Khawarij: Has the Destructive Ideology Reincarnated? PART II

1979: Rebirth of Kharijites and Road to Pakistan 

Ahmed Raza

The process of polluting Muslim school of thought started well before the incident of 1979 by radical ideologies like Egyptian ex-Communist Sayyid Qutb. He declared that a Muslim is either a “revolutionist” or an infidel, and went so far as to declare all the Islamic societies of his time apostate and fit to be overthrown, invoking the memory of the original Kharijis.

Leo Strauss an American philosopher also famous to be the God Father of the Neocons was responsible to draw a parallel theory of American nationalism on the lines Qutb’s apostate theory of own and other Islamic nations. Similarity lied in the aim, destruction of Islamic Civilization for Khawarijs and subsequent control of west on 60% of world’s energy resources for Americans Neocons. The only difference was the basic foundation on which both the extremists were drawing the lines. As Strauss was in knowledge of the divorce between the Church and the State long before his era, concentrated on selfish individualism of American masses and used the ideology of American Nationalism to its optimum. The said treatment was claimed to be done by Strauss to stop the decaying process of American society. 

On the other hand, the strong concept of a religious Statesman in Islam couldn’t really diffuse the importance of religion; this made Sayyid Qutb to use religion as the driving force against the rulers of the Muslim world especially in Egypt. He was executed after a short trial conducted by Egyptian Government in 1966, but the seed to violence was sewed in the land of Islam.

After the death of Qutb, Aiman al Zahawari the die-hard follower of Sayyid Qutb took charge of protests launched after the execution of his ideal; the Egyptian started his agenda of polluting the Muslim societies with his takfiri ideology basing on the very foundation laid down by his master.

In a BBC documentary “The Power of Nightmare”, Aiman Al Zahawari has been shown leading the slogans against the Egyptian Government in a jail. Something very exceptional can be easily pointed out that Zahawari was reciting an incomplete Kalmaa (Tayyaba) ie “La Illaha Ilallah”, not reciting “Muhammad ur Rasool Allah”. This indeed shows an in different attitude towards the prophet of Islam, again invoking the memory of first Kharij, who was disrespectful to the prophet in one of the gatherings. The head shaved bearded man was from tamimi tribe and when he left the scene, prophet told his companions that “in his descend people will come who will be the worst creatures on this earth”.  Those who will kill them will be best rewarded by Allah swt. “They will look more religious in their deeds and will apparently propagate concepts which will not be in contravention to Islam but latently follow their evil agenda”. “They will use young innocent minds for their evil designs”. “They will kill Muslims and leave non-believers”.

Now nexus between Neocons and Khawarij was in evitable, the Muslim world couldn’t realize the depth and in turn horrific result of the said nexus. Factually speaking this was the second time this nexus was worked out in the history of Islam. It was in 11th century during Crusades when Sultan Salah Uddin Ayubbi was fighting for the holy lands and from inside Hassan Bin Sabbah was busy in his terrorist activities through his suicidal attacks from the Castle of Death. Even, one of the bravest General of the Muslim history could not root out Hassan bi Sabbah until he was killed by furious Tartars.

After pulverizing the Arab societies especially in Middle East and North Africa, the satanic ideology of Kharjites was picked up by Western powers (Neocons) to use their barbaric cruelty for their own agenda. The said western schema was indeed in line with the Kharijites ( Aiman Al Zahawari) and the deal was on……………..the Ghost of Al Qaida.

Scene was set, after the defeat of Soviets in Afghanistan. It must be kept in mind that there was no single incident of suicide bombing even against Russians in 11 years of war between Mujahedeens and Russian Army. Now the Kharijites were poured in Afghanistan and Pakistan by westerners, with agendas of both complimenting each other. The targets were zeroed and fixed.

It’s time for 9/11, Afghan invasion and exploitation of Pakistan. Kharjites are now operating in the name of different terrorist organizations such as TTP (Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan). Numerous evidences are on record to prove this historical but evil nexus such as:

  • Recovery of Indian and American weapons from Kharijites (TTP)
  • Recovery of dollars and Indian currencies from the terrorists.
  • Bodies of militants killed in action by Pakistan Army are not circumcised (One of the basic requirement for a Muslim)
  • Hundreds of attacks on Mosques in Pakistan
  • Brutal killings of Muslims of Pakistan
  • No breather from drone attacks despite of the fact, that they are only improving the strength of suicidal recruits operating for Al Qaida and TTP.

The question now arises that how Pakistan can get out of this strangle hold of this potent nexus? This not only demands sophisticated strategic moves on political front but also correct employment of forces at operational and tactical level to counter original aim of the said nexus i.e. Destruction of Nuclear Pakistan. With Indian inclusion in the nexus, the dynamics of the issue has changed drastically and it has linked with the unrest in Baluchistan as well. Only military moves not coupled with societal reformations and education will not suffice the intensity for dealing with this dreadful situation.

One must take into account that success of Swat operation was due to a forceful reply from a coherent society of Swatis, which repelled the evil concept of Khawarijs with determination and steadfastness. Pakistani Armed Forces operated in a highly professional manner with political and media’s will behind them.

This needs to carry on for some time more, with same zeal, for clearing the whole of Pakistan from this menace. All the state tentacles especially judiciary and media should play the most pivotal role in educating society with authenticity (in the light of Hadiths) and deliberation, so that the common can himself pull out from these Khawarijs and contribute towards an exemplary punishment to these enemies of Islam and Pakistan.

It’s high time to educate Pakistan’s Islamic society about the real face of this Khariji Ideology in the context of TTP and alike terrorist organizations. The role of Pakistani Ulemas must be in line with interest of Islam and Pakistan.                     (The writer is a Senior Citizen based in Abbotabad, with a masters in History).                

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  • Tanvir Ahmed Siddiqui  On April 25, 2011 at 9:04 am

    All aspects highlighted by Ahmed Raza Sahab are not all disagreeable nor easily ignorable rather worth pondering. What i could conclude and understand (if i am not wrong)from all what he has written is that Pakistan+Afghanistan+Iraq is the theater stage of actual and real war between Saudi Arabia and Iran whereas Israel+America are the real beneficiaries?

  • siddiqui my  On April 25, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    I am neither authority on Islamic history nor claim expertise eg on Syed Qutub…but all these years i understood he was much influenced by maulana maududi and Maulana was not a kwarij ?? Was he ???

    He did advocate EXCLUSIVE faith in Tauhid hence his emphasis upon ‘La ilaha….” to have fullest Faith in Tauheed !!
    But did emphasise upon understanding the true signifecance of “Ashadu-anna- Mohammad ur Rasool Ullah..”

    He was merely emphasising to merge theory and practice ; in other words, as I understand merger of “La Ilaha…& Ashadu anna Mohammad ur Rasool Ullah”…………In other words establishing the Will and Laws of Allah !

    Qutub was sorely distressed by the emergence of post colonial muslim societies and seeking Islamic values be revived and re established. My humble understanding ( no doubt limited, I admit ) Qutub was seeking how to revive and re establish the Islamic values as enunciated by the Holy Prophet and his pious companions…………..

    I admit my knowldge is limited and I claim no authority but I feel Raza sb is unduly harsh in his judgement. I donot vote for Qutub but I do feel that in present times depicting him as reincarnation of Khawarij is not fair…7th century and 21st century are far apart and things do change in thousand years !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let us not dig dead bodies???? Kwarij and Qutub are million miles apart…..he simply fought against the colonial legacy to his best of understanding; objective condtions since earliest khawarij and Qutub’s time are totally different……………so deal with OUR times and OUR problems…….

    With due apologies


  • Abdul Qadir Khan  On April 26, 2011 at 4:26 am

    Wow…Excellent effort.
    However, I agree cent percent with Siddique Sahib. What I could have said has been more effectively expressed by him. No more emphases on this aspect.
    Raza sahib has put in serious food for thought and handled the subject very effectively in the light of his own point of view. A delicate job well done.
    What pinches me in this article is the quoting of Quran and Hadith and then declaring someone ‘Kafir'(Almost). Mincing of words is quite obvious. It is difficult to convince someone but to let him go his previous beliefs is the hardest. I suggest that we join shoulders and face outwards instead of facing each other. It is my humble request to Raza Sahib.


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