Osama Bin Laden: Look! Who is talking?

This is a Pakpotpourri Exclusive

Jawad Raza Khan  

It is extremely bewildering and heart breaking when we witness our territorial sovereignty ruined again and again by the same intruder; Indeed we as a nation were embarrassed when the world’s most wanted terrorist was claimed to be hunted by US in Abottabad; It was disturbing when one of the most efficient spy agency of the world is labeled as dishonest or in capable; and frankly speaking it pinches a lot when states like UK, France and India try to teach lesson of integrity, to anybody for that matter.

Without discussing any conspiracy theories on the matter, which is usually based on assumptions and hypothesis, let’s analyze what has been claimed by US after the hunt of OBL. The most arrogant claimant of ISI’s dishonesty and in efficiency is the mighty CIA of US.

Look who is talking about professionalism and honesty;

  • One who had to apologize on the issue of Iraq’s WMDs but only after killing more than 1000000 Iraqi civilians and soldiers?
  • One who has the guts to own killing machines like Raymond Davis?
  • One who has miserably failed in their own homeland security with incident occurring like September the 11th?
  • One who is setting the cruelest example of in human slaughter of innocent civilians through drones in FATA?
  • One who has been thoughtfully making fool of their own innocent Americans through phantom zing and de phantom zing own created ghosts from time to time.
  • One who is the most decisive de stabilizing factor in the world’s known history; from the aftermath of Russian-Afghan war to the arming of rebels   (The Al-Qaida) in Libya and promoting the Muslim brotherhood of Syed Qutb ( the ideological fountain of Al-Qaida) in Egypt?  

Truly speaking much must have been missed out, with regards the reputation of CIA and it’s so called honest professionalism but point here is not to score a point only. The fact to ponder here that with this brilliant track record of CIA, how should Pakistanis be reacting in this current scenario. Should we repeat the same mistakes what we have been doing since our very inception? Or there should be a more visionary, united and methodical reaction to this falsified propaganda against our institutions. What we Pakistanis must understand is, that in difficult times especially when an organization like CIA starts finger pointing towards our precious assets it’s time to reassert with all your resources, might and intelligentsia.  

We got to learn from Iraq and Afghan war, the ridiculous Af-Pak doctrine which will threaten to extend rapidly into urban Pakistan for a decentralized asymmetric irregular war. This type of war cannot be fought by lone Armies, the only way to get out of this quagmire is to combine the efforts through media power through sophisticated information/media warfare otherwise TTP-India-US nexus will ridicule us to their best of their ability.

If our highness media can join hands together for just an India Pakistan cricket match; if they can harp constantly on insane Amman Ki Asha; if they can talk for hours and hours on de airing of Geo Super and Aag channels; if they can give marathon coverage to one of their cameraman, who was slightly injured during a scuffle while performing his professional duties; it is astounding why they couldn’t smell a rat in the show case of Osama Bin Laden’s hi-tech elimination. 

Can’t our media deduce two elementary inevitable, which are the main contributing factors with regards to the Abbottabad’s Hollywood show?

  • The Obama election campaign
  • Face saving withdrawal from Afghanistan after killing the most wanted man on Pakistan’s soil.

History has shown us the way numerous times especially in case of westerners; from leaving undivided Kashmir between India and Pakistan to the never reaching 8th US fleet in 1971; and from parting back to their homes after Soviet downfall without rehab programs for Mujahideens to opting for an exit to avoid rout from Afghanistan after turning all guns of Al Qaida and Taliban towards Pakistan in wake of the dramatized Osama’s elimination in military city of Abbotabad.

It is certainly our right to criticize our institutions for their better efficiency (internally), but if they are bombarded by foreign media and intelligence agencies like CIA externally, time is not to scrutinize own self but to stand with them head high and making them feel that they are not alone. Can’t we even observe the way Israelis, Indians and American media and people back their institutions even after the incidents like disgraceful failure in Lebanon war, Samjhota express case and the long tale of counterfeits by CIA respectively? On the other hand we are completely ignoring and forgetting, number of horrific suicide attacks on ISI and other intelligence agencies claimed by sister organization of Al Qaida the TTP; More than 3500 causalities of security forces during operations against this menace who had slaughtered more than 30000 innocent Pakistanis in last 7 to 8 years.

President Obama’s statement regarding no release of the footage of Osama Bin laden after the claimed operation in Abbottabad, and the expected “Big No” from US administration with regards to the computer data from Osama’s computer requested by ISI, certainly put the things under serious doubts. Let’s not forget that Osama has been killed at least 10 times before this operation and his dead body is not shown to media this time either.

We can lose our Pakistan (God Forbid) if we do not tighten our screws well in place and well in time. Whole of the Muslim world is bleeding and the only hope for them as well, is the survival of nuclear Pakistan. We need to be more nationalist now than ever, our assets our needed to be protected through vigilant professional and nationalist media and citizen approach. There should not be any dichotomy with regards to the bail out strategy; failure is no option Mr. Pakistan.

*The writer is based in Islamabad. He is a political commentator).

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  • Nasim Hassan  On May 5, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    American media went along with the US during the lies and deceptions on Iraq WMD’s.

  • pervez tasneem  On May 5, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    I agree 101 percent. These people can make fool out of their own fellow Americans but not others.They are in the habit of deceiving their friends but would dare not touch their enemies.This is the recorded history.A person plus seventy years of age on the verge of renal failure made the only super power of the world dance to his tunes for nine long years from Abbottabad. Ridiculous.

  • siddiqui my  On May 5, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    Dear Raza Sb
    Failure is writ large …….. due to our own follies over the years. Why blame others; after all they have their own vested interests to promote AND what are our interests? money,money and more money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Look at the Ummah from atlantic to the shores of pacific……………greed, avarice and lust for unbridled power with capital W !!
    Please read the book “Deception” and then you would know the truth about our nuclear….it is indeed real mccoy….. those who made us achieve it and turned their face the other way can also ??????????? you saw our performance on the night of the Osama ?? neither the COAS nor the Air Chief had the guts to come and accept failure/short comings….poor foreign secy was put up for slaughter……..it was not his turf..was it ??
    All I can say :
    ” humko unse hai ummeed jo nahi jante wafa kia hey”
    Who is Media ? bathed in Aab e ZamZam ? better appeal to the Chief Justice ??? he is the “amrat Dhara” of Pakistan….i am being cynical !
    I assure you I am not despondent and have faith in HIM who really crafted Pakistan……….
    a nation which cannot make even a level road, has after all produced the Bomb!
    so “Ummeed bahar rakh……”
    I am not being rational ? but we have survived…have we not ? so what is the problem ????????????????????????
    In famous words of Churchill “Courts are still working”…

  • Ashraf Zafar  On May 6, 2011 at 12:29 am

    It is unfortunate, we term our tested freinds as terrorists when they defended our country agains Soveits. We are slippery people who dont recognise services of any one could have lead a luxurius life any where in the world. REgretfully we are not nation but opportunists. we nned thrashing like cotton goes through different processes to becoem thread and then woven in to cloth. Afghanistan WAr brought soveits on our door step where no pakistani would liek to migrae becaseu of thier cruel rule and way of life lacking allsort of freedom and prefer to migrate to USA Uk Australia , canada etc, why we dont migrate to cina north Korea , and Russian states, becasue our way of life was is uncompatible with theirs. acrually Government of Pakistan should have imposed compulasy military service for every men from rich and poor to defend pakistan when Russia in vaded Afghanistan . and then we would have been syn thasised and becoem a nation . I like USAand other countries mentioned above but i love Paksitan most.Itis my mother land and we have graves of our insestors. we are just folowing USA blindly and trying to appease him and other western countries . we must tell USA that we respect you because of many reasons but we shouldnot be taken for granted and humiliated just because our leaders ahve properties and businesses or relatives there.

  • Dan Fittro  On May 6, 2011 at 12:32 am

    I would have been in favor of capturing Osama alive in order to allow him to testify about the evolution of his initial participation with the CIA to help oust the Russians from Afghanistan to how our own policies turned him against the United States.

    I have read about how many facts are omitted from the 911 report on the attack the World Trade Center.

    This makes me very suspicious about our own government in that there may have been some complicity to allow it to happen in order to frame a ‘terrorist” and create a distracting retaliation, such as Bush’s WMD lie to invade Iraq. We have known that to be a lie even shortly after the invasion, but Bush remained in office and even got re-elected in 2004!!! Outragious.

    It is sad and pathetic to me that our mainstream media let all these facts evaporate through ignorance over the past decade so the belief remains that Osama had controlled the 911 operation from a reclusive outpost in Afghanistan.

  • HH  On May 6, 2011 at 1:08 am

    In the Pakistani lexicon, Sovereignty is the middle name of

  • Pervez  On May 6, 2011 at 1:09 am

    It appears this piece written by a nationalist has found no admirer amongst the crowd, some of them are gleefully cheering scathing and biased articles by some foreign journalist. Let’s not forget that given the tech advantage that USA enjoys and also the fact that our assets are deployed against a specific threat undertaking such an op was quite possible. While internal scrutiny is called for and heads must roll but let’s not put our Radars and National honor on sale.
    Sovereignty, my dear is a relative term and not absolute. If you have to run with a begging bowl every other day only because our elites would not like to pay taxes how on earth can we claim it. In today’s world it doesn’t flow through barrel of the gun but through economic prosperity and national cohesion, let’s demonstrate it and present a united front. Best

  • Ali Kazim  On May 6, 2011 at 3:17 am

    Well articulated. In fact there are a few issues regarding our electronic media that have been agitating me. I felt very happy to have got in touch with you and in my euphoria completely set aside the fact that if it id mutually acceptable to you to share my concerns, views and learn from you and your views. When I learnt how busy your life is and undoubtedly you in box would be full of Emails. Therefore, I may be imposing on your time and you, being what you are, did not refuse to accept my correspondence. As I probably said earlier that I retired from The PAF in 1979 and next week was flying for PIA and retired from that too in Jun 2000. Since then my room has been my Xanadu. Been to US a few times to see my children but have not travelled domestically except once to Islamabad to renew my US Visa. The thought of Xanadu just popped up. I have a gift, or whatever you might like to call it, of being able to to remember, almost verbatim, what I read in my school days. I must have been 14 or so when I read Omar Khayyam’s poetry which went something like: ” In Xanadu did Kublai Khan a pleasure doom decree where Alph, the sacred river ran, where burninig Sappho lived and sang.” My room is, to me, a pleasure doom without the sacred river and Sappho.

    Yasmeen please no ‘takalluf’ but if you are overloaded, just say in box full. I am used to my room where I spend day from one to the other except tuesdays and saturdays from 2pm to 7pm playing bridge at my friend “Bunny'” Riaz’s house which is on Shujaat and I am on 22nd. St. Mujahid Ph.V so he is only a few minutes walking distance. I would like to tell you all about my thought and learn about you but only at your terms vis a vis time available to you. If not possible, I will be disappointed but will understand with all respect to you.

    I am sending you an Email link of a Mushera copmetition held in Vaernasai, India on 4th. Nov. 2006. The theme is “man’ and God’s most beautiful creation violated by man, “woman.” The poet is Rahi Bastavi and the poetess is Nikhat Amrohi. The poet comes first. Don’t let your BP shoot up. wait to hear Nikhat’s response. If, at the end, there is a smile on your face,I will be happy. Warmest Regards.

    Ali Kazim

  • Faisal Imam  On May 6, 2011 at 3:18 am

    Lies,murder,election-fixing,interference with justice,coercion,bribng,mauling rights of Pakistanis and their children.guilty or not?!
    i am not interested in what the world does .I see our spying employees destroying our people ,their value systems,our social fibre,our youth with warped goals,educational institutions.
    They manipulate pols,judges.media,etc.
    kindly stop it.
    we have to build our economy,our institutions, our human resource,our future.what is the contribution of the spooks in these fields?

  • Jameel Zaidi  On May 6, 2011 at 3:19 am

    Correct, we have mortgaged our National sovereignty to US for nothing.
    We have played stooge on the International scene by ignoring our
    national interests (e.g in Kashmir) and by playing second fiddle to
    US; whereas India has gained from both sides i.e Russia and US.
    Despite our ong association with US, we waited and waited for their
    Seventh Fleet in the Bay of Bengal during our national crisis; which
    never turned up despite our Alliance with United States; whereas Bhrat
    had been succeeding throughout to get Armament both from Russia and
    US despite its non-aligned status.

    At this juncture Pakistani Nation could justifably ask the people at
    the helm of affairs to wake up and confront the threatening situation
    before it becomes too late.

    Jameel Zaidi

  • Abdul Qadir Khan  On May 6, 2011 at 4:43 am

    “Look who is talking”, what a wonderful sentence. Even if nothing had followed, yet it is so self-explanatory. I remember General Pervez Musharraf confirming on TV that ‘Osama’ had died due to kidney failure. Alas! Our media is so innocent to forget everything which is in our National interest. Ads and aids (AIDS if combined) will not let them think other way round. Tell a lie and harp so much on it that people start believing in it. Every talk show, every news and every writing is discussing so many self-perceived tangents that I have stopped watching TV and reading newspapers. Intelligentia and ‘The lot’ which can think other than food and security issues, understands it very well and it reminds me a drama played by India few years back when India had claimed that foreign tourists were kidnapped by Kashmiri Mujahedeen. India media showed their soldiers searching for tourists here and there and ultimately after three four months, the Drama ended because everybody could easily make out the lowest standard direction by RAW. Almost, same approach is quite obvious here. What a shame…! I feel disgusted. Poor performance Mr. Obama and CIA. I feel so compassionate for you, the American people.
    Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan is the Bermuda triangle, where so many tyrants have sunk in the past and will in future. USA is like a nawab sahib (The Count) who is trying to keep his respect (Already gone long time back) while everybody knows that he has nothing left to be a nawab A nation with loans exceeding 4 trillion dollars and borrowing at an average rate of 2 million dollars per minute is destined to a steep down fall in near future (God willing). But don’t worry, we will not take revenge, we never did so in the annals of history, we always forgive. That is why we are the constantly growing religion.
    Buck up Mr. Jawad Raza Khan…Keep it up.

  • Syed Ataur Rahman  On May 6, 2011 at 5:43 am

    Well done Jawad Raza Khan Sb; very well written. We have enemies within the state. Of course CIA or the US government are no friends just like India is not. What is more alarming that is that we have enemies within us. Look at GEO and AAG and few other western lackeys who always try to twist the real reasons and divert the minds of our people. Like the writer correctly pointed out, can’t they pin point what the CIA is up to? It is a shame and these media houses must be told to draw a line just like the media in USA and UK are told to stay within limits of national interest. They must be chastisized and asked to be pro-Pakistan rather than clever campaign managers for their part owners and financial supporters in the west.

  • Chaudhry Nasim  On May 6, 2011 at 9:01 am

    J R khan has given a good account from a nationalist’s point of view. His appeal for unity is very praiseworthy. We definitely need the unity shown in 1965 and 1971. At the same time we have to understand that its a different enemy this time and his tactics, techniques and strategy is also different. He has already made inroads into our Civil and Military establishments and has very ‘sympathetic’ personalities at high and right places in the media as well. Presentation of American case by some of the newspapers and TV channels has been obvious. The nation is having to fight the enemy both from within and without. This kind of situation has to be faced with great wisdom. Unfortunately right now we are running short of it at the top level. So, the need for unity was never as strong as today. But when DG ISI says that our Ambassador in USA issued 7000 visas to Americans in 2010 without required verification from ISI, general public smells discord between institutions.
    There is slight contradiction in JRK’s article. At one place he called it ‘TTP-India-US nexus’ and at another place he terms TTP as sister organisation of Al-Qaeda. I feel former is closer to reality.

  • Munir Varraich  On May 6, 2011 at 9:13 am

    Javed Raza Khan has rightly addressed our media and how the channels has displayed naivety when handling an onslaught by international media on Pakistan.

    Pakistan has been under attack ever since 11th of September 2011. With this latest broadside by our “partners in War on Terror” in response to the “Davis Cup” match on the streets of Lahore, our media must be vigilant.

    This attack on the “sovreignty” of Pakistan is quite similar to the attack on the “sovreignty” of the US when it was attacked on its soil.

    USA’s status as a super power was humiliated in one go, by a non-state actor (so has been the claimed by the US). It was a defeat of the “security” apparatus of the USA- CIA first and foremost.

    USA in response did not “act” but “reacted”. Internally the Americans stood united behind their President and the armed forces.The media played its part to channel the anger not towards the government or the armed forces but assisted to do the damage control and justify the “reaction” in the shape of justifying the attack on Afghanistan. (which was supposed to be the beginning of US Grand Strategy in the 21st century).

    Pakistan has responded to this humiliation in a more sober way. There have been no statements like the ones coming from George Bush at “Ground Zero” on that day. The media, too must align itself with the government in this hour when Pakistan is under attack.

    This humiliation can also be turned into beginning of the implementation of Pakistan’s Grand Strategy for the 21st Century. To achieve this we all, Pakistanis, must stand UNITED, media included.

    Long Live Pakistan!!!


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