Priority: Pakistan Must Fix Regional Politics


Jawad Raza Khan

They way Islam has been posturized in the last decade, it can easily be termed as the duskiest period of this great religion and for this Al Qaida led by Osama Bin Laden can clutch most of the acclaim for it. There have been copious conspiracy philosophies regarding the dreadful scenes of 9/11; American adventure of Iraq and Afghanistan; and now unique toying with Pakistan’s sovereignty.  High profile political gurus around the globe have been commenting on it; movies made; Documentaries like Fahrenheit the 9/11 were produced and publicized but the facts apropos 9/11 remains undiscovered as; the murder of John F Kennedy; crash of Zia; reality of Saddam; election win of Bush in Florida for his second term; assassination of Princess Diana and many more of the same importance and impact on world politics.

Attitude changing events on the globe, most of the times have been able to pelt not only the perpetrators, but also the motives behind the episode. The above statement is undeniably incorrect in the milieu of a multipolar world especially in the Cold War era, as most of the power politics had no solitary beneficiary. Situation now is comprehensively changed as the only Shakespeare writing the global script is United States of America. Definitely things are tied up nicely with modern media own and international always looking for breaking stories, analyzing it further and making it so confusing that one tends to change the channel in sheer frustration and that’s what world politics is all about. That’s how societies are made selfish, cruel and non-responsive to achieve moral and political ascendency over others.

Arab world is no exception to it and is under the excruciating influence of the elaborated dichotomy, from Yemen to Syria, Egypt and Libya, Us and its allies like NATO are supporting rebels against the regimes, politically, morally and above all militarily. The game which was played on the soil of Pakistan around three decades ago is now replayed in the Arab world; weapons have been distributed all kinds and caliber’s to so called rebels; NATO bombarding Libya already and much more to come for Syria and Yemen. There is one common accusation by all dictators in the effected part of the Arab world: US is supporting and using Al-Qaida elements trained for making most, of the edgy situation already created. Pakistan is the set piece illustration of this genus of ideological abuse of Islam who has been sandwiched between two ideologies completely tangent from each other, but on the other hand having one thing in common as enemy “The progress of Muslim world”.   

Now let’s tabulate the stories oozing out of Western media after the historic operation of American Seals in Abbottabad to eliminate Osama Bin Laden.

  • Al Qaida leadership in Yemen has confirmed the death of OBL.
  • Like Father Like Son; 13 years old Hamza Bin laden successfully escaping from American Seals (Evil Dead 2 in the making).
  • Egyptian descent body guard of Al Qaida Leader OBL has been nominated as interim leader of Al Qaida, who is now planning to attack on UK for requiting the death of OBL.
  • But over the top; OBL’s audio tape released by Al Qaida (US Franchise) admitting his happiness and satisfaction over the Arab revolution. 

The last one is the most hazardous, thought maddening but definitely very palpable. You can easily expect this sort of a third grade advertising from an unchallenged super power of 21st century. What US is trying to do is not a secret at all, but the question is this, that where is the civilized world on the globe? Does it exist? Or it is an extinct entity. Even more important question for a Pakistani citizen is how much time we have got before surgical strikes will turn into strategic strikes and what are the political, diplomatic and to some extent military solutions to avoid the expected.

The regime change policy of westerners has been dominating the globe ever since the end of C old war and as per the evidences available, first victim of the prevailing dogma was Nicolai Ceausescu of Romania (A Romanian dictator). The only defect this westerner’s policy possesses in the perspective of diluting Pakistan is its nuclear capability and in whatever form of its democracy.  Although westerners do not require morality to go ahead with their designs but nuclear and democratic Pakistan is absolutely a difficult prey to hunt. There exist some facilitating pointers in the region (India), who can undoubtedly enhance the capability of westerners for their designs, especially in the present scenario. This sour fact forces Pakistan to concentrate more vigorously in regional politics of Middle East and south Asia, thereby creating opportunities favourable to it in international politics as well.

Since the very origin of Pakistan, it has been concentrating on US internationally and Afghanistan regionally more than anybody else. Pakistan is certainly fortunate to have somebody like China in the region with the 2nd largest economy on the globe. Strong political, diplomatic and military relations between China and Pakistan requires no evidence to proof, merely this relation can bring Pakistan to lime light in international politics. As far as pure regional politics is concerned Iran stands out as the most effective and dependable option for Pakistan. Just to put the history in view, Pakistanis still remember that Iran was the first country to recognize the independence of Pakistan and was the first country to take sides with Pakistan in its war with India. While Pakistan has had problems with other neighbors such as India and Afghanistan, the border with Iran has been the most peaceful border for Pakistan. This must also be kept in mind that Iran and Pakistan account for one-fifth of the Muslim population of the world. If the future of both combines with prosperity and dignity, it can have a wholesome effect on the political and economic condition of Muslims all around the world.

The said recognition of Pakistan after Independence came even before Saudi Arabia, which is now supposed to be one of the irritants with regards to Pakistan-Iran strong relations in the political dynamics of Middle East and south Asia. Taking Saudi Arabia on board for the said strategic change of posture by reminding them of US involvement in Arab unrest may enhance a chance for Saudi support for strong Pakistan- Iran relations.

Although there are some conflicting interests of China and Iran in Pakistan but an independent and comprehensive foreign policy can find the way out. 


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