US Iran Policy in ‘Lockstep’ with Israel?

President Obama Risks Becoming a Major-League War Criminal

By Dave Lindorff


It’s a relief to know that President Obama’s “preferred” solution to dealing with disagreements with Iran is diplomacy, as he said yesterday in an interview on NBC TV, but at the same time, it’s profoundly disturbing that he is simultaneously saying that, as an AP report on the interview put it: he would “not take options off the table to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.”


Equally disturbing are the president’s mutually contradictory statements that, on the one hand, he feels that “Any kind of additional military activity inside the Gulf is disruptive and has a big effect on us,” and that on the other, he will “make sure that we work in lockstep” with Israel in dealing with Iran and its nuclear program.


Lockstep? With Israel?


Didn’t the US just send Gen.Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US Military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, to Israel to tell that country’s leaders that the US does not want Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. And wasn’t Israel also told that the US would not support it in any attack on Iran, at least if the US was not warned well in advance? Israel, of course, is continuing to threaten to attack Iran — using the very planes and bombs that the US provides it with. So how exactly is opposing an attack by Israel and having Israel continuously threatening to attack in any way to be construed as working in “lockstep”?


And anyhow, what kind of a country moves in “lockstep” with any other country, except for a puppet regime?


The US does not have a treaty with Israel requiring the US to go to war when Israel goes to war. It doesn’t even have a treaty to go to Israel’s defense if Israel is attacked. There is a treaty like that with Taiwan, but not with Israel. US interests are clearly not congruent with Israeli interests, especially where Iran is concerned (just ask any veteran of the USS Liberty about how congruent US and Israeli policy really is).


There were other problems with the president’s interview on television yesterday too. The biggest one is that his own military chief, Leon Panetta, has stated that the US does not have evidence that the Iranians are building a bomb.


As well, there have been many statements from US intelligence and military sources making it clear that no attack on Iran’s widely dispersed and increasingly hidden and hardened nuclear fuel processing operations could successfully derail any future effort to build a bomb. In fact, many have said that such an attack would increase the likelihood that the Iranians would work to obtain nuclear weapons, either by making them on their own, or by buying them — for example from Pakistan or North Korea.


The president’s position as stated yesterday is a hodgepodge of confusion and self-contradiction.


It is also the expression of a criminal mentality. The president himself said in his interview that he does not believe Iran has either the “intention or the capability” to attack the U.S. Yet he implies the US is contemplating such an attack on Iran. And make no mistake: An attack by the US on Iran would be a war crime of the highest order — the crime of aggressive war and a fundamental violation of the Nuremberg Charter drawn up at the end of World War II. Leaders of countries that launch wars of aggression against countries that do no pose an imminent threat to the aggressor nation are war criminals. President George W. Bush was and remains a war criminal for his unprovoked invasion of Iraq, and President Obama, if he launches a war against Iran, will be just as much of a war criminal.


In fact, even threatening such a war is a war crime, and the president has come pretty close to doing that with his “no options off the table” rhetoric.


What is truly sick about all this saber-rattling is that even sane Israeli leaders admit that they don’t think Iran, if it obtained or created a nuclear weapon, would actually launch an attack on Israel. That claim of Iran’s being a mortal danger to Israel is a red herring. The Israelis, who after all have some 300 nuclear weapons themselves and are the only nuclear power in the middle east, simply don’t want Iran with a nuke because it would limit Israel’s power in dealing with Arab states bordering it, and in dealing with Hezbollah and Hamas. That’s a far cry from an existential threat.


Also sick is the American public — sick of pointless wars that is. Polls make it clear that despite a massive propaganda campaign run by the US government and broadcast by a colluding corporate media, only a small minority of Americans are buying the notion that Iran poses any kind of threat to the US, despite the best efforts of National Intelligence Director James Clapper to push the fear button. That kind of public sentiment is supposed to mean something in a democracy. It’s also supposed to be one of the lessons learned from the Vietnam War: Don’t go to war without the public’s solid support.


War crime aside, even the idea that President Obama would even think of going to war against Iran, a country of 74 million people (more than two times the size of Iraq or Afghanistan), when this country has already blown some $3 trillion on two pointless wars that have both been lost and that have both created disastrous chaos in the countries the US invaded, and when the US economy, hugely in debt, is still mired in recession, is truly appalling.


But surely the most appalling thing of all was hearing the US president say on national TV that he is operating US policy towards Iran in “lockstep” with the pipsqueak nation of Israel–an apartheid country currently being run by a bunch of corrupt, neofascist, genocidal war-mongers and religious fanatics. To tie the fortunes of the US rigidly and unthinkingly to such lunacy and to allow such lunatics to drag the US into yet another disastrous and wholly unnecessary war should be seen as an act of lunacy itself, and certainly should in itself disqualify Obama for the office of president of the United States.

+The writer wrote this piece for his blog This Can’t Be Happening : where it originally ran.

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  • S U Turkman  On February 8, 2012 at 4:13 am

    Many Americans think, Obama should be tried on charges of treason for keep getting American Soldiers killed in Afghanistan by Taliban, who are Pak Army Mercenaries and for not bombing Pakistan Army instead.
    Obama is being called a Pakistan’s Slave and a Secret Moslim by a lot of Americans for keep donating more money to Pakistan than Israel.

    • a m malik  On February 11, 2012 at 7:59 am

      Turkey u r a lunatic. Had I known this secret I would have been the first one to expose that Obama is a muslim and is supporting the muslims by killing thousands through drone attacks and preparing to attack Iran at the bidding of Israel. U only delve in exposing small time secrets and indulge in small namak haramis to get little favours from CIA/FBI.

      • S U Turkman  On February 11, 2012 at 8:35 pm

        I did not say, those Americans, who think, Obama is a secret Moslim, are right. Why are you going after me Nut?
        Oh I forgot. You are always after me, it doesn’t matter, what I write.

  • Arif Khan  On February 8, 2012 at 8:06 am

    And also Lock Step with Saudi Arabia and UAE and Qatar Arif all are in “Cahoots” Shias and Russia dont really care about Civilian deaths in the middle of a City. Pounding them with heavy Artillery DOWNTOWN

    • S U Turkman  On February 10, 2012 at 7:07 am

      All Arab League Countries want end of Secular Socialist Government of Syria. They want an Islamic Extremist Regime. Now, why should not some Americans call Obama a secret Moslim for trying so hard to help them overthrow Syrian Anti Mollaa Anti JehaaDi Government?
      American Weapons are pouring in Syria from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. US Navy Fleet would have anchored near Syria to start Air Bombardment if Russian Aircraft Carrier was not anchored at the main Syrian port. On the other hand Russia has airlifted Weapons for Syrian Army because it did not have enough.

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