Scrutiny of Indian Investigation profile

This is a Pakpotpourri Exclusive

By Hamid Waheed

(Catherine Scott-Clark declare India- A State Sponsoring Terrorism)


Sayed Zabiuddin was arrested Thursday at the New Delhi airport after he was deported from Saudi Arabia, where he was raising funds for a new attack in India, police officials said. . With his capture, police may for the first time have someone in custody who has intimate knowledge about how the attack was organized.  Police suspect that it was Zabiuddin’s voice that was heard in a control room in Pakistan guiding the gunmen in 2008, according to voice intercepts the FBI gave New Delhi authorities to aid their investigation. Pakistan’s interior minister had strong reservations on Indian investigation system which he termed as un professional and non cooperative with Pakistan.

False Indian propaganda and atrocities against its own people and neighbors is not new . Some conscience Indian writers like Arunduta Roy,  officials like former Maharashtra IG police SM Mushrif  along with human rights organizations keep raising their voices whenever they can under coercive environment of Hindu extremist elements. Today Sikhs, Christian, Muslims and Dalits (the untouchable humans) are victim of state policies and inequality in India. Historically, the exclusion of 65 million Dalits from the Indian society has been on religious and cultural grounds. Still due to pre-assigned duties of the caste into which they are born, many Dalits are destined to do sanitation jobs, transport human excreta manually, clear animal carcasses and human remains. Frequently, subjected to humiliation, often the victims of rape and enforced prostitution, controlled in parts of the country by caste militias, the Dalits are virtually slaves and hardly in a position to choose a profession of their own choice. In this case, the United Nations Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) September 2009 decision to declare discrimination based on the caste system a “human-rights abuse” has stirred up harsh opposition from India. However, the UN’s decision came about despite strong disagreement from the Indian government and its aggressive lobbying to get the council to delete the word “caste” from its draft.

Each passing day discovers new realities about shining India when the truth glitters from the false cover stories . On 18 Feb 2007  at least 68 people mostly Pakistani were killed in a series of explosions and a fire on Pakistan-bound train in the northern Indian state of Haryana, near Panipat, about 80km (50 miles) north of Delhi. Initial investigation blamed  LeT and JeM , even a Pakistani national Azmat Ali was arrested. Later it was found by the investigating  Police that the  right-wing Hindu activists and an Indian army officer Colonel Prohit had a significant role. The confessions of Swami Aseemanand further confirms hindutva radical’s role in terrorism.

In Mecca Masjid Blast on May 18, 2007 ,14 people died and as a natural reaction initially around 80 Muslims were detained for questioning and 25 were arrested. The investigation followed the script till the CBI found evidence that mobile phone-detonated explosives packed in metal tubes were similar to the Ajmer blasts. The bombs are believed to have contained a deadly mix of RDX and TNT, in proportions often used by the Indian army. CBI director Ashwani Kumar told the media that an activist named Sunil Joshi “played a key role in orchestrating the Ajmer blast and a set of mobile SIM cards that had been used in activation of the bomb-triggers in the Mecca Masjid blast was used again in the Ajmer blast”.  National Investigating Agency (NIA) filed a case in a court accusing 11 Hindus and members of the ultra-right-wing Sanathan Sanstha, of masterminding and executing the October 2009 Margao blast. Initial suspicion and interrogation of suspected Muslim men, some believed to be members of “sleeper cells of jehadi groups” turned out to be an allegation.

In Ajmer Sharif  Blast on October 11, 2007 ,3 people died. In 2010, Rajasthan ATS arrests Devendra Gupta, Chandrashekhar and Vishnu Prasad. Initial arrests of Abdul Hafiz Shamim, Khushibur Rahman, Imran Ali linked  to  HuJI, LeT could not be proved.  Again in Malegaon 2ndBlasts in September  2008 in which 7 died   Pragya Singh Thakur, Lt Col Srikant Purohit and Swami Amritanand Dev were found involved. Malegaon 2008  forced the review of  the role of Hindutva groups. The ATS investigation led to Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, whose motorcycle was used to explode the bomb, and then to 13 others, including Lt Col Prasad Shrikant Purohit, the first-ever serving officer to be charged. During interrogation, he had disclosed to ATS investigators that he had provided the RDX in the Mecca Masjid blasts  but the ATS was reportedly asked not to make it public as the Hyderabad police had detained HuJI suspects.

This shows a glimpse of investigation handling in India however, the larger story can be summarized in what a human right activist and Mumbai advocate Mihir said,”  It is believed that CBI is seeking directions from the  home ministry to see the Ajmer, Mecca Masjid, Malegaon and other blasts in conjunction after there has been no conclusive evidence of the involvement of Islamic groups”. The fault lines are not only visible within civil LEA but the nuclear security and military issues like abduction and later murder of an important Nuclear scientist Loknath Mahalingam in Jun 2009, sixty one trucks carrying  300 tons of explosives going missing in August 2010 and involvement of top Indian officers and politicians in Kargil soldiers housing society scam are few of the burning topics .In the regional context army under General Kiyani sacrifices its own ration to help flood affected countrymen but General VK Singh says the housing scam will not affect the troops morale.  HR violations in Kashmir and refusal of Indian army to implement 25% reduction of forces in Kashmir  announced by their own government reflects the oncoming challenges for Indian secularism , security and its investigation systems. Most recently a court of inquiry has been ordered against an Indian officer — Major General V K Sharma, from Army Supply Corps (MG ASC) of the Northern Command in Siachen. Sources said the Northern Command received several complaints against the officer, mostly from contractors who accused him of demanding favors in return for awarding contracts. However, the duplicity in Indian investigative procedures may not find it easy to punish the culprit who is found cheating  soldiers performing duties under extreme weather conditions of Siachen.


The writer is based in Rawalpindi & offered the article to Pakpotpourri2 for publication.

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