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By:Naveed Tajammal

Should or should not, Seraiki province be created? This subject is a hot potato these days with people opposing and supporting the idea. This article is an attempt to address the issue.

In any historical perspective,heritage,culture,ethnic & linguistic background must be ascertained through the lay of the land,the people and the language  spoken.Dialects do undergo slight changes with passage of time,with the  imposition of alien languages.However the shell,the basic grammar and the element of our mother Lhandha, a term awarded to our Sindhi by the linguists,has remained the same,as is evident,and will be explained subsequently.

We, the old residents of IVC {Indus Valley Civilization} have been in fold of Islam,if seen,as in whole,since about 800 years or so.Like the pride of a race leads to the invention of a royal progeny,similarly the pride of present Muslim tribe in IVC though much older then Islam,and its inception has the perpetual inducement to escape from the admission of an idolatrous ancestry.The major reason why most claim an Arab ancestry.

The conversion to islam resulted in a disavowing and erasing of the descent from a pagan past,and thus we lost our script,as well the glory.As these records tied the old tribes to the now idolatrous religion,hence they adopted the perso-arabic script,and the tilt to Arab ancestry.The language of men of letters was firstly Arabic,later came the Persian.All old records perished in the change.

Before entering the Islamic fold we had been equally staunch Buddhist.But  by then Buddhism was in its dying throes,and had lost its force as the way of life. It had even by then absorbed the serpent worship,which existed till late in our northern areas,and now claimed the Buddha as a God !

Whereas, Buddha himself never claimed Divinity himself,nor did the subsequent patriarchs ,who lasted for the next 1000 years or so.
In the post Islamic period the new indifferent muslim population,recently converted,and alien Arab rulers,as well the zealous new Iranian converts who spearheaded the Arab record making,keeping our past enimity alive,with them bundled Buddhism,Jainism and the new faith of Brahmanism,in one scope or head of idolatrous religion,and so never took interest in our past records,or studied our script.This lapse permitted the ever vigilant Brahman,to claim our past as his,so started the,new record making of the history in reverse,which continues,and stories of Vedic scriptures etc.
Language lives on,,it remains a living and growing form,as long as children learn it from their mothers it lasts,thus survive the old languages,and await their revival,at one time or the other as one sees.Hence the old term”Mah-Dar-e-Zaban” mother is the door to the tongue.Political or social reasons may establish a particular form of speech in a dominant position,as we see in the case of recent influx of Urdu & English. Introduced in our courts between 1850-54 by the British,superseding the Persian & Arabic.The oblique objective was to break the old indigenous,educational system, Maktab,Madressah,Ausaf & the Dar ul Al’lum.
With reference to our old Lhandha script in which Saraiki too was written, as were other languages by the non-muslims,who hated the perso-arabic script,Guru Nanak,the Prophet of Sikhs,never wrote himself,his disciples preserved,his quotes and sayings,orally but,Bhai Bala,communicated the same to his second Guru. Angat,who wrote the punjabi in our Lhandha script,because as yet,”Gurmukhi'{which means,mouth of the Guru} ,was in its development stages.Third and the fourth too used our Lhandha script,All these books and records as such existed till late 19th century and were inspected by Dr.Lietner himself at Goindwal, near Amritsar.[page-iii/iv,The History of Indigenous Education in Punjab till1882, by Dr.G.W.Lietner.1882}.
The fact remains our script now only exists in the Archives/record rooms.However the language spoken by tens of million, still survives,Therefore it must be given a chance for resurgence at all costs to thus bloom once again.
It was only in the post period after the annexation of The Sikh state,that the Punjab geographic term was imposed on us,by the new alien lot;the British.
As per the record of the Punjab Administration Report for 1854/55,para.188,the total population of the new entity till then was,12,717,821,it had 26,216 villages,2124 small towns,with population between 1000-5000; 76 towns,with-5000-10,000,31-cities,with 10,000-50,000;and Only four 1st class cities,namely;Peshawar-53,294,Multan-55,999,Lahore-94,153 & Amritsar-122,184.
Later by 1881census, the population with immigrations from other areas arose to 15,631,386 and as well the villages to 26,848.
Thus we find thanks to the Sikh rule and repeated past invasions from west and other epidemics like influenza and cholera,beside the bubonic plagues and famines,the region was totally depopulated.Hence the new canal colonies and the movement of pnjabi speakers in our regions,from our East.Rendering our local people as vagabond tribes and criminal tribes too,reduced our numbers.
Even today with the massive multi-ethnic mix,that we have,we find the footprints,of Saraiki spread all along western and Eastern tracts of the Sindh river.From Mianwali down to Ghotki and kashmore and further west till Jacobabad, and from Rahimyar Khan along Sutlej to its the upper reaches of Pak-pattan,as well along the Chenab,till the regions west of Jauharabad,the lands of Thal,crossing the Indus and till eastern Bannu,and lower till Tank,and Barkhan.
A large chunk by any standards.The very apex centre of our state.
Reverting back to the Saraiki,one of the present principle dialects of our mother language Lhandha,It no doubt has been corrupted by the vicissitudes of the time but should one study it closely we find it has with stood the onslaughts very bravely,and retained her honour well.
On the dialect of Saraiki or the old Jatki/Multani, a dictionary was published byA.Jukes in 1900,and the author states on pages-iii-iv of the book commenting on the difference between Punjabi and our ‘Jatki’ and quotes,that,Dr.H.Martin,the man who had earlier proofread the Punjabi Dictionary of ”Bhai Maya Singh’ before its publication in 1895 was also asked to proofread the Jatki Dictionary of Jukes,and had found only two words common !
All Lhandha dialects remain mutually intelligible,hence cannot be under any yardstick be termed as separate languages.
Even with a passage of time and over 110 years gone by i.e after Jukes Dictionary,and a massive infusion of loan words,we still see,that our Saraiki  retains its character.Two main official dictionaries of the Saraiki exist,the first published by ”Bahauddin Zakaria University Multan in 2007,authored by Sardar Sa’ad d’Ullah Khan Khetran, the other by Shaukat Mughal,published by Saraiki Adabi Board,in 2010:The Shaukat tu Lughat’. I have studied both, separating each loan word of the Foreign languages,which were found to be Arabic,Farsi,Hindi-Urdu,Punjabi,Turki,Balluchi,Pushto,sansktric,English etc.

Briefly stating,the dictionary of Sardar Sad’ullah as a case study we find that,it has in total 38,979 words,in which the loan words of above quoted alien languages are Arabi-2948,Farsi-1353,Turki-09,Balluchi-60,English-585,Urdu-267,and leaving aside other,of Punjabi,just 36 words.
The point to remember is expunging all these loan words and subsituting them from our own current different dialects of Lhandha,is a easy Job !
The major reason why all of our Lhandha dialects are mutually intelligible, is because,of the geographic boundaries of our old suba of Multan,even within the last 1000 years as stated by Syed Ali Hajwari in his book,”Kashaf al Mahjoob’ that when he came to Lahore it was a Qasba of the Multan Suba,the Old Lahore was never a city on the trade routes, both major passed,one above her and the other below,via Multan,and through the Sanghar Pass,in the Roh-e- Sulaman Range,from its eastern most range,it crossed Bar-khan,Chacha,Choti-ala,Duki,Harnai,and from Pisheen,it went towards,Zabul or later Ghuzz’nih,or Beyond further north,and one went towards Herat,or lower towards Zahdain and further beyond.
The fact remains,till the transportation from kachchi plains of the Saraiki speakers by Naseer l,the Barrohi Khan of Kalat and also from the Duki and to its east,as these tribes had been loyal to the Kalhora’s, the Wardens of the Central western Marches,and refused passage to Nadir Shah,in early 1739 AD. Thus the axe fell on them and they were pushed towards the Trans-Cis Indus regions suplemented by the Balluchi and the ruling Barrohi clans.
Should we study the last Administrative Boundaries of Multan,which had Saraiki,as the language spoken,and Persian being that of writings,as per the custom in vogue,in all Muslim empires then.Using the same Perso-Arabic Script,The North Eastern part of Multan Suba was a peaked intrusion in Lahore Suba{ West of  Tihara,Southof Kasur,West of Bhatindha,and Bhatnair},and touching on the lower side Dehli Suba,below which,came Ajmer Suba,to south of the Multan Suba was,’Thatta Sarkar’ administrated from Multan.
To west,due to chaotic conditions in Persia, around 1700 AD,the Barrohi,who were the Forward Wardens of the Mughal Empire had lately been attacking Qandhar Fort,and had extended the Mughal boundaries of Suba Mutlan much further into the old Qandhar Suba.
The stress being that SARAIKI was the main dialect spoken ! It would be out of scope here to go in details of the dialects spoken in the Thatta Sarkar. The Punjabi geographic entity was thrust on us after 1849,that being the extension of the old headquarters of the British when they moved in here !
Later came in bulk the Punjabi speakers,in the Nine Canal Colonies,though the original Sikh and Hindu left after 1947.However the refuges from the British East Punjab were allotted lands in the same colonies.
It has taken years,from the,Imposition of 1871 ACT,that our original” Bar”people,named as”Jangali’,residents, now emerge from the Stigma of being till 1947,in the Classification, of Criminal tribes and the Vagabond lot !
Now a very brief glance at the term Punjab.At or about the Arab invasion and later the Hakra was the main river of this region,the feeders being the other 4  i,e Sutlej,Chitang,Sarsuwati and the Ghagghar.It is these 5  rivers which are the ‘Punj’ and Ab’ in  Farsi,means the rivers.And the language thus is Punjabi. However now a look,as to how it came in being,These five rivers area had been from remote times the meeting ground of two very different and distinct languages,The Western ”Lhandha’,and the Eastern,of the Ganga-Jumna Do-aba,the old Midland,the parent of western Hindi,as the new terms go,defined by the linguist of the 19th century.Which gave birth to Punjabi.
Lastly it is this term Punjabi,which is becoming the cause of much rift within our STATE.
And hence,this short paper explaining who the actual Punjabi is !
It should be kept in mind that we the old tribes have always given refuge to those who came in our fold,from West,South West,East or South East.But, it is time the immigrants allow us to retain our rights as well. And revive our past !
This I feel is not asking for much?
Naveed Tajammal is a Investigative Historian with over 28 years of experience.
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  • Mansoor Mubeen  On April 23, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    will it benefit we the rest of Pakistanis ? no. a big NO. neither it will be beneficial to the local population. rather it is time to break the country in 22 or more administrative units rather than provinces on the linguistic basis.

  • Naveed Tajammul  On April 23, 2012 at 6:51 pm

    But did you read it ?
    and the references given,outright rejection,never helps
    as,stated at the end,it is time,we took our place in the country
    which,we have inhabited from the times gone by.

    Naveed Tajammal,

  • Nasim Hassan  On April 23, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    We should have fifty Provinces like Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi, Sialkot, Faisal Abad etc. However would it solve any issues like education, clean water, poverty, pollution etc.

    This is like giving a lollypop to starving masses.

    N. Hassan

  • Naveed Tajammul  On April 23, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    Hassan sahib
    i have very strong roots,in our rural
    regions,and,can speak for Chakwal & muzzafargarh.
    i have yet to come across the starving masses,” the term”
    in the districts,mentioned above.
    Our rural economy is booming judging from
    the high lease rates,and the returns.
    Especially in the canal irrigated areas,
    In the barrani,all are employed,it is a problem,
    to get crop cutters,as none are willing.
    Gone are the days,when help came,just for two square
    meals, only.
    If you have india in mind,that remains a different story
    or have read some urbanites ,article.

    Naveed Tajammal,

  • Laila  On April 23, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    Good thinking BUT dekha jaye toh 1000 years ago geography was more different.What makes it decide THIS is the point from where we go forward-or backward?

  • Naveed Tajammul  On April 23, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    laila isphandyar
    must you throw a spanner ?
    The rationale is the heritage,and the first
    rights of the soil owners.who held their
    place irrespective of what came.
    and now seek,a place for them-self,’tell
    me a state,which allows immigrants the right
    to impose their culture and ruin them ?
    This article,defines who the Punjabi
    is.The cause of heartburn amongst the others,
    We have even on the contrary accepted them.
    [they got the nine canal colonies.] and,
    as we did others.

    Naveed Tajammal,

  • Safi Ghauri  On April 24, 2012 at 2:04 am

    Dear sir,

    As a fellow saraiki I cannot praise your investigation into our history enough. The research into the entire linguistic history is not only accurate but also presented with no bias.

    However I’d like to comment here that it is not merely for linguistic reasons that the saraiki people want a separate province. Whereas recognition of language, culture and most importantly identity is paramount and a basic right, what spurs this feeling a lack of identity is economic in nature.

    The entire population of the saraiki region has been thoroughly neglected and lives in some of the poorest conditions known to mankind comparable to places in africa despite being the food basket of pakistan.

    Such is the level of poverty amongst the saraiki people (sans a few fuedals) that if you are going in a car and stop to ask a sariaki speaker for directions he will immediately try to answer you in broken punjabi. Why does the average saraiki man behave this way? Because he cannot even fathom a saraiki person with enough money to be driving a car. This incident was a personal experience and I’d request all readers who find it too fantastic to believe to try it out for themselves.

    I was recently watching a documentary on the history of the united states civil war between the north and the cotton producing south. The south had huge farms where all the cotton was produced which was then spurring the us economy. But the north had all the cotton industry and eventually it was textiles that really made the big money. When the farmers down south protested the rich north attacked them under the pretext of southerners being slave owners even though slaves worked in northern factories too. I’m sure everyone knows that the usa was then divided and eventually the richer north won.

    This tremendously harmful economic divide where cotton farmers(and all other agri commodities) are paid a pittance and all cotton goes north to faisalabad and lahore has created a similar income gap divide. Due to poverty then the average saraiki then is thoroughly ridiculed for being uneducated, unhealthy and deserving of all his miseries. The creation of a new province giving the saraikis charge of what they produce is the only way to ensure an equal level of development. But it constantly comes as a shock to me when I hear people thinking that this will create ethnic rifts. Its actually the gap between incomes that has always led to wars and further ethnic divide.

    The reasons for the creation of a new province are too many and its possible benefits outweigh the negatives even if the grandest negative is that its going to be a peoples party creation and is bound to be riddled by feudalism and corruption. This will no doubt happen in the short term but eventually sariakis like all others will take control of their destinies and will do what will bring them most prosperity.
    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Warid.

    • NAVEED TAJAMMAL  On April 24, 2012 at 2:49 am

      Thank you Ghauri sahib,
      You too,have eloquently defended,the rights of the son of the soil.

  • Syed Wajahat  On April 24, 2012 at 4:42 am

    Tajammal Sahib
    While I agree with you logic based on the historical significance of the
    region and its children. But following 2 point bother me:

    1. You are claiming this land for the original inhabitants. Do we have any proof
    today who actually were the original inhabitant who first walked in, either
    central Asians after the melting of the ice age, or the African tribes that walked across
    the Indian subcontinent during the time the land masses were separating between
    India and Africa. There has been so much immigration from Central Asia
    that is it hard to determine who is who.

    2. If a new procince is created, aren’t we risking more intrigue from
    Expeditionary forces from the rest of the world in an attempt to
    break up Pakistan such as what is occurring with regards to Baluchistan.
    Which may end up with a civil war and eventually endng in a no win situation.
    Soon there will be a cry to separate Karachi out as a province for the
    People who immigrated from India after 1947.

    I am sure you have weighed out advantage of this creation of a new
    province against the disadvantages. May I suggestion another article
    delineating your thoughts in that directions.

    syed W. Hussain

  • Naveed Tajammul  On April 24, 2012 at 4:42 am

    The Ethnicity besides,Shah sahib,
    And on the subject of the’Out of Africa theory,with focus
    on our heritage i have written enough,though on different forums.
    But,will forward the same,if i can trace the old mails,Here the crux,was to
    define,and separate,the Punjabi,from,the rest,who,have lived here much before
    the Punjabi, in this so named,province,the gift,of British.
    As goes the Saraiki speaker,the person has no fixed ethnicity as such,
    Being a very old civilization,we absorbed all.
    Irrespective of race,But those who speak our dialects,indirectly accept our old
    ”MORES’, a subject by itself.
    As records are destroyed,as one sees,in the case of other old languages,the
    mothers carry the language,passing it to her,children,within,the language,remain
    the ‘mores’,Hence,saraiki’ by itself is not just a dialect,but reflects our past,as seen
    in our old poetry,sung in the Sufi,modes.
    Others,who start speaking it,the new children,union of conqueror with local
    females,and thus the ”passing on’.They soon after get in its ‘fold’.
    Hence,a very brief article i wrote,which you read.
    The old Buddhist Jataka’s,too were in our dialects,if you need,a insight in,our’ further, old past.
    regards & wishes.

  • mabbaskhan  On April 24, 2012 at 6:34 am

    Its name should be south punjab all are not sarikes here Punjabies and sarikies have diffrent culture

    • NAVEED TAJAMMAL  On April 24, 2012 at 7:08 am

      Abbas khan sahib,
      Why south punjab ? when punjab was,but,a term thrust on us, by the British,
      The Wrong must be rectified,and Not,prolonged for eternity.

  • Zubair  On April 24, 2012 at 8:44 am

    A lovely piece of history of the great IVC. I am sure it makes a strong case for a Seraiki Suba. What really disturbs me is that we are talking about the provinces on he basis of langauge and old tribes as against purely administrative purpose. The old Arab logic of the suba ie. the capital should not be more than a day’s mule ride from the farthest point, should be the logic—-so that every citizen can have access to the Subedar whout having to travel for days. Present day IVC, Pakistan, is one of the lucky countries that the people have more things common than any other country—-our dress, relioion, customs, traditions, food and a language that everone can understand and speak—Urdu. There is no doubt about Multan being the oldest living city in th country. There is also no doubt that each province should be divided into at least 4-6 smaller adminitratie units—specially the large one, Baluchistan.
    I bet our Preseident doesn’t even know what Navveed has just told us, nor does he care. All he seems to care for is to break the hold of one family in the Punjab. A Seraiki suba will ensure a permanent hold of Gailanis on half the Punjab—I may be wrong but this is what it seems. He doesn’t talk of dividing other provinces at all. In fact when anyone talks about more subas in Sindh, the PPP guys loose their head. I am not so well conversant of the history of this great valley, but how about Potohari suba—-this region, Potohar has had a great past and seem to have produced many rulers in the entire egion including present day India—I believe Chandargupt Mauria was from this region as was Ashoka. I don’t know if Porus of Jehlum was of this region but he is know to have stood up to Alexander and defeated him—-the people of this region have lost more men in uniform than any other, fighting for this country since ages..
    The point I am trying to make is that talking about dividing the previnces on the basis of langauge can prove disastrous. Just look at Karachi and Hyderabad—-people are talking about Urdu speaking suba even though Urdu is the national language of the country and the only language that all Pakistanis can communicate in. The ancient languages are a national treasure and must not only be oreserved but supported at all levels and at all cost BUT dividing the country on the basis of language alone is, in my humble opinion, a folly.

    • NAVEED TAJAMMAL  On April 24, 2012 at 11:03 am

      Zubair Sahib,
      Thankyou for the comments,Potohar,is a limited area,confined to,the western
      skirt lands of the pir-punjal range,If any old Name,is to resumed perhaps the ideal would be the old Gandhara entity,which encompasses,Hazarah and above,region,at the least.
      From the Salt range,acting as its southern limits.
      About Balluchistan,i quite agree it needs,to be also,infused with people who now live,in present punjab,and the sindh province,but retain their old ethnic callings,
      new canal colonies on the waste-lands,peopled by the above refered would create a demographic balance in the region.

  • Average Joe Bodybuilder  On April 24, 2012 at 9:35 am

    it is very interesting to read about Saraiki and its history. i think the author is being a bit too sorrowful on the results of conversion to Islam! i didn’t know that such a thing had its down sides! i would love to see all major languages in Pakistan become official languages nationwide. I would also like for the author to consider rather than Saraiki being its own province, but to have one unit as happened before the time of ZAB, however raising Saraiki, along with Sindhi, Pashto, Baloch, Punjabi, and English to be the official languages of Pakistan. Thoughts?

    • NAVEED TAJAMMAL  On April 24, 2012 at 11:46 am

      Dear AJB,
      Regrets,about a dead religion,one would never have,but,in our chronology the period bloomed for a very long time.The Golden past of sindh.
      All major languages,can never become official,at once,However,indeed a solution exists,Urdu,in it’s all glory, is composed primarily of four main languages,i.e,Arabi,Farsi,Hindi & Sansktrit,we can expunge these four,and replace them with,present leading linguistic mix,languages.
      So it becomes the”Ordu’ as the name implies !

      • Average Joe Bodybuilder  On April 25, 2012 at 4:47 am

        1. i could never accept the days of jahiliah as a golden age, regardless of how much math people knew. you can convince us that the pre-islamic subcontinent had lots of math, lots of free thinkers, but you are not going to convince me that days of SHIRK, and there was lots of it no matter how you try to color it, would be considered a golden age.
        2. arabic, farsi and turkish are the languages of the origin and then the spread of islam. i can never agree to that.
        3. i can’t even agree to removing words of sanskrit origin either!
        4. with your combination, do you think even the saraiki’s speakers will accept idea?
        your combination will alienate the whole nation! you have just slightly put off one person already.

      • Average Joe Bodybuilder  On April 25, 2012 at 4:48 am

        just out of curiosity, if you had your ways how many subay’s would you want to have in pakistan?

      • NAVEED TAJAMMAL  On April 25, 2012 at 7:16 am

        To Enlighten you,Sanskrit,is a,language attributed to brahmanism’s religious transcriptions,and was never a spoken,one,as were the other two,iranian based,but of a different,zoroastrian faith,i.e Avesta & Zand.
        Urdu,is based on Hindi,enough has been written on this aspect,and Hindi,the old Midland,of Ganga-Jumna Do-aba,i have explained in my article.
        Terms like”Jahiliah” or ”Shirkh’,are not worth explaining,nor co-relate,to the subject,nevertheless,to Educate you,let me give you,a Glimpse,It was,from our Buddhist monasteries,the works of different Monks,from,which the knowledge,now,usurped by sly brahmans,emerged,these Monks spoke a
        Parent dialect of Saraiki,and wrote in our script in vogue.
        Traces of these Monasteries,and references are given,by those who saw them,and wrote,some were in most inaccessible regions in our North.
        And how these people or masses adored Knowledge,which you term as the
        JAHILLIAH’ era,is seen by the way,even the Nail Clippings of a”SAGE’
        was,held sacred,and a temple built,for it,dedicated to it.
        For the Arab,the pre-Islamic era,was indeed,Jahilliah,as they have no history beyond that.
        We on the other hand go back in Time,hence our Golden Ages,in different epoch’s,of Time !
        As to my alienating the Saraiki speaker,to expunge the few,words,attributed
        to the language you hold the Sacred the Most,[sanskrit’] is ludicrous,and absurd,as out of 38797 words in the Dictionary quoted in my article,the words of sanskrit are ONLY”’97”!
        Ninety seven only.

  • Mansoor Mubeen  On April 24, 2012 at 10:22 am

    dear naveed tajammul sahab

    alsalamo alekum.

    i read your whole article, and it is very well written document. you deserve full 95 percent marks. there would be a very few people who could write such a dissertation. but sir, please allow me to draw your attention towards the ground realities.

    ground realities are, ONE, because we created provinces on the basis of linguistic division, we could never become, could never behave like one nation. except perhaps at the results of some man made or natural catastrophic situation. like war or floods.

    so why create more such divisions, on the same basis. it is not going to unite us. so in my humble opinion we should divide our country on the basis of administrative units, instead of on the basis of languages.

    well this is my opinion, but you are better educated and well read person, you are in a better position to say the final word.


    • NAVEED TAJAMMAL  On April 24, 2012 at 10:41 am

      Mansoor sahib,
      Thank you,for the reading,i hope you read the commentary and my replies,also.
      I agree,with your logic and apprehensions,however keep in mind,that,the issue
      has a preamble,the crux being,our elders,overlooked a fact,that we had a very old geographic entity etched in time,i.e Sindh.
      And,that,we had never been a Federation,as the term implies,i.e The Act of 1935.
      And,that,the geographic entities that,we face today,are,but,a,Award of the British.
      Now,had we emerged,in 1947,as Sindh,and one unit,that we had always been,the
      division,into, the Administrative,units as envisaged by you would have been a logical,need, keeping in view our 200 million plus population.
      However,such things at the moment remain,proposals to be implemented,at a later date of our Evolution.When harmony comes and change in mindset also,sets in.
      But,keeping in view,the present times,Saraiki Suba,remains a priority.

  • Freda Shah  On April 25, 2012 at 5:31 am

    It is good to study history and try to understand and be proud of our past. But one cannot go back in time. Life has to move forward to keep pace with the fast-changing world. There are certain dynamics beyond our control that will not allow what has lapsed to be revived in its pristine form.
    Also, languages that have been adopted more willingly by others were those that were used to spearhead scientific and technological development, innovation and change. Others survive in more limited spheres, and many languages throughout history have quietly become extinct.

    • Naveed Tajammal  On April 26, 2012 at 1:54 am

      Shah sahib,
      A Language can never die,as long as it has survived,and has,a long past,though
      for now,well hidden by the Knaves,whose very script gave birth to Deva-Nagri,and minor ones like,”Gurmukhi”,Had our script,not been put away,the perso-Arabic script which emereged,in the 8th century,world-wide,would have not bloomed;
      As it did,here in our indus-Basin,Our language,and the script,can still, meet the latest,worldly, requirements,Provided we,are willing to do so,and so thereby
      acknowledge our old past,the actual one,and Not the Vedic thrust in us,by the Knaves,with pig-tails.

  • Faisal Imam  On April 25, 2012 at 11:18 am

    the seraiki subah will be a shambles.

    there is no capacity in the south to be able to handle a suba. The intellectual output is dismal. the value system is based on hipocracy. the environment is harsh and we will be landed in a feudal mindset. the Industrial infrastructure is negligible, we have only built bridges on dry land; no educational institutions of any worth.There is not a single well-planned city in the whole of the South. Most of it is or was desert. we want to wallow in our incompetence so that we do not have to compete.
    The message is loud and clear; we cannot compete so we are taking our marbles home.
    The only consolation is that our leadership in the Punjab has been imposed on us;not chosen by us and therefore there is no level playing field.

    • Naveed Tajammal  On April 25, 2012 at 6:43 pm

      But Shah jee,
      What you state,substaintiates,the rationale for the saraiki suba,Have you analyized the reason why ? who controls the Grain-markets in the towns,who are the ‘Arthi'[commission-agents],but,punjabi,they have stepped in the shoes of the old hindu,khatri,and Aurora sikh,money lenders,who had squeezed,our poor farmers before,Are you aware that is the circle of the nine canal colonies where the development took place,look at old chinab colony,later Lyallpur and now Faislabad,and likewise other regions,and cities all are,within the punjabi colonies,the new industrial class too is punjabi,true they choose,the leadership of the Saraiki,but give the poor saraiki a chance,he will,through,evolution,replace them.
      Let them also grow,and the other downtrodden,tribes of North,and centre,called jangli.

  • kbajwa  On May 2, 2012 at 7:53 am

    If the purpose of this article is to benefit from the timing; indeed it is the golden time to stir up such controversy. However, time is not of the essence when the political blood pressure of the politicians & the workers, the poverty level, the crime rate, the desparation and chaos in the country, are sky rocketing. Good and bad are related to time and place.

    If the purpose is to solve administrative issues of the swelling population in certain areas, surely divide Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar etc by one yardstick for better administration. Separation of geographic units on lingual basis would sow seeds of future rivalries.

    • Average Joe Bodybuilder  On May 2, 2012 at 9:40 am

      Jinnah Sahib proposed one unit and for some time it was. Too bad it isn’t one unit now.

    • Naveed Tajammal  On May 2, 2012 at 2:39 pm

      Bajwa sahib,
      Rationale for the,saraiki,is the need of the time,yes,circumstances
      do effect,the course of events,but,we have been,known as,Sindh’
      through out the ages,and presently,saraiki,is one of its principle
      dialects,while the ‘punjabi’ identity was never ours,as has been explained,
      Administrative,issues will always be,unless,we,break the old districts of British era,
      and remake,them,as per the need of our,country,as the british,did time and again,
      they at times,even broke districts,And cut up old boundaries,and made new

      • kbajwa  On May 2, 2012 at 9:15 pm

        Naveed Sahib:

        Those who disagree with you outnumber those who side by you. In a democratic system democracy is SUPPOSED to win. I rest my case.

        Kausar Bajwa

      • Naveed Tajammal  On May 3, 2012 at 4:58 am

        Bajwa sahib,
        On a lighter side;
        For a True, ”’Punjabi” i.e. ”Bajwa”, the old resident of the ”Bajwara’
        in the,Old Bet[what you would term as,’bela’] of the Jalandhar Doaba.
        You,can indeed,”rest your case”.

  • Naveed Tajammal  On May 3, 2012 at 5:04 am

    Bajwa sahib,
    Do take some Time out,and study,the historical Geography,before you plead
    your Case ?? If any ???.

  • Haroon Baloch  On July 7, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    We want Saraiki province since are the equal partner in this federation and a separate IDENTITY and if any one nullify our basic constitution right than the whole responsibility will on the shoulders of Anti Saraiki and pro-establishment forces and you all know who they are.


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