Investing Your Future In A Poison Peace Process

By: Peter Chamberlin

The Indian analyst who authored the following piece (SEE: India, Pakistan, and God’s geostrategic will) is probably giving an accurate assessment of his government’s opinion of the current status of the Pakistani military, even though both his opinion and the projected government position are probably miscalculations or misinterpretations of Pakistani gestures.  He interprets recent moves and counter-moves by the Pak. Army and its “Islamist” paramilitary forces as signs of weakness, thereby justifying taking advantage of the new “peace process” as an opening for India to seize-upon, in order to exploit those perceived weaknesses.

Like all Indian analysts, Praveen Swami makes a lot of assumptions, based on the understanding that Pakistan is “besieged on all sides,” without ever acknowledging either India’s hand in that siege or America’s primary role(or for that matter, the British or Israeli hand).  You will never hear or read an Indian writer discussing outside sponsorship of the violence which plagues parts of Pakistan, even though many Western and Pakistani writers have examined Indian/American support for anti-Pakistan terrorists in depth (SEE:  The Stunning Investigative Story on the Birth of Balochistan Liberation Army–Mar 1, 2005).  The truth is, Pakistan the Nation probably is on the ropes, even though the Army is as robust as ever.  Through a clever combination of economic incentives and state-sponsored terrorism (compounded by successive, near-fatal blows from Mother Nature) Pakistan has been economically crippled and branded as an international pariah state.

The “peace process” has been sold to Pakistani leaders as a doorway out of this hellish existence, into the arms of the “community of nations,” even though entry will only be possible if Pakistan kneels before the Imperial dictates of the United States and its Indian proxies.  Pakistan’s biggest problem is its history with the CIA.  For more than thirty years, Pakistan has served as the CIA’s terrorist/jihadi laboratory, the place where the spymasters have perfected their art of “Islamist” destabilization.  This is the behavioral science of motivating indigenous Muslim populations to overthrow their own governments.  From the many years of practical experience that has been gained in Pakistan, the CIA mind-benders have established a working formula of “Islamist” agitation of highly religious, though under-educated Muslim populations, that takes advantage of the weaknesses in human nature itself, to cause the populations to rise-up against their own governments, demanding that those legitimate governments enforce a system of corrupt “Shariah Law” upon them.  This “peace process,” much like the failed Israeli/Palestinian peace process, is a delusional process, used to sell the participants a false “bill of goods” as the only “road map” to peace, even though it only leads to war.

Pakistan has many times seen the Islamist armies that it has trained turn against its trainers, usually for failure to live up to the Jihadi standards that they were taught.  These disaffected Jihadis then become active enemies of the state, such as the TTP in Waziristan and Swat.   These reversals have happened under the watchful eye and protection of that same State.  It is a moot question, at this point, whether the Army and ISI were willing players in all of this, or whether they too have fallen victim to American psywar games.  It is a process that has played-out in too many countries to be written-off to the workings of fate—the CIA mind games could never succeed without willing participants among the homeland populations.  Pakistani leaders have sold Pakistanis out, just as American leaders have continually sold Americans out.  It is the way of the Evil Empire.  You must invite the vampire into your house before he can drink your blood.

Now that this northern army has become fully activated as true enemies of the State, they work toward the same goals as the Baloch Liberation Army in the south, the destruction of the legitimate, democratically elected government of Pakistan.  Both puppet (proxy) armies dance to the same puppeteer’s tunes, but they believe that they are fighting for either Allah, or for country.  This is the glaring hypocrisy of the American Hegelian dialectic–the American government is continually building things up, to later knock them down.  Pakistan is suffering from a traditional pincer movement, but since they appear to be completely opposite in nature, with completely different goals, we tend to ignore the connection.  The AfPak region, more specifically, the Pashtun belt of that region, is being squeezed into a fluid, homogeneous mass, which can easily be pushed back and forth, to erase the invisible border which impedes American actions.

But you will hear about none of this from an Indian analyst.

American analysts are different, in that we analyze the Imperial plans from an American nationalist perspective.  Taking a patriotic angle, we look for weaknesses that will help us slay the Imperial Beast that has taken over our government and has been set loose upon the world.  We have become a fascist power in our effort to reshape the world, and realistic American analysts understand this.  Any useful analysis of world events must be based upon that premise.

The fascist power operates through a traditional “bait and switch” strategy.  They promote “Democracy” throughout the world as the primary weapon of destabilization, with the intent of crushing the results of any democratic movement in the end. We use it as bait, to tempt the targeted audience with unimagined political freedoms which will never materialize, holding them up as promised rewards for them risking their own lives in mass-movements to reform their own governments.  The switch comes after the regime is forced to change, whenever the democratic-revolution is exposed as an exercise in American Imperialism, giving the Empire veto power over any “democratic” decisions made by that government or the people they claim to represent.  After the dust of “regime change” has settled, the next American puppet government rules for as long as it can continue to repress the people.  Any elected government that doesn’t adhere to this rigid fascist formula becomes itself the next subject for regime change.

A realistic analysis of the India/Pakistani peace process would have to proceed on the assumption that the primary beneficiary will prove to be American.  If a deal between them is brokered by the US State Dept., by the Dept. of Commerce, or by the Pentagon, everyone should understand by now exactly where the big pay-off will go.  Mr. Singh is proving himself to be even more of a dupe than Zardari.  Nobody really expected anything less from Mr. Ten Percent, but the world put high hopes on Manmohan Singh.

Obama wants India and Pakistan to play nice, so that he can pretend to withdraw from Afghanistan, while leaving both of them (and the rest of the regional players) holding the bag after 2014.  Obama wants you to build and protect TAPI, which is to be the first of many pipelines on the strategic corridor to Central Asia, otherwise referred to as the “Silk Roads.”  Obama wants India to fill the great void of the former Soviet space with warm Indian bodies, some tending shiny new American-made jet fighters, others slaving in the elements on Indian road crews.

Obama wants Indian telecommunication companies as well as construction companies to help energize the CIS space, especially to build the currently non-existent road and rail networks needed to assimilate the resource bonanza.  India does stand to reap enormous financial rewards from this, if it will consent to transferring its developing industry into Central Asia, away from the Indian homeland, where it is needed even more urgently.  In Central Asia there are not enough roads because there have never been enough people, as opposed to India, where perhaps half a billion people suffer from economic deprivation that is exacerbated by a lack of development and the great investments which come with it.

Obama wants all of Afghanistan’s neighbors to lend full support to the hidden American plans, without ever revealing what they are, always with the promise of rewards beyond measure for unquestioned collaboration in that unrevealed plan.  He sells them a message of Hope, resting upon an appeal to Blind Faith in Americans and their inescapable commitment to do the Right Thing.  This is the formula for the fascist “snake oil” that Obama is peddling to get his way in the world.

The leaders of both Pakistan and India must be prepared to turn away from the American bait and switch operation at play in Afghanistan, if they want to survive without suffering through violent repercussions for their partnerships with the devil.  All Nations with peoples yearning to be free must be prepared to turn away from the fraudulent con-games which pass for world government these days, before the devil can ever be brought to his knees and humanity can finally learn what it means to be truly Free.

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  • S U Turkman  On November 19, 2011 at 2:54 am

    The Author sounds like a man on ISI Pay Roll posting an article written by an ISI Officer for him because he is repeating all the B.S. that ISI has been posting so far. He must register himself as a Foreign Agent if he is an American otherwise, he can be arrested by FBI for posting such a hateful article against his country.
    Yes, all nations in Pakistan are yearning to be free of Punjabi Yoke that has given nothing but shame to real Pakistanis abroad.

    • a m malik  On November 19, 2011 at 9:54 am

      The article by Mr Chamberlin could not have been more realistic. He has painted true picture for some naive individuals to see through

      Turkey just check up on ur crystal ball. I hope he is not a Punjabi American?

  • Saby  On November 19, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    Dear YAA,

    It is still a shocker for me … Although I do understand the whole puppeteer game but reading it from someone who is the part of the community makes everything different. Sometimes it is always good to read someone else’s point of view about things/situations.

    Thanks for sharing such great articles.

    MY Allah bless you with HIS best. Ameen!
    Take care.
    Allah hafiz.

    Sabeen Tabassum Amin

  • Syed Ataur Rahman  On November 19, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Peter Chamberlin has written a brilliant and truthful article. He has hit the nail on its head and speaks aptly about the US-Indian-Israeli aims in this region, particularly regarding Pakistan. The Indian duplicity and hypocrisy is aptly and profoundly highlighted. The US has set a so called democratic government in Pakistan that is a stooge to the Americans who in turn support the Indian-Israeli nexus, but their ploys are being found out by the patriotic elements in Pakistan and other regional players, in particularly China. The Americans have been exposed and their own economic plight might force them to exit without gaining much in this region. But they leave behind a devastated Muslim world, who are bitter and angry with the US actions. It is still in US interest to maintain a fair relationship with all countries of the region rather than act with their partners against the Islamic states. They have short sighted policies and now they are hated by the very people they showed they were protecting and aiding. It will stand them in good stead in future. The people of Pakistan are no fools and can see through the game plan of the US-Indian-Israeli alliance. And they are not weak and can defend themselves from mischief that are being unfolded everyday here and other Muslim and Arab countries.

    • a m malik  On November 19, 2011 at 4:00 pm

      The article could not have been more timely. It is rumoured that Zardari fellow
      created a cell , the job of which is to spread false info about Pakistan army and keep bad mouthing it. The same has been hijacked by RAW, which though seemingly is on the same path but there are subliminal messages with the aim of demoralising the army and the ISI. It is to the patience of the silent soldiers that these shameless people bordering to treason yet thrive – in the name of democracy which in their dictionary means “so long u keep me in power”
      Same goes for the short sighted MNS

      • S U Turkman  On November 19, 2011 at 5:30 pm

        That’s right Mr. Malik,
        Pak Military should not be blamed for anything because this is not a country. This is a Fort. Fort of Islam. Our Military does not need to stage any Democracy here. We can survive without any Charity of Aid and Loans. It was wrong for even Taliban to accept $ 200 million worth of Food Charity from the West. They could have also survived without it. We should not worry about death by starvation because we have to live only for Life After. If we die of starvation, we would go straight to JunnaT.

    • S U Turkman  On November 19, 2011 at 5:23 pm

      Mr. Rehman is right. USA should not have freed Kuwait and let Saddam take over Saudi Arabia and all Gulf countries. USA should not have ended Pak Army occupation of Afghanistan (disguised as Taliban Occupation) either. USA should have just keep giving Charity of Aid and Loans to Taliban and Pakistan because that’s what Allah had created USA for.
      We should complain to Allah, why He created USA because not even a single Leaf can fall off a Tree without His knowledge according to His words in Qoraan.

      • a m malik  On November 20, 2011 at 8:12 am

        Mr Rehman
        The great wizard is himself complaining that how come a single leaf cannot fall without The Divine’s command. Yes it should only fall with the approval of the great US orders and desires.
        In fact Pakistan should hire the services of this great sage to go through to the US state department and the DOD and with his influence in the FBI should be able to achieve a lot

  • S U Turkman  On November 20, 2011 at 6:57 pm

    That’s right Mr. Malik,
    You should complain to Allah about this also, Ask him, “Why He has given so much power to USA that US approval is needed for everything in Middle East and Pakistan?”
    Giving advice to Pakistan does not work because it has been run by insane JehaaDi Pak Military. Advice was given by FIC (the mother of ISI before ISI’s existence) in August, 1971 after India had signed 25 year Defense Pact with USSR that …
    “Now India has made sure that USA would not intervene on behalf of us against her so, Indian attack on East Pakistan is imminent”
    It had meant, to resolve the issue peacefully and release Sh. Mujib but your Moron Gen. Yahya had said, …
    “Hindu Buniyaa can not dare attack East Pakistan. If he does, our lions of Armed Forces would attack from West and takeover half of India”.
    Advice to your insane JehaaDi Generals to act as good Moslims and fulfill the promise you made to save ass of Pak Military from US bombing in 2001 instead of keep back-stabbing also failed. And now, when Allah failed them, “Loat kai BooDHoo ghar ko aaye”.
    Wullahool Azim …!

    • a m malik  On November 21, 2011 at 2:26 am

      Every one cannot offer his backside willingly to the americans as u. And in return for a paltry prize of citizenship and some white skin. That , sir is ur worth

      • S U Turkman  On November 21, 2011 at 3:03 am

        Sorry to inform you Mr. Malik, I had gotten US Passport before I had come up with any new Inventive Ideas or had caused any inventions. I came to USA on Student Visa, studied, worked in Research and had wanted to help Pakistan with my knowledge but Pakistan rejected me just like Dr. Rehman, the Pioneer Founder of Building Sky Scrappers with a lot less Steal.
        If Allah gives someone knowledge, its his duty to benefit mankind with it. When Pakistan rejected this Islamic Principal and sent me back, I had to give out my ideas to whoever acted more Islamic.Go ask Air Marshal Waqar Azim if he is still alive, I am telling truth or not my Lord …!

      • a m malik  On November 21, 2011 at 5:18 am

        One does not have to. U r OK guy if u remain silent. Ur wise cracks anti Pakistan,anti army, anti Punjabi and making fun of Islam and ur insinuation of events to keep your anti stance ahead all times– are all those which makes u a much lesser mortal than u claim to be.

  • S U Turkman  On November 21, 2011 at 5:52 am

    What the hell this has to do with what was being discussed?
    This Forum was not created for Personal Animosities and Attacks.

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