Anything but MORALITY



This is a Pakpotpourri Exclusive!

By:Jawad Raza Khan

A preacher had a teenage son, who was unsure of what to do in life. One day, preacher placed Bible; silver dollar; bottle of whisky and a Playboy magazine on his table. Thinking, If child picks Bible, would be a blessing; if the dollar, he ‘ll be a businessman; the bottle, ! What a shame? Worst of all, magazine “Oh lord! How I will face the world ?. When the boy was in room, he picked and placed the Bible under his arm, slipped silver dollar into pocket, gulped half the bottle, and gazed the magazine… father proudly whispered, ” Wow, I am father of the future US President”, because all you need is “ Anything but Morality”.

On 20th September 2011, the most powerful man on planet addressed the world community in 42nd session of General Assembly. The address of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama completely represented the whispering pride of the preacher; just to recapitulate following were the acmes of the address.

I am in favour of creation of Palestinian state, but it cannot be created through UN resolution ; May I draw the attention of Mr President Barack Hussein Obama on creation of East Timor through UN resolution, but yes! It required American support, which was not there till mid-90s as Americans were the biggest Arms suppliers to the Suharto government for Indonesian invasion expressed by UN General Assembly. US arms provisions to Indonesia between 1975 and 1995 amounted to approximately $1.1 billion; and this all was carried out in the backdrop of Cold War. After 1991, a grassroots movement was motorized a bipartisan effort in Congress to reverse US government’s cynical course. On November 12, 1991 in Dili, at the Santa Cruz Cemetery, Indonesian troops armed with American-made M-16 rifles gunned down more than 270 Timorese civilians. Since then, Congress has begun to shift the direction of US policy. After the massacre, 52 Senators wrote to President Bush, calling for active US support for the implementation of the UN resolutions on East Timor “with an eye toward a political solution that might end the needless suffering in East Timor and bring about true self-determination for the territory.” It was the first of a series of bipartisan House and Senate letters affirming support for East Timor’s self-determination. There were more than 100,000 causalities in East Timor through American weapons which were realized after the end of Cold War by US, and within 10 years an historic UN resolution was passed for the referendum in 1999 and East Timor was declared as an independent State. On the other hand more than 300,000 people have been killed in Kashmir and Palestine (again courtesy US weapons and a meaningful nod to India and Israel) has not been able to impress either UN or US for immediate intervention like in East Timor. Even the recent case of huge mass graves found in Indian held Kashmir could not draw the attention of the world leaders and just nothing was deliberated by US president or Secretary of UN on this fearful subject of human genocide.

Philosophy of change through terror is dead with OBL .Sir, the people all around the world have not forgotten; the Hollywood style expression of your predecessor, before invading Iraq, the strategy of Shock and Awe that too, on the pretext of sheer lie (Weapons of Mass Destruction); Thousands of Iraqis were killed “but you got the change” and mind you sir it was through terror and a BIG LIE; At least 919,967 people have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq since the U.S. and coalition forces have invaded these sovereign countries, (based on lowest credible estimates); your created phantom of OBL who has been killed, God knows when and where, still not evidenced but the philosophy you have mentioned cannot not die with your living intent of US hegemony over the globe.

World should be cleaned from nuclear arsenals. “Within the first two to four months of the bombings, the acute effects killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki”. Just to give a gentle reminder that in the history of mankind the nuclear bombs are only used by US against humanity. In addition to this, strategic partner of US in this volatile region of subcontinent “India”in a joint study group headed by Richard N. Haass President Council on Foreign Relations and Tarun Das Founding Trustee Aspen Institute India, have formulated yet another hypothesis on the basis of their self-createdassumption (may be an aspiring delusion). It goes like that “The United States and India should begin classified exchanges on multiple Pakistan contingencies, including the collapse of the Pakistan state and the specter of the Pakistan military losing control of its nuclear arsenal”. I am speechless, as to why this combination of hypocrites are interested to take over Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals, when, Mr. President wants this world to be cleaned from this evil. They should have started the cleaning process from their home by now.

The world community must stop Iran’s and Korea’s nuclear program. Before commenting on North Korea and Iran please tell your staff to furnish you the list of nuclear whistle blowers, and surprisingly most of them are either US nationals or from Israeli origin. Yes! Americans can call or label them as politically transpired men, but what about “Mordechai Vanunu” who has been characterized internationally as a nuclear whistleblower and by Israel as a traitor. Daniel Ellsberg who was a former United States military analyst, referred to him as “the preeminent hero of the nuclear era”. In 2010, the British artist Richard Hamilton completed a painting based on the famous press photograph of Vanunu in transit after his kidnapping, with the information concerning his capture in Rome scrawled on his hand for the press outside.

As President of US, it’s time to realize to that the adventure of free society vowing for freedom of expression is now in a position of toiling the administration that is supporting it for more than two centuries. This living world is now extremely impulsive and has an enormous capability to differentiate between a liar and a hypocrite, indeed the former is lesser evil then the latter.            NOTE:The writer is a political commentator based in Islamabad.





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  • Mohammad Chaudhry  On September 26, 2011 at 5:03 am

    Kudos for Mr.Khan for having guts and nerves to call a spade a spade. This is not only imperative for self-catharsis in the current suffocating environment but also exposing stark naked the so-called champions of democray and advocates of the principles of the Founding Fathers of America,proclaimant of model democracy in the world. The case histories quoted by Mr.Khan removed all kinds of fig-leaf if any to cover the white lies and flagrant negation of what America claims to believe in and promote across the world.

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