Illogical Logic

This is a Pakpotpourri Exclusive

By:Waheed Hamid

The Nations in situation of crisis sometimes act in the most irregular way and it becomes difficult to understand difference between wrong and right , a friend and a foe. A leadership at such moment has to have correct, sincere and competent advisors. The state institutions play an important role in guiding the leadership to the correct decision. Unfortunately the confusion between American state department, Pentagon and CIA  has made the world and Americans a hostage . American Nation known for its uprightness, fairness and values have been put against the wall with deep shadow of fear to decide between death due to terror or give up social liberty. Not realizing that taking values and liberty away from a society means its death leaving behind only the name to be buried in history. Under such a state each wrong step invites more confusion leading to death of American culture. Culture is a pattern of shared basic assumptions that a Nation  learns as it adopts a way of life of external adaptation and internal integration and this is passed on to new members as the correct way you perceive, think, and feel. The changes in this pattern of life are  now being felt by the entire world as America stands as the sole superpower of the world. It seems that faulty lessons from Iraq are being carried forward instead of being analysed and corrected. Unlawful HR violations at prisons and innocent killings in drone attacks apart, there is a long list of doings and sayings which may be comical for some but for others this joke is meaning end to their livelihood and destruction.

The American Intelligence agency is the pioneer for collecting, producing, and promoting open source intelligence and out sourcing paid fighters  through Department of National Intelligence’s Open Source Center (OSC) established in November 2005 in response to recommendations by the Robb-Silberman Commission. The OSC Director Douglas Naquin believes it is incumbent to work across organizations — inside and outside government — to make the most effective use of available expertise and capability. On the outsourcing technique guards from Blackwater, perhaps is the most nitorious example of private security contractors. During the Bush administration, private contractors were involved with interrogating prisoners and sometimes subjecting them to torture the same continues during Obama administration. Even now 25 percent of country’s intelligence work force is made up of private contractors along with 70 percent of the CIA budget feeding the outer sources. The starting point for outsourcing was that the U.S. military had long been unhappy about the quality of CIA intelligence in Afghanistan. The frustration surfaced publicly in January 2010 in a report by the top military intelligence officer in Kabul, Maj. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, who said that: “Eight years into the war in Afghanistan, the U.S. intelligence community is only marginally relevant to the overall strategy. With new concepts of “information operations” or “force protection,” the Americans launched intelligence activities that otherwise might require a presidential finding and notification of Congress if they were conducted by the CIA. Therefore they use contractors who operate “outside the wire” in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and perform jobs not covered under law. This working gives priority to quick tactical gains without considering rules, morals and values inbuilt in America’s own and international laws. These groups are also found actively involved in making drug money in Afghanistan. Such out sources are at times found to be double agents like Raymond Davis who was caught with pictures of Pakistani instillations on Indian Border.

This environment generates different institutional responses for the leadership with a blend of interests of the out sourcers and we find illogical logic flowing out. The September 13 attack in Kabul was linked to Haqqani Network stated to be based in Pakistan  by  US officials despite Siraj Haqqani saying that they have comfortable bases in Afghanistan. A  Senior state department official during back ground briefing after meeting of Pakistan’s FM and Hillary said that,  the attacks in Kabul had changed the nature of the meeting. The issue of counterterrorism and particularly the issue of the Haqqani Network was, the first thing on the Secretary’s agenda. Ambassador Munter made a statement after the attack in Kabul that US has evidence of Pakistan’s links to Haqqani Network but senior state department official denied of any proof talked about during meeting of FMs. Trying to understand the above logic it is hard to believe Haqqani terrorist going all the way from Torkham 223 Kms from Kabul. Say if it is an option where was NATO and Afghan National Army(ANA)?    A video report on the training of ANA  exposed that US trainers confess that more than 70% Afghan selected by US for Afghan army are drug addicts. This breed of soldiers can be easily used by any agency having money to fulfill their addiction requirements. On other hand  the attack on Chitral valley of Pakistan, in which 37 people died, is   being hinted to be backed by NATO forces in Afghanistan.

An eye witness of the incident has revealed that the attack at Arandu was monitored and supported by NATO and Afghan security forces. ( told that gunship helicopters and jet fighters were seen around the area during the attack on Chitral Scouts. “We did inform the provincial and federal authorities that NATO fighter jets and gunship helicopters do tour our airspace over the border outposts.” An official told in Chitral, on the condition of anonymity. This still has a logic being a bordering town and after reports like that of Nuristan and Kunar  handed over to war lords by US in 2009. The story of Telegraph on how US commanders fight the Taliban during the day and dine with them at night. Lt Col Savage says they may well have killed his own men, and almost certainly some of the British whom the Marines inherited part of southern Afghanistan from last year. “But he’s tired of fighting, and if he lays down his weapons he could have a significant effect around here. I have to put aside what he may have done in the past, and think about what he can do in the future”. In such intense gray environment of perceptions use of locals by exploiting their weaknesses is a common lead behind most of the terror incidents not only in both Afghanistan and Pakistan but also across each others borders.



Assessing the overall mission, Admiral Mullen said the president’s order to begin withdrawing the 33,000 additional American “surge” troops could be carried out without putting the mission at risk. Under the president’s order, all 33,000 “surge” troops are to leave Afghanistan by the end of September 2012, leaving an American deployment of about 68,000. After three days of consultations with commanders across southern and eastern Afghanistan, Admiral Mullen said that “all the leaders are reasonably confident on the security side and probably very concerned on the governance side.” During his visit, he used some of his harshest language to date to express American concerns that corruption continues to put security successes at risk.

He specifically criticized what he described as “criminal patronage networks that are here, and how they are woven into the fabric of how things get governed, the loyalties between people, how decisions get made and how that gets in the way of support for the normal Afghan citizen who is worried about their government not delivering good services.” Leon PANETTA told in an interview in Sep 2011,on CBS that Pakistanis caught Mauritani  working with us.  He said ,   “I think we have to recognize that Pakistan is a critical country in that region of the world not only in terms of trying to give us some cooperation in the war that we are conducting there, but also because they are a nuclear power, also because they themselves are in the effort to try to confront terrorism there, but also because they can be extremely important to us in the effort to provide stability in Afghanistan and other areas”. Obama in his address to UN show his desire for peace in the world and American interest in humanity. Despite such realizations US policy seem more of a mind boggler than Carrot and stick or DO More type now. Pakistan has a Key  place  to every solution may it be Afghan exit, or future economic route to central Asia. Panetta , Pasha and Mullan , Kiyani have to find a win win situation and Pakistan and America have to create one on principles of accommodation. It is not possible to pressurize a country of huge population and take unilateral decisions through coercion as they would prove temporary. The concept of America fighting thousands of miles away from its borders and considering out sourced techniques is understandable but main decisions have to be coming keeping America and its people in mind and not the inputs of outsourcers and their vested interests.

*The writer is a known political commentator based in Rawalpindi.



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  • Rafiq Mian  On September 22, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    Mr. Waheed Hamid

    My take:

    You write too much and unnecessarily. Know your audience. We know how to infer and decide. After a quarter of your write up I decided not to read the rest. You are challenging my intelligence.

    Make a rather bulleted and precise write up.

    Khar is prettier than Clinton. I am told that she is definitely stupider.

    Brains don’t matter in Pakistan – bullet does.

    Hey, who gives a shit out there?

    God bless you !!!!!

    • S U Turkman  On September 22, 2011 at 9:07 pm

      Thanks for your comments. Pak Army is mad that USA has found out that not only Taliban but also Haqqani Group of Taliban are its Mercenaries. The Question is not how can Haqqani Group travel 200 K.M., the question is, why Taliban, Haqqani Group and other Militant Groups exist in violation of Pak Constitution and Clause 256.
      It means, Pak Army keeps violating the same Constitution that it wants rest of us to follow

  • Michael  On September 23, 2011 at 9:18 am

    I agree, especially with this statement:
    “Panetta , Pasha and Mullan , Kiyani have to find a win win situation and Pakistan and America have to create one on principles of accommodation.”

  • Shahid  On September 23, 2011 at 10:06 am


    • S U Turkman  On September 23, 2011 at 10:52 pm

      What else can USA do?
      USA opened doors to Charity of Aid pouring in from all her Allies after Gen. Musharraf agreed to co-operate against Taliban, Pakistan’s Commonwealth Membership was restored, UN Sanctions against Pakistan were lifted, for the first time in history Pakistan accumulated record breaking pile of F.E. Reserves, Pak Economy growth became the fastest in the world, in just 6 years, Pak GDP and Per Capita Income doubled, Pak F.E. Earnings tripled but still Pakistan did not co-operate with USA except for Collection of Bounty on Al Qaeda and Taliban.
      Pakistan could control 56% of her population by just 90,000 (according to some 35,000 active Soldiers) in East Pakistan in 1971 in just 5 days. A lot less than that Soldiers could control Palestinian Uprising in Jordan. Same was the case in 1992 Karachi, a population of 10 to 14 million people but now 700,000 strong Pak Military is telling USA, it can not control just a few thousand Taliban in 10 long years despite all the Charity of Aid, Loans.
      No Pakistani believes, Taliban do not work for Pak Army. Why should USA keep believing, they don’t?
      Pak Military’s message to USA is Crystal Clear, we are liars, cheaters and Nmak Hraam Back Stabbers, not friends. If Pakistan loving son of Black African Moslim, Barack Hussain Obama was not President of USA, USA would have already bombed Pak Military to stone age. Actually, not doing this could cost him his next election coming up. Pakistan has made a complete fool out of him and Opposition Party knows this.

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