILL was under conditions of his bevior in this life on earth, or choosing his way in life based upon distinction between right and wrong (Religion) and ultimate accountability on the “Day of JUDGEMENT” (Permanent life after death, either in HELL or in PARADISE). THus MAN was given the free-will to choose between Right ( as admonished by his Creator) and wrong (as inspired by SATAN or OBLEES). And after guiding MAN about right and wrong, he was held responsible for his deeds on this planet, and ultimately “accountable” for reward after Death to live in HELL or PARADISE, entuirely based upion actions of man due the Free Choice to select between the Right and wrong path to meet his Creator. I hope that this makes it clear!

        Bashir A. Syed

  • TMH  On March 22, 2011 at 9:49 am

    This intervention where it will end, the smaller and weaker countries
    will be gobbled up by countries like United States and India.
    If libya culprit is of human rights violation, so does India. Kashmir is
    living proof of indian atrocities, why American do not see that?
    It is because India is huge market for American goods, and they are
    not Muslim, rather they are doing the job of the west in getting rid of
    the pests.


  • Tanvir Siddiqui  On March 22, 2011 at 9:53 am

    Kooj Shaher de Laog ve zaalum sunn…Kooj Sahanoo Murrun da Shaok ve cee…who provided them all a greater opportunity and excuse to intrude?

    • Salim Ullah  On March 22, 2011 at 9:54 am

      Our shameless practices.

  • Javed Chaudhry  On March 22, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Just as a heat seeking missile follows the heat, the Americans follow the smell of the oil. The US and its friends, Britain and France will end up killing thousand times more than Gaddafi would have, but that is ok, they are allowed by the UN and that is all very kosher, they can kill and destroy until there is nothing more left standing to be destroyed. It is an opportunity for the US to replace Gaddafi with their obedient puppet ensuring that the country does not get true democracy. The US will, I am sure, arrange for a democracy similar to what they have in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. After all the business of the imperialism has to be run too. The imperialists do not want the 3rd world getting out of the good old rut and try to become democratic. Uncle Sam would love to see its control on all the oil reservoirs, wherever they may be while the local population should using camels for transport, leaving the oil for Americans to run their gas guzzlers on its highways. Uncle Sam is hardly any different from the British empire and its Tea Plantation bosses in India of late 19th and early 20th century.


    • A Malik  On March 22, 2011 at 10:27 am

      Mr Javed
      USA and the other EU countries will certainly do what they are doing. When one cannot protect his attractive damsel the other who has an eye on her will act as per the natural law. So the lapse is on our part. We are all dumb and watching the gory “Gunda Gardi” of the bully of the region – USA. In our school days this was called “Dada Giri”. But Dada Girs inherently are also cowards. If there is a united front of the OIC(oh I see!) with a determined show of defiance this will ot be thought of. It would not be the force levels that would count but how many would take the side of the oppressed.

    • Arif Khan  On March 23, 2011 at 1:59 am

      Javed Sahib, Why are Muslims so Negative and always think bad about someone else…This guy has already Butchered 6000 of his own people with Tanks and Mirages and if someone comes to their aid you immediately think Why is he helping these Rebels? lets give them a benefit of the doubt and Ofcourse you dont need a Nincompoop like Ghaddafi only that CHOR Z A Bhutto could have named a Stadium after this Retard.. The Libyan deserve better than a Senile and Greedy President(41yrs in office ) he was Ayub Khan ‘s friend hahahah,,,In Punjabi they say “Hum Magharon Lah) or Jaan Chud!!! If US or Europe do not kick him out?o you think that KHADRAH Arab League will??? never in a 100yrs ..Whats with Muslims and their greed for the Chair..This is what started Shia/Sunni Faith because of Hazrat Ali and Omar??? so its part of our History , Oh I see???? Arif

    • Nasim Hassan  On March 25, 2011 at 2:15 am

      The past record of US occupation and regime change is for every one to see. All of know how bad was Saddam. We also do not want Qaddafi to stay in power.

      Common people will certainly question why it is always a Muslim country where regime change is required. Why not in Africa where there are few bad dictators?

      The US wants a clone of Hamid Karzai or Zardari to rule Libya as well. However they do not want to intervene in Bahrain or Yemen.

      So let us not delude ourselves. This is game to control oil resources of Middle East and Libya. The rest is as they say is history.

      Nasim Hassan

      • Arif Khan  On March 25, 2011 at 3:28 am

        I beg to disagree because they let him stay in Office for 42yrs, but when he butchered 6000 of his own people that is “Holocaust territory” and he should be tried for Nurder, USA ?Europe got the UN Madate to intervene to prevent slaughter of 700,000 Libyans in Benghazi?? Thats the main reason..US doesnt get a drop of oil from Libya… But this guy is “CU CU in the head” I heard his blabbering in the UN as he was making an IDIOT of himself Arif

  • S. Cadri  On March 22, 2011 at 10:26 am

    Thank you Ms Yasmeen for posting such a good article.

  • Dr Mukhtar Alam  On March 22, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Gaddafi has already announced ceasefire and therefore, there is no reason left now for the action on the ground and all these strike on the house of Gaddafi is illegitimate for which allied should be made responsible to pay. Resolution 1973 only called for end to civilian death and when there is ceasefire, it is important that peaceful plotical process is facilitated in Libya. Now, killing the kith and kin of Gaddafi is entirely criminal.

    Muhammad Mukhtar Alam,Ph.D

    • MAB  On March 22, 2011 at 1:09 pm

      That is the old wolf and lamb story.

      I am surprised that Arab League walked into the trap of “open skies”. Don’t they read the story of camel and the beduin.


    • Arif Khan  On March 23, 2011 at 1:35 am

      And you Believe him??? Ghadaffi is a big Liar, he kept denying the Lockerbee incident than suddenly agreed that he did it and Paid $2 Billion in Compensation or Bloodmoney to the Relatives…He is another Saddam Hussain, Characterless leader like like most Muslim heads of State, a bunch of Liars, Thieves and Vagrants who make their people Suffer, Even Yasser Arafat was a Thief and a Crook… Arif Khan

      • A Malik  On March 23, 2011 at 8:34 am

        Ofcourse could be a big liar. But did he not learn it from the elder and the junior Bush and Obama. The latter one stooped so low that he even claimed diplomatic ammunity for Raymond when none existed!!

    • Dr Ghayue Ayub  On March 23, 2011 at 1:45 am

      After sending my mail I realised that instead of using the word PLAN I used PLOT. I stand corrected on that. You can put it to my weak English. But on the subject of Free Will I am clear in my mind. I find religion having three ingredients;
      Theology-which deals with world of the Unseen. To understand it, one has to know Intuition knowledge.

      Philosophy-which deals with the world of the Seen. It hinges on logical knowledge.

      Spirituality-which connects the two worlds by knowing both knowledges and through them the actualities of God, Spirit and Soul.

      Free Will plays its role in the Sphere of of Soul (Nafs) which is the first stage in the three stages of Marateb-e-Insani (Human Ranks)

      Dr Ghayur Ayub

  • Ayaz  On March 22, 2011 at 10:40 am

    There is only one rule in International law:

    If you are weak,you are wrong. If you are strong, you are right, full stop.

  • The Destructionist  On March 22, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    This is not a left/right Democrat/Republican issue…this is a divide and conquer We The People issue. Those in power want Americans divided into separate and distinctive camps (political parties, races, genders, beliefs, biases, etc…) because it is so much easier for them to control us and to implement their strategies of a one world government that way.

    Bush and Obama, Republicans and Democrats…it’s all one plan to destroy our unity as Americans and to usurp our nation’s sovereignty, all in an effort to replace it with that of the new world order.

    It’s about time that Americans woke up to what is truly going on. It’s time for all Americans to prepare…

  • Ahmed  On March 23, 2011 at 1:44 am

    All means are lega t destroy Muslim majority countries,specaially those which are headed by independent minded persons.The stooges amy kill their peopel and pocket all money but they are immune.The Christain majority countries and countries ruled by christains with Musim majorities are allowed to supress masses without fear of being attacked.Ivory caost is the country tah is Muslim majority cuntry,ruled by Christain and election won by Muslim ,although whole world recognised outtara but no action is taken since octobe rlast year.Almost 1000people are killed by Bgagbo thugs.bUT IT IS NOT THREAT TO PEACE OR ELIMINAION OF CIVILAINS.bUt in Libya one is Muslims being killed by both sides from qdhafi or opposition side a dsecondly capturing oil.It is clear cut crusade,nothing else.

  • Bashir A. Syed  On March 24, 2011 at 6:19 am

    Two New York Times journalists, Steve Weissman & Herbert Krosney authored
    “THE ISLAMIC BOMB: The Threat to Israel and The Middle East. ” (published by
    BYT/Times Books, New York in 1981. Chapter 5 in this book is titled as
    “Colonel Qaddafi’s Bomb, pages 53 to 65, in which theyb reveal how Z. A.
    Bhutto’s ISLAMIC Bomb was financed by Col. Qaddafi. FaceBook and other
    Social Media web sites were used to profile anti-establishment elements in
    the North African region that might use their petrodollars to pursue the
    ATOM. And since Qaddafi had already been identified and tragetted along with
    Saddam Hussein, after having Saddam hamged and killing his two sons, the
    Zionist’s next hard target was Col. Qaddafi, through acts of induced
    violence committed by those profiled people. And this is the main cause of
    this adventure initiated by Rahm Emanuel (who cleverly stepped aside, but
    during his time in the White House did his best to guide Obama’s thinking to
    protect ISRAEL from any future “Islamic Atomic Fire-crackers, built by the
    petro-dollars to pose a danger for the Zionist State, which had already been
    protected in a similar manner by Henry Kissinger through a top-Secret
    Agreement known as NSSM40 ( aka “Don’t Ask, Don’t Test,” Secret Treaty
    signed in September 1969) [ Refer to Archives of the Bulletin of The Atomic
    Scientists (www.thebulletin.or ) for an article “ISRAEL CROSSES THE
    THRESHOLD . . . ” by Avner Cohen and William Burr, pages 22-30, May/June
    2006], by virtue of this secret agreement ISRAEL was allowed by US to amass
    a nuclear arsenal amonuting to more than 300 nukles. But Israel could not
    resist the temptation of testing its nukes with the help of the White
    Apartheid regime of South Africa in South Atlantic ocean, which was detected
    by the instrument placed in VELA Satellite on September 1979. The executive
    Office of the President, Office of Science and Technology Policy immediately
    appointed an Ad Hoc Panel to report on the September 22, 1979 event, and
    sent its report to the Presiden on July 15, 1980, that provided an expected
    coverup n=by saying that the Blast flashed=s observed by VELA Satellitte
    were false alarms due to faulty instruments. But Lo and Behold! as Surah
    At-Tarik, Ayat 13-17, says “The Evil people Plot, but Allah PLANS, . . ” A
    disgruntled Nuclear Technician provided rolls of films exposed inside the
    Nuclear Bomb Factory, DIMONA, by Mordechai Vanunu in London, and after its
    authentication verification these pictures taken inside DIMONA Reactor of
    Nomb Factory wer published in Sunday Times, October 1986, letting the world
    know about the persistent lies of Israel (due to Henry Kissinger). This
    revelation created a feeling of insecurity amongst the Muslims who then
    tried to chase the ATOM through petro-dollars. Thus After the publication of
    article “AFTER IRAQ – How would the Middle East Look Like . . ” by Jefferey
    Goldberg in Atlantic Monthly, of Jan 2008, the plot began to churn, whose
    actions started appearing as “Change of Reginmes,” in the Middle East
    disguised as operations to bring Democracy in this region. It is an
    illusion like a MIRAGE in the Desert. The naïve traitors destroyed Iraq, by
    expecting DEMOCRACY (disguised as Operation Iraqi Freedom, which only
    brought death, destruction and occupation of IRAQ to steal its OIL
    resources, and the first Gulf War cost Arabs more than $650 Billion
    Dollars, and more than million deaths according to an article in New York
    Times by Youseff Ebrahim. Allah says, in the first 20 Ayats that there are
    only Three kinds of peoples in this world: (1) Believers, (2) Un-Believer or
    Atheists, and (3) Hypocrites, defining their salient features as well. Thus
    it is those Hypocrites or Traitors who joined the “Pretend to be Friends”
    to unleash “Shock and Awe,” without any trace of Freedom in Iraq and
    other emerging Change of Regimes in the works. That is the reason, Allah in
    Quran, through Al-Maida Surah # 5, Ayat No’s 51 & 57, warns Belivers not to
    Trust the “Pretend to be Friends,” and accept them as Protectors of the
    Believers. Had Muslims understood this clear message and be prepared
    according to thsis Fore-Warning, they would be faced with this Jolly
    Green-Monster that drops bombs from the sky to Bring Democracy to their

    Bashir A. Syed
    Retired Aerospace Physicist

  • spor aletl3ri kişisel bakım beslenm3  On April 17, 2011 at 3:02 pm

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