Forces of change are never forgiving!

This is a Pakpotpourri Exclusive

By: Admiral Fasih Bokhari(R) 

People across the world harbor real anger at the inequity in the world economic and political system that is backed by use of disproportionate force and anti people controls. This inequity has reached unbearable levels, especially in countries where regimes visibly rob and kill their own people with impunity, to satisfy the greed of fascist financiers who position and protect them in power. Fascism is the merger of State and corporate power for exploitation of the people’s labour. Corporate power’s financing of political power has led to fascism in nearly all countries. “Democracy of people’s interests” has been overtaken by “democracy of corporate interests”, includes in Pakistan, America, and India.

Pakistan is under existential threat from a violent nexus of neo imperial and local fascism. Corporate power, most notably that of the Army, is being exercised through its offspring puppet political parties. It is suffocating the people. People go missing, are unemployed, and cannot afford food or fuel. Life and livelihood are under constant threat. The people no longer have a stake in what Pakistan has become today. Today’s Pakistan is at the mercy of militant theocracy, and neo imperial fascism that facilitates and funds local fascism.

Raymond Davis and his cohort Theo-militant murderers of Taseer and Bhatti are the exposed tip of the iceberg that has focused the anger of the silent majority of Pakistanis today.

While Theo militants see Pakistan as a sectarian battlefield for destabilization of the Pakistani state; Neo imperial fascism sees nuclear Pakistan (ally of China) as an obstacle to its exploitative economic strategy in Asia. The American-Israeli-Indian-Arabia fascist nexus (supported by the Coalition forces in this region) has not openly declared the war it is waging alongside Theo militants against Pakistan. (Drones, Special Operation Forces, Mercenaries networking bomb blasts, Psywar media and Intelligence Ops, etc.) This does not mean that Pakistanis do not know that the war is underway. Our people are victims on a daily basis. Elements in the Pakistani government and establishment may wish to hide their supportive role in this war against the people of Pakistan; but the people will not allow them to continue their deception. The establishment and Army must grow out of their pre nuclear asymmetric proxy war strategy, and India centric planning. We are a south Asian state. That does not mean that we cannot have friendly ties with Arabia, America, and China. It does mean, however, that we cannot afford to have permanent hostility towards India, Iran, and Afghanistan. Out of date thinking that does not support the interests of the people of Pakistan is destroying the economy and hopes of our people. The people have had enough and can take no more.

The writing is on the wall for the fascist leadership of the coalition countries. Stop usurping the rights of your own and other peoples. The “long war” you are waging will not end in victory for inequity and plunder. Life can be bombed out of a people, not their beliefs and hopes.

The writing is on the wall for the fascist elements in the military and political leadership of Pakistan and most countries of the coalition. Stand with the people against inequity, or be washed away with the rising tide of anger.

The writing is on the wall for every Pakistani in the media, bureaucracy, Armed Forces, Police, and Judiciary. Are you with the people or are you working for local or foreign fascists who impose inequity?

Change will come. Forces that bring change are never forgiving. 

.*The writer was  the chief of Pakistani Naval Staff from 1997 to 1999.

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  • S U Turkman  On March 4, 2011 at 3:26 am

    The Writer does not see, Taliban and Islamists are killing Pakistanis, not Corporate Officials of Pakistan, the West and USA.
    Then, he talks about imaginary Rivalry between USA and China, when the fact is China is also on side of USA in War against Terrorism and has promised Afghanistan to help her against Pakistani Mercenaries, the Taliban if USA leaves Afghanistan.

  • Shaukat Qadir  On March 4, 2011 at 4:14 am

    Well done, Admiral. Brief, crisp, incisive and it says it all.
    Its time we all stood up to be counted.

  • siddiquimy  On March 4, 2011 at 7:28 am

    The admiral is a submariner and a fine one too
    he is used to be submerged away from bright day light hence he cannot see clearly when on surface. There is lots of rhetoric in his write up which has little relevance to our circumstances……………
    No two peopls are ever the same and no two societies are similar; Each has its own values and own problems & solutions. Weak are always exploited in many ways and garbs. Study all revolutions; French, Russian,Chinese and the Iranians ??????? Who suffered? The PEOPLE!!
    We are as yet NOT a Nation but a collection of tribal societies ie we are Punjabis, Sindhis, Baluchis. Pakhtuns and Mohajirs..but NOT Pakistanis ! Bengalis were not tribal; they were the first indians to come into contact with the west and hence they acquired urban values. That is why the Bengalis could not coexist with the west and they separated.
    Peoples were always and in every age robbed, exploited and brutalised; only the forms change but substance is always the same. Peoples are like a herd of sheep…they simply follow the lead sheep ?? Even in the west, peoples are always fooled
    This what happend to Adam & Eve………..fooled by Iblees and the humanity is suffering ever since then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck and happy hunting to the mariner….

  • F M  On March 4, 2011 at 8:37 am

    What is the remedy or what will be the conclusion of this situation as narrated by him? Perhaps statusquoe?
    How to handle all that happens in Pakistan. Anger that builds up is being defused by Media hyper behaviour (By design or as a coincidence of ignorance, one can’t say anything about it) But fact is that there will be no change through these angry countrymen. Change is in the making which will be a surprise for us.Most probably Dec11 and onward we can see actual shape.
    Raymond should not be taken as a turning point since it is being given due time. First he will be shifted to Adiala Jail and then some solution will come up.
    Sorry to say we all talk of problems which are no secret. Nation has to be Hyper for any action of change by people. But our sold out Media will keep defusing after reaching near the point of bursting???

  • Salimullah Khan  On March 4, 2011 at 9:14 am

    All will follow in Pakistan soon

  • BS Detector  On March 4, 2011 at 9:58 am

    The best of the best at telling us what the majority educated in world affairs Pakistani thinkers have on their mind. Now Admiral let’s hope your thoughts being well written with insights are taken into main stream discussion around dinner tables.

  • Shahid  On March 4, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    “Forces of Change”,opportunity,came and went,in 2007.We’ve missed the “boat of change”.
    To return to a united,peaceful and progressive Pakistan,is going to be ‘GIGANTIC” task.I do not see any one person or institution in Pakistan capable and possess the will to undertake or even make an effort to steer the State of Pakistan out of it’s present dilemmas.
    As the middle class and civil society has lost the will to fight back “fascism”,or will not challenge it,rather has split into segments supporting such factions,implosion,is the only direction we are hurtling into.

  • AM  On March 4, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    The article by the Admiral is a collection of confused ideas. It is more a rehortic than being meaning ful. He is repeating the stance of some way side politician that it is in the interest of the Pak Army to be the corporate power. What has he to back up his claim? And if the Army was like so, why did he continue with the Parvez Musharraf regime then? Even before he became a chief, he must be in high positions rubbing shoulders with the Army High command. He should have resigned then. But he chose to enjoy the privilages but come out of the shell after he had to hand over within two years as a chief being a sick man? Was it , as I read in the papers that he had differences with the Army fellows for not appointing him the Chairman JCSC? It is a khushi job with alll the perks and no work and no responsibility. suited him because of his medical condition then.Again how could the nuke part of Pakistan stop US/Indian/Israel economic exploitation of the masses/strategy at large?
    There appears a certain disconnect. How could he say that we have to change our Indian specific /centric strategy? Has India changed theirs? While the Indians are practically pinned aginst us with a Pakistan centric strategy the use of Chinese name helps tp garlan sympathy from the west.

    Yasmeen normally you send useful articles. It is good to read them. Merely the name does not make the article worth reading


    • Archie Haase  On March 4, 2011 at 9:25 pm

      Hi AM — I do not come from a partisan position on Pakistani politics. I am totally independent in my thinking. In other words I am not biased toward any position. I can only read the words that Admiral Fasih Bokhari wrote and take them at face value. At face value, and my understanding of human beings. Mostly my understanding of retired military men, the Admiral was reflecting not on his own historical biases, again some biases he regrets.

      His writing were honest statements messed with the love of his country and the Pakistani people. Military are different then the rest of a nation’s people, from the time they put on a uniform they reflect on their life, and relationship with their nation. They are trained to fight unto death for their nation. I am sure he has regrets, but his statements were out of love of the ideal. Military men are men of ideals.

      He was expressing his opinions out of political knowledge of inside governmental and military operations. Honestly AM,when I was reading this this is what went through my mind.

      • AM  On March 5, 2011 at 2:52 am

        You are correct in clarifying your position.However, there many be a lot of naunces in your country politics that I may overlook,simply because I am not aware of the currents under the surface and I guess the reverse too is true.
        The Admiral follows Appeasemenrt Policy & is an India Lover.
        He is part of PESA)Pakistan Ex Servicemen Association) which has done dash dash all for ex serviceman. EVERYONE laughs at them for trying to be in the news.
        He may be a man of ideals,barring the ideals are warped & he is not a man of action.
        By your note,I safely assume you to be from the forces.

    • Archie Haase  On March 5, 2011 at 12:52 pm

      AM — My hope and prayers for Pakistan is these nuances you talk about in Pakistan’s politics stop being cause for assassinations and divisive discord that in the end are destroying Pakistan and it’s dreams for the future.

      In my own country we have a Governor in Wisconsin who in my opinion is as divisive and destructive as some elements in Pakistan. My hope is American politicians do not continue to divide America. If they do the US could become a state of violent chaos. We had this in the form of the US civil war in the mid 19th century. Let us put our two nations in Gods hands. Not the hands of violence and hate.

  • Parvez Amin  On March 5, 2011 at 2:17 am

    Admiral Fasih’s article is commendable because it contains the undeniable condemnation of the present conditions. It is clear that he does not have a plan to bring about the change – only a demand for it. This means that he will support all who have a plan designed to put the people in a position of DIRECT ULTIMATE POWER.

    Such a plan has been conceived by MADADGAR PAKISTAN; a new political party designed to bring about PROSPERITY through MERIT, WORK, and ORDER and will be aired as work to do that is completed. Because time is short, it will be aired in parts, instead of waiting for completion of the whole.

    There is no need for despair. Madadgar Pakistan has enough answers to start; others will be devised and incorporated as the demands by the people for better governance flow into the Institute of Good Governance.



    • AM  On March 5, 2011 at 2:47 am

      What’s the new party?
      You may have the answers!
      I guess you just lack awareness among people!

  • Hamid Waheed  On March 5, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    I will not comment but show a gist of brightness I compiled in one of my article.You must read this
    Regards Hamid

  • Inam Khan  On March 5, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    Admiral Bukhari has pointed out very mildly about the changes to come in Pakistan.I foresee much darker picture.U’ll see some of the picture in 2013 General Elections…………………………Inam Khan

  • Munir Ahmad  On March 6, 2011 at 4:36 am

    AOA,,,,,,,thanks a lot for a thought provoking article.

  • Mahir  On September 25, 2016 at 12:05 am

    When siblings fight, the family suffers !


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